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250 High Quality Plastic Housings with Excellent Price/Performance Ratio from Supertronic

We have added 250 new ABS and polycarbonate enclosures to our portfolio of Supertronic enclosures. The new additions include small ABS hand-held enclosures with a battery compartment to hold a transmitter for remote controls. On the one hand, they are available as a 3-piece ergonomic small enclosure consisting of a lower and upper part with a red centre part and a ring for key rings. Another version consists of a lower and upper part with up to six coloured control buttons. Other small and universal enclosures are available in versions with ventilation slots, with a slightly inclined panel to accommodate a membrane keypad or according to protection class IP65.
The novelties also include ABS wall-mounted enclosures with a flange. Depending on the model, they have openings on the sides for connections or a recessed area on the top to accommodate a membrane keyboard. The enclosures with a round, 3-part lid are a special feature. This makes the enclosure easy to open from the front or sides and easy to access.
The PP77 wall-mounted enclosure with its half-round top section and ventilation slots is ideally suited for accommodating detectors and sensors.
A range of new desktop enclosures consists of a base and top with an oval front and partially removable panel.
For the first time, we offer enclosures for panel mounting of measuring and control devices according to DIN 43700. They have vertical rails inside to facilitate the placement of the circuit, side tabs to fix the enclosure and a removable red plexiglass panel at the front.
A solution for electrical equipment with standard connectors is the PP50 series enclosures in black ABS and Noryl. They have a removable front panel with an 8-pole or 11-pole connector. The PP17SW enclosure also has an integrated circuit.
The enclosures of the manufacturer Supertronic are available in the standard version from stock Schukat and in other colour variants on request.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product groups:
G4116 - SUPERTRONIC ABS Miniature Enclosures for Remote Controls; Series: PP; Colours: Black, White, Grey
G4117 - SUPERTRONIC ABS Miniature Enclosures; