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Schaffner RFI Suppression Filters Range Expanded with 250 New Models for Standard and Medical Applications

At Schukat, we have opened up our range of RFI suppression filters from producer Schaffner with the addition of around 250 new products. The new standard series are suited to a wide spectrum of applications, including electrical and electronic equipment, household appliances, power supplies, office automation equipment, data communication equipment, and auxiliary power supplies for industrial devices. Some models are also designed to meet more stringent requirements such as the very low leakage current demanded by medical applications.
Available units include single-phase PCB filters in an aluminium housing, RFI suppression filters in a metal housing with integrated IEC power connector and also with integrated IEC power connector, fuse holder and mains switch, and RFI suppression filters in a metal housing with flat-tab connectors measuring just 6.3 x 0.8mm.
The filters in Schaffner's FN 394E series are available with an optional earth line choke. The choke effectively suppresses high-frequency interference in the earth conductor. This kind of interference can occur with ground loops caused by the varying impedances of different earth conductor connections from one or more devices. The additional choke is attached between the power connector and the filter output, isolating the filter housing and the device's earth connection from the mains power earth.
All filters offer high attenuation performance based on chokes with high saturation resistance and excellent thermal behaviour. The RFI suppression filters are designed for quick and easy mounting and are suitable for various kinds of attachment, e.g. Faston 6.3 x 0.8mm, snap-in or flange mount. All of Schaffner's RFI suppression filters are now in stock at Schukat. On request, we also supply filters with enhanced performance, DC-optimised versions and filters with increased attenuation in compact enclosures.

You will find the
RFI suppression filters from Schaffner in this online-section.

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