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Electronic Sprays

Electronic sprays of the manufacturers CRC Kontakt Chemie, WEICON und Electrolube.

CRC supplies universal cleaners, special cleaners such as Screen TFT screen cleaners, magnetic head cleaners, printer cleaners and label removers. CRC provides sprays to lubricate, protect and insulate, contact cleaners and precision cleaners. Aeorosols for printed circuit board production, printed circuit board protective lacquer, antistatic and EMC sprays, compressed air cleaners, high pressure as well as cold sprays come in 100ml, 200ml and 400ml cans.
The CRC products with the suffix -M18 or -M19 have safety information in up to 19 languages on their product labels, so that foreign-language employees can also understand the warning notices. The multilingual cans reduce the risk of accidents at work by improper handling and thereby increasing user safety.
WEICON supplies electro contact cleaner, fast cleaner, foam cleaner, plastic cleaner, citrus cleaner, label remover and screen cleaner. Technical sprays such as compressed air sprays, freeze sprays and isolation sprays. As well as rust removers, release agents, lubricants and multifunctional oils. The printed circuit board protective lacquers, acrylic protective lacquers and silicone protective lacquers of Electrolube round up the product portfolio.

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