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Product News

Welcome to our news pages

Here you will find background information as well as the latest information and new product announcements from the electronics distribution sector.

Fast-Recovery SMD Bridge Rectifiers from TSC Featuring 2A to 4A in Thin SMD Package

16.11.2020 | The new SMD bridge rec­ti­fiers RABS20M, RYBS30M and RTBS40M from Taiwan Semi­con­duc­tor have now been added to the Schukat range. Despite their small dimen­sions, which allows mod­ule height to be reduced, they have high rec­ti­fi­er cur­rents of 2A, 3A and 4A as well as 1000V Max. Peak Recur­rent Reverse Volt­age  continue

Schukat Receives Best Partner Award from Display Elektronik: Recognition for more than 25 Years of Trusted Cooperation

19.10.2020 | Schukat has been recog­nised with the Best Part­ner Award by Display Elektronik, with the man­u­fac­tur­er of LC dis­plays express­ing its grat­i­tude for the suc­cess­ful coop­er­a­tion guid­ed by a spir­it of trust that has exist­ed between the two com­pa­nies for more than 25 years. Cus­tomers ben­e­fit from this coop­er­a­tion because Schukat, with their close con­tact to the pro­duc­er, can offer fast, direct tech­ni­cal sup­port for Display Elektronik's LC …  continue

New Conductive SMD Polymer Hybrid Capacitors ZF(V) from Panasonic: AEC-Q200 Compliant, with Low ESR and High Ripple Current

23.11.2020 | With the new sur­face mount­able (SMD) mod­els in the ZF series from Panasonic Indus­try Europe, Schukat is expand­ing its range of con­duc­tive poly­mer hybrid alu­mini­um elec­trolyt­ic capac­i­tors. These capac­i­tors are suit­able for high-tem­per­a­ture use up to 150°C and have been designed for a ser­vice life of 1000 hours.  continue

Silent Blades: Sunon HA Fan Series – With Under 20 Phon - Now Available from Schukat

29.09.2020 | With the HA series from fan mak­er Sunon, the Schukat range now includes excep­tion­al­ly qui­et fans with vol­ume of less than 20 phon: that is, the fans have such a low lev­el of gen­er­at­ed noise that, in a nor­mal work­ing envi­ron­ment such as an office or lab­o­ra­to­ry, they are no longer per­ceived acousti­cal­ly when run­ning in a device  continue

IRM-90 Series from MEAN WELL: New AC/DC Industrial Power Supplies Delivering 90W for PCB Installation

20.11.2020 | To meet the increas­ing pow­er require­ments of the mar­ket, Schukat has added the new indus­tri­al switch­ing pow­er sup­plies in MEAN WELL's IRM-90 series to its range; the units extend the IRM series to 90W. The closed-design switch­ing pow­er sup­plies can be mount­ed and sol­dered direct­ly onto the PCB, while an alter­na­tive instal­la­tion util­is­ing screw ter­mi­nals is also avail­able (IRM-90-xST)  continue

3''x5'' Power Supply Units from Recom with 550W Peak Power - RACM550-G Series with Heat Dissipation via Thermal Baseplate

27.11.2020 | Schukat has now added the AC/DC pow­er sup­plies in the RACM550-G series from Recom to its range. For indus­tri­al and med­ical engi­neer­ing appli­ca­tions with MOPP iso­la­tion sys­tem, as well as house­hold and ITE appli­ca­tions, these are extreme­ly com­pact units mea­sur­ing just 38mm high and with a foot­print of 76 x 127mm. A spe­cial fea­ture is the inno­v­a­tive base­plate design, which enables the ther­mal con­cept of an appli­ca­tion to be opti­mised  continue

Knipex Electricians’ Tools with VDE, Part 1: Universal Stripping Tool ErgoStrip®

26.11.2020 | New among the uni­ver­sal strip­ping tools are the ErgoStrip® (KNIP1695-01SB) and ErgoStrip® L (KNIP1695-02SB) for the left hand. These tools are designed for the quick and pre­cise strip­ping of all com­mon round and mois­ture-proof cables with a diam­e­ter of 8 to 13mm and con­duc­tors from 0.2 to 4.0mm², as well as for coax­i­al cables with a diam­e­ter of 4.8 to 7.5mm, data cables CAT 5 to 7 and twist­ed pair (UTP/STP).  continue

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