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New Constant-current Power Supplies from Self Electronics with Adjustable DC Output

Effective immediately, Schukat now carries Self Electronics' SLT20-500IL-UN, SLT35-1000IL-UN and SLT45-1050IL-E adjustable constant-current power supplies in 20, 35 and 45W versions. These LED power supplies have been specially developed for modern, IP20-compliant indoor lighting applications. With their compact dimensions, they make an excellent choice for use in confined spaces. They are freely adjustable and have a flicker-free output. Using an in-built DIP switch, the output current can be individually adjusted in 50mA steps across a maximum of 16 switch positions – from 150 to 500mA (20W version), from 200 to 1000mA (35W) and from 700 to 1050mA (45W). The power supplies owe their high efficiency and excellent value for money to their optimised circuit topology and efficient production processes. Even in unfavourable operating conditions, such as working at maximum operating temperature, the units still achieve a nominal service life of 50,000 hours.
All three power supplies permit mounting on materials with unknown flammability characteristics (MM marking) and can also be used as independent operating devices. The output is SELV compliant and the units offer protection against interrupt, short circuit, overload and overheating. The power supplies meet all relevant EMC and safety standards. In addition, they are ENEC certified and available from Schukat with a five-year guarantee.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product groups:
M8823 - SELF Electronics LED Switching Power Supplies Series SLT20-IL-UN; Plastic Case IP20; Single Output; CC; Output: 20W
M8833 - SELF Electronics LED Switching Power Supplies Series SLT35-IL-UN; Plastic Case IP20; Single Output; CC; Output: 35W
M8842 - SELF Electronics LED Switching Power Supplies Series SLT45-IL-E; Plastic Case IP20; Single Output; CC; Output: 45W