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COVID-19: Current information
- 15.12.2021 • The continuing COVID-19 situation
- 25.02.2021 • Delivery situation and outlook 2021 at Schukat
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- 06.03.2020 • Coronavirus and its effects on the supply situation
- 21.02.2020 • Strongly increasing delivery times due to coronavirus (COVID-19)
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25.02.2021 • Delivery situation and outlook 2021 at Schukat

General Delivery Situation
The first half of 2021 will be increasingly characterised by longer delivery times, shortages and, in some cases, significant price increases. We are currently working hard to keep product availability for you at the usual high level.
Added to this are the global challenges in logistics. Transport times continue to increase, not only on the route from Asia to Europe, but also within the EU.
For the second half of the year, we believe that a lot depends on the further development of the economy in Asia and, of course, on the Covid 19 situation in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.

Across the board, we are seeing a sometimes drastic increase in delivery times to up to 30 to 40 weeks - some product areas are already on allocation. This is already reflected in massive price increases for certain manufacturers or products.

In some areas, delivery times have risen sharply to the point of allocation with delivery times of 30 to 52+ weeks. This currently affects not only SMD components, which were last affected by the 2017 allocation until the first half of 2019, but also, for example, quartz crystals from various manufacturers. In some cases, manufacturers are no longer accepting new orders. The aforementioned points as well as increased freight costs and raw material prices will have an impact on the prices of passive and electromechanical components in 2021.

Power Supplies
In the entire power supplies sector, the already well-known high delivery times and transport costs are still to be expected. The current situation in global maritime logistics remains tense. The lack of availability of empty containers, shipping space and storage capacity is causing increased lead times and freight rates. The lack of capacity, reduced personnel and a shortage of relevant components are leading to increasing delivery times and higher material costs.
Currently, AC/DC industrial switch-mode power supplies for print assembly, such as the IRM series from MEAN WELL, are particularly affected by increasing delivery times.

Sunon Fans
For Q2, we have already increased our stock availability of Sunon products in view of the long replenishment period. In addition, urgent requirements have to be checked in consultation with the sales department. For today's deliveries, a delivery date in Q3 can be expected.

Our Recommendation
We therefore strongly advise you to plan for both short-term and larger, plannable requirements with a clear lead time. For all ''single source'' products such as microcontrollers, the recommendation is to create your own stocks, as the supply situation can change at very short notice despite placed orders. Please contact your personal customer advisor now to discuss your requirements and secure production.

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