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iMaXX Fuses for Electric Vehicles: Four New Series Offer High Breaking Capacity

With the introduction of four new series, Schukat electronic now offers fuse links from iMaXX designed for use in a wide range of electrically powered vehicles. Based in Alblasserdam in the Netherlands, iMaXX BV specialises in components for the protection of electric circuits.

''We have worked with Schukat for many years. With this new product group we want to make our collaboration with them even more successful,'' says Edward Brouwer, Sales & Marketing Director Global Distribution at iMaXX. ''When people think of electric vehicles they usually think of passenger cars, but the market is much bigger.'' As well as cars, the range of applications for iMaXX fuse links also includes electric lifting and commercial vehicles, construction vehicles and agricultural machinery, golf carts, electric scooters and mopeds, cleaning and municipal vehicles, airport vehicles and many more.

Until now, there has been little development of standard fuse holders for electric vehicles because the installation requirements vary greatly. The biggest challenge has been the breaking capacity, an issue that iMaXX and PEC have solved with the use of special materials. All series can carry 110% of the rated current for at least 4 hours. Their high breaking capacity is assured by the silica sand filling in the tube, which fully encloses the fuse element. The fuses are designed for use in temperatures from -40 to +85°C/100°C.
The EV27-_-M4 series, with nickel-plated copper alloy terminals and M4 connection holes, is designed for nominal currents of 1 and 5A. The series offers a breaking capacity of 2000A at 450VDC.
The M5 version EV27-_-M5 features rigid Sn-plated copper alloy connections with M5 holes at 53.5mm spacing. The fuses are designed for rated currents from 15A to 50A and have a breaking capacity of 20000A at 500VDC (50A at 450VDC). As a full-range fuse with a ceramic package, in addition to being tested with 300% and 500% short-circuit currents, the series has also been tested at 135% and 200%, and ensures overall system protection.
The EV28-_-M6 series is now available with a rated current of 60A and will soon be available with rated currents of 70, 80, 100 and 125A. It offers a breaking capacity of 20000A at 500VDC. The full-range fuse in a ceramic package has been tested according to specification at 135%, 150% 200%, 300% and 500% and can break a circuit safely even at 500VDC and 20000A.
The EV29-_-M8 series uses different materials from those employed in the other series. The silica-sand-filled double tube is made of polyester, while the connections are made of pure copper and dissipate as much heat as possible. The international specification defines tests at 200%, 300% and 500%, and the series is available for rated currents of 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 and 300A, with a breaking capacity is 16000A (500VDC).
All of the new series are now in stock at Schukat.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product group:
E1732 - IMAXX Automotive Fuses Series EV for E-Mobility, Rated Voltage: 450...500V DC, evOTO, Bolt-on


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