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High-performance Series ZE Hybrid Capacitors from Panasonic with Minimal Leakage Current, Long Life and Low ESR

With Panasonic's ZE series, Schukat is expanding its range to include high-temperature-capable hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors: at a temperature of 145C or, as applicable, 85C with humidity up to 90%, these SMD capacitors achieve a service life of 2000 hours. With their conductive polymer hybrid material, they combine the advantages of electrolytic capacitors and capacitors made of solid polymer. They demonstrate low leakage current and also a low ESR value of 20mOhm (ESR = equivalent series resistance). Surface mountable, these components have rated capacitances from 33 to 330F and span a range of voltages from 25 to 63VDC, and can be used in an operating temperature range from -55 to 145C. In addition, they are also AEC-Q200 compliant and offer staggered ripple current values at 135 and 145C.
With their compact construction,
Panasonic's ZE series hybrid capacitors are suitable for a very wide range of industrial and automotive industry applications. Application areas include input and output filters in power converters and voltage regulators, power and battery decoupling, clock circuits, servers, base stations and industrial PCs, as well as wireless and IoT technologies. Panasonic's ZE series is now available direct from stock at Schukat.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product group:
C6744 - PANASONIC Hybrid SMD Electrolytic Capacitors Series ZE, Rated Voltage: 25...63V DC, Tolerance: 20%, Temperature Range: -55...+145C, Style: Taped, low ESR, High Temperature

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