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PDF • RECOM DC/DC and AC/DC Book of Knowledge


Free Downloads:
RECOM's ''DC/DC Book of Knowledge -'' and ''AC/DC Book of Knowledge - Practical Tips for the User''

The new standalone RECOM ''AC/DC Book of Knowledge'' will be released as a companion volume to the ''DC/DC Book of Knowledge''. The two compendiums are a practical guide on the subject of power supplies for engineers, power-supply designers and students.

Book of Knowledge   

The function of any DC/DC converter is to meet one or more the following requirements: to match the secondary load and the primary supply voltage, to provide galvanic isolation, to protect the primary supply secondary load from faults and to simplify compliance with safety, EMC and performance standards. The book explains how all of these goals can be met, with the advantages of each method.

The new AC/DC book has 12 technical chapters covering Linear AC/DC Supplies, Apparent, Reactive and Active Power, AC Theory, Active and Passive AC Component Selection, PFC Techniques, and much more. These topics have been chosen so that they do not overlap with the chapters in the DC/DC book so that both books reinforce each other rather than being repetitive.

The author Steve Roberts, the technical director of Recom, has had many years of experience in converter design, answering customer's questions, helping with design-ins, presenting at seminars and writing datasheets and technical articles. The books are a summary of this accumulated knowledge, written in a practical, unbiased style.

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