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PDF • CITEL SPD Catalogues

CITEL Electronics GmbH was founded in 1937 and is active in the production, development and sales of overvoltage protection components and solutions for electrotechnical, communications and IT-related applications and systems. From research and development of components – including, for example, gas-filled spark gaps and gas arresters – to the production of complete overvoltage protection solutions, CITEL works continuously to meet and exceed its customers' expectations. CITEL has production sites in France and China and boasts a global sales network.
Production takes place in Reims, an historical town in the northeast of France, and at their Chinese production facilities in Shanghai.
CITEL focuses on protecting devices and networks from the effects of transient overvoltages, in particular from those caused by lightning strikes and electromagnetic influences.

On request, we would be happy to send you the current CITEL SPD Catalogues.
Simply contact your personal customer adviser.

Additionally they can be downloaded as PDFs:

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