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Bulgin is a well-known English manufacturer of connectors and other radio and electronic components. Schukat distributes the company's high-quality round-cable connectors in the Buccaneer 6000, 900, 400, Standard, Ethernet-Buccaneer, and USB-Buccaneer series, as well as accessories including soldering contacts, crimp contacts and mounting tools, all direct from stock. Additional products are available on request.

Bulgin was founded in England in 1923 by Arthur Bulgin and, over the years, has played an important pioneering role in the British radio, electric and electronic industries, inventing and developing many key components. From the start, the company founder followed a strategy of continuous investment in R&D, state-of-the-art production technologies, and comprehensive testing facilities, ensuring the company’s ongoing compliance with all relevant British, European and US standards. In 1948, Bulgin went public, obtaining a full listing on the London Stock Exchange. In 1983, together with the Engelking family, Bulgin set up the joint venture Bulgin GmbH, focused on supplying the company’s products on the German market. In the 1989, the new company's operations were taken over completely by the Engelking family.
Today, Bulgin is part of the Elektron Technology Group, and produces connectors, switches and pushbuttons, battery holders, fuse holders, mains filters and indicators.

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