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Battery Chargers for Interchangeable DC Plugs 2440 LI Series by Mascot for 1 to 16 Lithium-ion Battery Cells

With the 2440 LI series, Mascot offers switch-mode constant current constant voltage (CCCV) chargers with a maximum charging current of 4A or less if required. The charging current is controlled by an intelligent 3-step charging circuit with current level detection as charge termination. This charge control fulfils all requirements for a safe and complete charge of the Li-Ion batteries.
Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are used in a variety of applications from mobile phones to medical equipment to industrial measuring tools and other portable equipment. These batteries are increasingly popular due to features such as high energy density, slow discharge and low maintenance. Compared to an equal capacity NiCd battery with equal capacity, the Li-Ion battery is only half the size.
2440 LI series has automatic short circuit and reverse polarity protection that eliminates changing fuses. With universal input from 90V to 264V and UL approval the charger can be used for applications worldwide. The charger weighs only 390g and measures 135 x 80 x 44mm. The unit also complies with the international standards for medical use, IEC/UL/EN 60601.
The interchangeable DC plugs and a suitable mains connection cable with Euro plug and C7 small device socket are optional and must be ordered separately. Mascot 2440 LI series chargers are available immediately from stock, customised specifications are available on request.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product group:
S7953 - MASCOT Series 2440 LI; Chargers for Lithium-Ion Batteries 3-14 Cells for DC Plugs

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