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Compact, Industrial Ethernet Connectors from Hirose for Industrial Applications: IX Series - Robust and EMC-resistant

Plug IX80G-A-10P

Schukat has now added the IX ethernet connectors from Hirose, designed for industrial applications, to its product portfolio.

Compared to regular modular RJ-45 solutions, the IX series offers a 75% size reduction, presenting an ideal choice when installation space is limited. Parallel mounting is possible at P=10mm. The single action lock design enables locking by simply inserting the connector into the receptacle, releasing it again at the push of a button. Another advantage of Hirose IX ethernet connectors is offered by the robust, peel-resistant construction: the receptacle shell is mounted to the PCB and minimises the force of the connector on the surface. The design also offers protection of the contacts, with the unique hold-down placement preventing the contacts from being detached, while the use of stainless steel offers improved mechanical strength. Optimised shielding design guarantees high EMC resistance for safe and secure data transmission at high data transfer rates, with high-speed ethernet performance of Cat.5e (1Gbps) and Cat.6A (10Gbps).

Socket IX31G-A-10S-CV
For PIP mounting (Pin-In-Paste), the receptacle shell is mounted at the through hole section of the PCB, improving the mounting strength of the PCB. Both SMT and PIP mounting with signal contacts allows for reflow-soldering, thus reducing the required man-hours for PCB processing. The industrial ethernet connectors are IEC 61076-3-124 compliant, have a rated voltage of 50VAC or 60VDC, as applicable, and a lifespan of 5000 cycles. The Hirose IX series is now in stock at Schukat.

Comprehensive technical specifications, current prices and inventory, and downloadable datasheets can be found in product group:
F5312 - HIROSE Ethernet Connectors and Crimping Tool Series IX  for Industrial Equipment

Hirose presents its new Ethernet connectors from the IX IndustrialTM series in a YouTube video:

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