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''We're working towards a strong position in the electric motor market'' - Elektronik Praxis 15, 2.8.2018

What made Schukat and Sunon decide to become partners 35 years ago?
Terence Chu: Many well-known technical firms had always maintained their R&D centres in Germany, but it is still complicated for a foreign company to open a subsidiary here. Factors like the language, local laws, building up business relationships, logistics and local market know-how all need to be taken into account. Because we'd been active in the equipment fan and motor industry since 1980, we had the necessary experience to develop and produce a good product, and we wanted to keep our focus on that. So we turned to Schukat for sales in Germany. As a German distributor, they have been working in this industry since 1964 and enjoy not only a broad market presence but are also known for their sales competence, on-time delivery, product knowledge and customer support.

Terence Chu, General Manager Sunon Europe
Bert Schukat: Sunon was a new arrival on the market at that time. We were positively impressed by their innovative approach and their goal of striving for market leadership in a technically demanding area. They also had a strategy of not concentrating on a few big industrial clients, but instead wanted to appeal to a broad spectrum of customers and applications without wanting to handle everything through direct sales. Sunon was therefore looking for a distribution partner in Germany. With our logistics expertise and our close ties to our customers in Europe, we offered them the right sales channel.

Does such a step take certain risks?
Bert Schukat: It is fundamentally challenging to work with such a young producer with little market experience. With our logistics expertise and our close ties to our customers in Europe, we offered them the right sales channel. But after 35 years, we can say that it's been worth it.

With which products did you start?
Bert Schukat: We started very small, with just a handful of AC equipment fans. But this had increased to a dozen models by the 1986 catalogue, which also included the first DC fans. In the DC fan area in particular, Sunon was able to demonstrate its innovative strength. The number of models increased rapidly, especially for industrial applications, and quickly formed the core of our range.

How has the Sunon range changed in that time?
Bert Schukat: In recent years, the standard range has been extended with the addition of series for specific requirements, e.g. the power-motor series for applications needing high volume throughput, the IP68 series for harsh environments and the ATEX-certified EC fans. We currently stock more than 1500 different models and configurations. The majority of Schukat's Sunon stock, however, now comprises specially adapted or purely customer-specific developments..''

This article was published in professional journal Elektronik Praxis 15 on 2. August 2018. The German original version can be found here.

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