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Compact SMD Thermal Fuses RTS Series from Schurter, for Automotive, Medical and Industrial Applications

To protect highly integrated power electronics from overheating, Schukat offers the particularly compact thermal fuses in Schurter’s RTS (reflowable thermal switch) series in SMD format. The fuses are used in the automotive and medical segments and other industrial sectors, and, thanks to complete galvanic isolation, reliably protect power semiconductors such as MOSFETs, ICs, IGBTs, triacs and SCRs. Applications range from cooling fans, ABS power steering, PTC heaters and glow plugs to the protection of industrial batteries, power supplies, lighting, ballasts and motor drives.
Particularly advantageous is the combination of small size, just 6.6 x 8.8mm, and high load capacity: the SMD thermal fuses Schurter`s series RTS withstand operational currents up to 100A at rated voltages as high as 60VDC. Downstream mechanical activation makes the fuses reflow-compatible, and they also meet the requirements of AEC-Q200 and MIL-STD. Operating temperature range is between -40 and +150C, with a tripping temperature above 210C and a maximum reflow temperature of 260C.
The SMD thermal fuses RTS series from Schurter is now in stock at Schukat.

Comprehensive technical specifications, current prices and inventory, and downloadable datasheets can be found in product group:
E1120 - SCHURTER SMD Thermal Fuses for High Currents Series RTS, Rated Current: 130A

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