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The Latest Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors from Panasonic for Automotive and Industrial Applications

At Schukat, we have now expanded our range of aluminium electrolytic capacitors to include the newest series from manufacturer Panasonic. Effective immediately, new polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors in seven new series – ZF, ZA, ZC, ZK, ZT, ZS, ZE and ZSU – are available. The capacitors have a radial design and are available on tape for 3.5 and 5mm pin spacing. Together, these series cover a broad range of rated voltages from 25 to 330V DC, with capacitance values between 22F (ZA and ZC series) and 1000F (ZSU series). Tolerance is 20%. The new series can be used in various temperature ranges, with the ZF series offering the broadest range, from -55 to +150C. All are AEC-Q200 compliant with service lifetimes between 1000 and 4000 hours, depending on the series, making them an ideal choice for use in automotive and industrial applications.
The Panasonic's polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors in the new ZF, ZA, ZC, ZK, ZT, ZS, ZE and ZSU series can now be ordered from Schukat. (Note: delivery time is currently approx. 22 weeks)

Comprehensive technical specifications, current prices and inventory, and downloadable datasheets can be found in product groups:
C6373 - PANASONIC Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminium Electrotytic Capacitors Series ZF, ZA, ZC, ZK, ZT, ZS, ZE, Radial, Rated Voltage: 25...330V DC, Capazitance: 22F...1000F, Tolerance: 20%, Temperature Range: -55...+150C

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