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Make Scratching and Scraping a Thing of the Past with Kontakt Chemie Label Remover

Based on natural orange terpene, the high-efficiency solvent in Solvent 50 from Kontakt Chemie soaks through the label paper and dissolves the underlying adhesive. Most labels can then be removed with one pull after just 2 to 5 minutes of working in – no more wasting time on scratching off labels. Solvent 50 can be used to loosen labels and stickers in the office, dispatch area, warehouse or workshop. Solvent 50 removes sticky residues of all kinds, such as tar spots or adhesive remains from road tax vignettes. Not suitable for use with plastics that are sensitive to solvents, such as acrylic glass or CD cases (PS).
Kontakt Chemie supplies Solvent 50 now in the international version of these specialised electronics sprays, which are indicated by the part number ending -M19 (see K50-200-M19), meaning that up to 19 different languages are printed on the product labels. The outstanding advantage for users is that employees can read and understand the warnings in their own language. The multilingual spray cans reduce the risk of work accidents or improper handling, increasing user safety as a result.
Solvent 50 Super uses an advanced formula to deliver the highest possible dissolving power. The clip-on measuring brush included is ideal for precise dispensing, even for small labels. With NSF K3 registration, Solvent 50 Super is also suitable for use in the food industry.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product group:
R2263 - Kontakt Chemie Electronic Sprays, Special Cleaner

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