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Sensata/Crydom is a well-known US manufacturer of solid-state relays. Schukat has been an official Sensata/Crydom authorised distributor since 1 October 2011 and supplying the company's products since 2006.

Sensata/Crydom has its headquarters in San Diego and a production facility in Tijuana, Mexico. As a brand of the holding Sensata Technologies, Sensata/Crydom specializes in the development and production of semiconductor relays for PCB, panel and DIN rail mounting, and solid-state contactors for motor control ranging from 1A to 175A. The company's target markets and applications include lighting, professional food equipment, HVAC, medical, elevators, battery applications, valves, machinery and plastics.
Both worldwide and in the European market for solid state relays, Sensata/Crydom is the number one manufacturer in the field of SSRs with a switching current exceeding 1A.

The company's products have established themselves in the high-quality segment and their CST strategy is to be a "premium supplier" in terms of quality, service, customer relations and technology. Sensata/Crydom is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Because Sensata/Crydom does not maintain its own warehouse, the manufacturer relies on distributors for approx. 70% of its turnover, thus making its entire product range available to customers as fast as possible. Schukat - as part of Sensata/Crydom's distribution network - ensures that all customers are able to obtain Sensata/Crydom products quickly and also receive the best possible service.

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