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LFA and GMB Series High-capacity and High-quality Capacitors from FTCap

At Schukat, we have now added more high-capacity, high-quality capacitors from FTCap to our range. The capacitors in the LFA series are characterised by high capacitance and a long service life of 5000 hours, with all internal contacts welded. Ideal for use in standard and switching power supplies, computers, industrial electronics, drives and welding equipment, the capacitors in this series are available with dielectric strengths of 63V, 100V and 350V, with capacitances from 220μF to 10000μF. The LFA series units are supplied without a mounting bolt on the capacitor body.
In addition to the LFA series, we now supply FTCap's GMB capacitor series as well. These high-capacity aluminium electrolytic capacitors feature threaded connectors and a bolt on the container base for better mounting. With all internal contacts welded, high CV product and low inductance, these capacitors represent an excellent choice for standard and switching power supplies, computers and hi-fi applications. They are available for dielectric strengths of 40V, 100V and 400V and with capacitances from 1500μF to 750000μF.
Both the LFA and GMB series are now in stock at Schukat.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product groups:
C6510 - FTCAP (F&T) Electrolytic Capacitors Series LFA, Rated Voltage: 63...350V DC, Tolerance: 20%, Temperature Range: -40...+85°C, Style: Bulk, Soldering Lug, Clamp Mounted
C6513 - FTCAP (F&T) Electrolytic Capacitors Series GMB, Rated Voltage: 40...400V DC, Tolerance: 20%, Temperature Range: -40...+85°C, Style: Bulk, Screw Terminals, For Stud Mounting