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Our Company at a Glance
50 Years Schukat

50 Years Schukat


On 1 April 1964 fifty years ago, Hans-Georg Schukat founded the company. From a one-man operation, the firm has developed to become today’s family-run, globally operating specialist for electronic components. With the second generation at the helm since 1989, Schukat stands for traditional values, putting it in an excellent position for continued growth in the future.

Company Founder Hans-Georg Schukat in 1964
The “Made in Monheim” success story began in the 60s and is a classic tale of the post-war generation: Hans-Georg Schukat, a radio specialist who recently escaped from East Prussia, graduated from his engineering studies and began working for Siemens in Düsseldorf, a position that allowed him to work not far away from his wife Hannelore, of Monheim. In 1962 he switched to aeronautical engineering and in 1964 took the decisive step to independence, becoming the exclusive supplier to Siemens of Vidicon tubes from the USA, operating at the start from the attic of his own home. When, a short while later, Siemens began to procure the tubes directly, Schukat founder Hans-Georg learned a lesson that still counts for Schukat electronic today: never again to be dependent on a single supplier or customer. Years of hard work followed: with HG Schukat electronic Import Export, the young entrepreneur focused on the wholesale side of the electronic component industry. Soon, the company pioneer – with his outstanding command of English – was traveling through the USA and Asia, visiting trade fairs and chambers of commerce. In 1976, Schukat began distributing regular newsletters and brief catalogues that provided information about the latest products, material at first printed by hand using stencils. The technically focused catalogues quickly established themselves on the market.
Edith, Bert and Georg Schukat
From the start, Schukat electronic Vertriebs GmbH has always been an independent, family-run organisation, the business being led by second-generation siblings Edith, Bert and Georg Schukat for the last 25 years. The fundamentals of Hans-Georg Schukat’s entrepreneurial thinking continue to be the company’s guiding principles: fairness, esteem and continuity. The three siblings have since added independence from the banks. Schukat’s company philosophy encompasses long-term relationships, not only with its customers and suppliers but also with its employees. It is no surprise that of 79 commercial employees, more than half are former Schukat trainees. Since 2010, the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) has awarded Schukat a "special commendation" for "outstanding performance in vocational training" every year.

A proven concept. Today, as a specialist distributor of active, passive and electromechanical components, the company can show remarkable key indices: an annual turnover in excess of €60m with a team of 150 employees and 30 trainees in close to 5,000m² of warehouse space and 2,000m² of offices. Schukat supplies around 25,000 items from 200 manufacturers (one third of which are based outside Germany, primarily in Asia) to approximately 9,500 customers in 50 countries worldwide. Product lines that include, for example, Sunon, Mean Well, Panasonic and TSC enjoy an excellent reputation among industrial customers.

Schukat electronic in 2014
A good 97% of the 25,000 products Schukat distributes are despatched in medium to large quantities direct from the warehouse within a few hours of being ordered. A logistics system like this requires top-notch management, for which trained IT specialist Georg Schukat is responsible. He is the driving force behind the ongoing optimisation of Schukat’s management software. As the first mid-sized company worldwide to do so, Schukat has implemented SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, Powered by SAP HANA. The result is complete transparency and a high level of process flexibility which, in turn, allows the company to react at any time to a constantly changing market environment.

In Monheim, Schukat has long been a leading light in ecological issues and environmental protection, with catalogues and office paper made of 100% recycled paper, energy-saving buildings, certified green electricity, organic coffee – and managers who have been cycling to work for years and who are donating 50 trees to mark the company’s 50th anniversary.

Edith, Bert and Georg Schukat:
"We look back proudly on our achievements, and thanks to your trust we feel well prepared for further growth. At this point, we would like to express our special thanks to our customers, suppliers and employees."

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