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Getting the Light Level Just Right with Recom's Low Cost TRIAC Dimmable Drivers RACT Series

Recom introduces three LED drivers with 12W, 18W and 25W outputs. The RACT series LED drivers deliver 1% to 100% leading-edge or trailing-edge TRIAC-controlled dimming at the market's most affordable prices. These LED drivers are designed for either retrofit or new installations and allow the user to set the lighting atmosphere and mood in homes, spotlighting and furniture installations.
The RACT series are triac-dimmable LED drivers available with constant current outputs ranging from 300mA up to 1400mA. Both leading and trailing edge phase angle control makes them suitable for many standard dimmers for a wide range of applications. The RACT series are ideal for indoor locations up to 50°C ambient temperature and are certified for building into furniture for applications such as dimmable shelf lighting, cove lighting or accent lighting. Integrated cable clamps and extra-large screw terminals make for an easy installation. The Class II (double insulated) design means that no earth connection is required. They are CE marked (LVD + EMC + RoHS) and have IEC61347-1/IEC61347-2-13 CB reports. The RACT series LED drivers from Recom have a 3 year warranty and are availble from stock.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product groups:
M4300 - RECOM LED Switching Power Supplies Series RACT12; Output: 12W; Plastic Case IP20; CC; Triac Dimmable
M4305 - RECOM LED Switching Power Supplies Series RACT18; Output: 18W; Plastic Case IP20; CC; Triac Dimmable
M4320 - RECOM LED Switching Power Supplies Series RACT25; Output: 25W; Plastic Case IP20; CC; Triac Dimmable

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