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Passive and Electromechanical Components

15,500 important Passive and Electromechanical Components

All with comprehensive technical information, fair prices and current in-stock inventory


Program Extension for SMD Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors from Kemet
17.07.2018 |Kemet’s Automotive Grade Series surface mount capacitors in C0G dielectric are suited for a variety of applications requiring proven, reliable performance in harsh environments. Whether under-hood or in-cabin, these devices emphasize the vital and robust nature of capacitors required for mission and safety critical automotive circuits.  continue

New Compact 1-pole Relays from Fujitsu for Automotive Applications
13.07.2018 |The new Fujitsu relays of the FBR51 series are characterized by a compact and light weight design: They are 12.1 x 15.5 x 13.7mm and weigh only 6g. They have a high current contact capacity (carrying current 35A/1Min., 30A/1h), 100mW voltage drop, a high resistance to vibration and shock amd improved head resistance and extended operation range.  continue

Electrolytic Capacitors from Panasonic Added Further Values
11.07.2018 |For you we have expanded our Panasonic electrolytic capacitors of the FC and NHG series extended by many new items. These are the radial electrolytic capacitors with rated voltage of 6.3 to 450V DC, with a tolerance of ± 20% for operating temperatures between -55 and +105°C in bulk. Low impedance and life span of 1000 to 2000 hours for the NHG series, and up to 5000 hours for the FC series.  continue

Prices Cut for Products from Diptronics! Tact Switches Now at a Reduced Rate
09.07.2018 |By up to 15 percent, we have reduced the prices of tact switches from Diptronics. Effective immediately, more than 40 Diptronics tact switches are now available direct from stock at these special, low prices. You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product groups.  continue

New to the Schukat Range: EMC Shielding Caps from MPE Garry
05.07.2018 |At Schukat, we have now added EMC shielding caps from producer MPE Garry to our range. These caps protect your PCB-mounted components and modules from electromagnetic radiation or eliminate them as a source of interference. We offer these EMC caps in two different types: 857-1 as one-piece caps that are soldered either directly to the PCB or mounted with matching attachment clips (895-3). This version of the cap is particularly suited to smaller and medium-sized series  continue

Program Supplement for Melf Resistors: The New ZCM0204 and ZCM0207 Series from Vitrohm
03.07.2018 |We have now expanded our portfolio of SMD resistors with two new Melf metal film series ZCM0204 and ZCM0207 from Vitrohm. The two ZCM series have excellent stability in various environmental conditions, best pulse load capability in its class, are AEC-Q200 qualified and Intrinsic sulfur resistance The ZC0204 series is now available from stock with 0.25W rated and 0R22 to 10M resistance, and the ZC0207 series with 1.0W rated and 0R16 to 10M resistance..  continue

LFA and GMB Series High-capacity and High-quality Capacitors from FTCap
29.06.2018 |At Schukat, we have now added more high-capacity, high-quality capacitors from FTCap to our range. The capacitors in the LFA series are characterised by high capacitance and a long service life of 5000 hours, with all internal contacts welded. Ideal for use in standard and switching power supplies, computers, industrial electronics, drives and welding equipment.  continue

SiT8008BI Series MEMS Oscillators from SiTime with Low Power Consumption
27.06.2018 |At Schukat, we now supply SiTime's silicon-based SiT8008BI series MEMS oscillators. These oscillators feature low power consumption and are pre-programmed to meet the specific requirements of various applications, based on blanks with operational voltages from 2.5 to 3.2V and frequency stability of ± 25ppm. They offer excellent performance and reliability, especially in applications that call for a combination of small size and a low-power clock generator  continue

New Addition to Our Range: New Bodyshakers/Exciters from Visaton
19.06.2018 |We have now expanded our range of vibration transducers. Also known as exciters or bodyshakers, vibration transducers are essentially a speaker without a membrane. They consist mainly of three components: the oscillating mass, the contact pins, and the mounting plate. The models we have now added are ideally suited for reproduction of speech and music signals.  continue

Streitbürger Enclosures with Unique Shielding Technology - EMC-shielding Exceeds all Known Shielding Values
12.06.2018 |As the sole distributor, Schukat exclusively offers EMC-shielded electronics enclosures from Streitbürger Gehäusetechnik UG (STB-GH-TEC). With their patented EMC-shielding – unique to the market – the German producer achieves maximum shielding of 99.999999% up to 105db – to date, the highest known shielding value. Using a wire arc spray technique, zinc (Zn=99.99% pure) is applied mechanically to the substrate material. This creates a heterogeneous, all-metal surface with an equally unique thickness of 100µ, which even allows soldering...  continue

Extending our Range: New MPE Garry Series 122 SMD Female Headers with Turned Contacts
08.06.2018 |We have expanded our range of 2.54mm female headers with the newly added series 122 from MPE Garry. These headers have turned contacts and are designed for SMD mounting. They take pins from 0.70 to 0.90mm in diameter and also square 0.64mm pins with 2.54mm pitch, without polarising or locking. The insulator material is made of high-temperature, UL94V-0-compliant thermoplastic  continue

New at Schukat from Yageo: SMD Thick Film Resistors Series AC0402, AC0603, AC0805 and AC1206
31.05.2018 |We have expanded our portfolio of SMD resistors with the addition of SMD thick-film resistors from manufacturer Yageo. From stock we now offer the AC series, made of halogen-free epoxy, in standard housing sizes 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 with 1% tolerance and with power of 0.063W, 0.1W, 0.125W and 0.25W. These Yageo resistors are AEC-Q200 qualified,  continue

