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Reliable and Failsafe: WIMA Film Capacitors for Medical Applications

With the high-quality, made-in-Germany film capacitors from WIMA, Schukat offers an extensive range of different types for a broad variety of application areas in the medical technology field. The MKP10 (250 - 3000V DC) and FKP1 (1000 - 6000V DC) series of polypropylene capacitors, for example, provide reliable shock triggering in defibrillators, and are also used in high-power-demand laser technology applications, while the compact, durable SMD capacitors in the PET and PEN series are used in ventilators. The manufacturer's range also includes other series, among them models for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners. These vary from standard types with 5mm pitch to self-healing MKP4 capacitors to the metallized paper capacitors in the MP3 series, which offer outstanding safety against active and passive ignition as well as safe regeneration behaviour in combination with high dielectric strength.

All WIMA capacitors are exceptionally reliable, with field failure rates approaching 0, thus ensuring the highest levels of safety. With their excellent electrical parameters, they deliver high performance alongside an above-average life expectancy sometimes exceeding 20 years. Even under harsh operating conditions, they deliver outstanding mechanical stability, withstanding severe environmental conditions including extreme temperatures and humidity.

An extensive selection of WIMA film capacitors is available from stock. Comprehensive technical specifications, current prices and inventory, and downloadable datasheets can be found in product groups:

C5751 - WIMA FKP Film Capacitors FKP1 Series: Rated Voltage: 1000...6000V DC, Capacitance: 0,1nF...150nF, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 15...37,5mm, Style: Bulk

MKP4 / MKP10
C5726 - WIMA MKP (MPP) Film Caoacitors MKP4 Series: Rated Voltage: 400...1100V DC, Capacitance: 5F...100F, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 27,5/37,5mm, Style: Bulk

C5727 - WIMA MKP (MPP) Film Capacitors MKP4C Series: Rated Voltage: 450...630V DC, Capacitance: 0,1F...2,2F, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 10...22,5mm, Style: Bulk

C5728 - WIMA MKP (MPP) Film Capacitors MKP4F Series: Rated Voltage: 230...440V DC, Capacitance: 2,2F...50F, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 27,5...52,5mm, Style: Bulk

C5730 - WIMA MKP (MPP) Film Capacitors MKP10 Series: Rated Voltage: 250V, 400V DC, Capacitance: 6,8nF...10F, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 7,5...37,5mm, Style: Bulk

C5731 - WIMA MKP (MPP) Film Capacitors MKP10 Series: Rated Voltage: 630V, 1000V, 3000V DC, Capacitance: 1,0nF...1,0F, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 7,5...37,5mm, Style: Bulk

C5815 - WIMA MP Metallized Film Capacitors MP3-X2 Series: Rated Voltage: 275V AC, Capacitance: 10nF...470nF, Tolerance: 20%, Pitch: 15....27,5mm, Style: Bulk, Wound Technology, X2 Class

Pitch 5mm
C5523 - WIMA MKT Film Capacitors MKS2 Series: Rated Voltage: 63/100V DC, Capacitance: 10nF...470nF, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 5mm, Style: Bulk

C5524 - WIMA MKT Film Capacitors MKS2 Series: Rated Voltage: 63/100V DC, Capacitance: 470nF...10F, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 5mm, Style: Taped

C5622 - WIMA SMD MKT Film Capacitors SMD-PET, SMD-PEN Series: Rated Voltage: 63V DC, Capacitance: 0,1nF...4,7nF, Tolerance: 10%, Style: Taped, with Box Encapsulation

C5823 - WIMA MKP (FRI) Metallized Film Capacitors MKP-X1R Series: Rated Voltage: 440V AC, Capacitance: 10nF...2200nF, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 10....37,5mm, Style: Bulk, Wound Technology, X1 Class


C5811 - WIMA MKP Metallized Film Capacitors MKP-X2 Series: Rated Voltage: 275V, 305V AC, Capacitance: 1,0nF...10000nF, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 7,5...37,5mm, Style: Bulk, Taped, Wound Technology, X2 Class


C5832 - WIMA MKP Metallized Film Capacitors MKP-Y2 Series: Rated Voltage: 300V AC, Capacitance: 1,0nF...1000nF, Tolerance: 10%, Pitch: 10...27,5mm, Style: Bulk, Taped, Wound Technology, Y2 Class

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