The All-rounders: Electromagnets from Red Magnetics, Now Available at Schukat for Medical, Electrical and Automotive Technologies, Industry, Automation, and more
24.05.2018 |Whether in medical engineering, electrical engineering, heavy industry, automotive engineering, automation/robotics or vending machines - electromagnets find application in a huge range of areas. Schukat therefore carries a wide range of different types and series from Red Magnetics. The bistable solenoids in the ITS-LX series offer a fast, energy efficient and, as a rule, lower-priced alternative to servo motors  continue

SL87XA from Visaton: Waterproof Miniature Loudspeaker with Transparent Plastic Diaphragm
22.05.2018 |The Visaton SL87XA miniature loudspeaker with its transparent plastic diaphragm and rubber seal, as well as weather-proof and UV-resistant with protection class IP65, has been optimised for speech and signal reproduction as a control speaker for electronic devices, outdoor sound reinforcement systems and alarm systems, especially in areas subject to high moisture levels.  continue

Schukat Adds 200 New Plastic and Aluminium Hammond Enclosures to its Range
18.05.2018 |Schukat has expanded its range with the addition of some 200 high-quality, robust Hammond enclosures. On top of the plastic housings in ABS and polycarbonate, the RL-F series has now been added as well as the ergonomically formed ABS enclosures in the 1553 series in black, grey, transparent blue, red and yellow, with contrasting soft grips. Among our aluminium enclosures, we now offer the 1590W series  continue

Y-cables from HAWA: Single Input, Dual Output Adapter Cables
14.05.2018 |The Y-cable connects mains power to equipment with a maximum combined load of 10A at 250V, obviating the need for a second power cable. Typical application examples include printers, monitors, computers and other electrical equipment set up close together and drawing a maximum total power of 10A. We now supply these Y-cables in two types, with each type available in two lengths. The NKKKY235S (2.35m long) and the NKKKY500S (5m long) have a C14 plug (10A) and two C13 AC appliance sockets.  continue

iMaXX – European Specialist for Fuses – and Schukat: The Success Story Continues
08.05.2018 |Another milestone has been achieved in the collaboration between Schukat electronic and iMaXX BV, component specialist for circuit protection based in Alblasserdam in the Netherlands: March 2018 was both the month with the highest euro turnover and the largest number of iMaXX components sold. iMaXX products – high-quality blade fuses, strip fuses with current ratings up to 500A, and many innovative fuse holders – are used primarily in the automobile industry.  continue

Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets from Panasonic - World's Thinnest Thermal Solution with Exceptional Thermal Conductivity
07.05.2018 |Panasonic's pyrolytic graphite sheets PGS and Soft-PGS are characterised by outstanding thermal conductivity and efficient heat distribution in small electrical devices. With thermal conductivity of up to 1950W/mK – up to five times higher than copper – this synthetically produced film is the thinnest thermal solution in the world. Light and flexible, from just 10µm to 200µm thick, this material consists of a highly oriented polymer film and can be cut to shape as required  continue

Bistable Solenoids in the ITS-LX Series from Red Magnetics: a Fast, Energy Efficient and Economical Alternative to Servo Motors
02.05.2018 |An incredible number of functions that one encounters in daily life and work, such as locking, holding, opening and dispensing, are carried out behind the scenes by electromagnets. In order to always be able to offer you the right products, we offer the solenoids of the Red Magnetics' ITS-LX series. hese bistable solenoids target applications that require two positions to be held for longer periods, or that, in case of power failure, have to hold the position they are in.  continue

Small and Powerful, from Siba: The 160020 Series of SMD Fuses
27.04.2018 |With its SMD product range, Siba handles high rated currents and high switching capacity in very small packages. Their current 160020-series SMD fuses, only recently in series production, are just 20mm long and manage currents from 8A to 20A at 250V. At the same time, the fuses can reliably interrupt short-circuit currents of up to 1500A.  continue

PA-N Power Relays from Panasonic for Industrial Applications
23.04.2018 |Panasonic's slim PA-N series power relays are designed for industrial applications and demonstrate excellent insulating characteristics with long insulation distances: clearance of 5.29mm and creepage distance of 5.35mm, surge breakdown voltage of 6kV (1.2/50µs) and dielectric strength of 3kV (AC 1 minute) between contact and coil  continue

RFI Suppression Filters FSW Series from Schurter: Two-stage AC Filters in Metal Housing
18.04.2018 |Schurter's two-stage standard-version FSW suppression filters offer protection against mains interference voltages. The filters are built into a metal housing with 6.3 by 0.8mm quick-connect terminals. They are designed for increased noise-suppression requirements and feature a high attenuation. These Schurter line filters are especially suitable for switching power supplies and in industrial applications according to IEC/UL 60950  continue

New in the product groups from Catalogue Passive and Electromechanical Components
PANASONIC SMD NTC Thermistors Series: ERTJ, ERTJ-M Tolerance: 1%, 3%, 5% Housing: 0201,0402, 0603 Style: Taped
VISHAY SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Series VJ_W1BC Ceramic: NPO Housing: 0603, 0805, 1206 Style: Taped
KEMET SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Series C0402C, C0603C, C0805C Ceramic: NPO Housing: 0402, 0603, 0805 Style: Taped
KEMET SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Series C0603C, C0805C Ceramic: NPO Housing: 0603, 0805 Style: Taped Automotive: AEC-Q200
VISHAY SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Series VJ_W1BC Ceramic: X7R Housing: 0603, 0805, 1206 Style: Taped
KEMET SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Series C0402C, C0603C, C0805C Ceramic: X7R Housing: 0402, 0603, 0805 Style: Taped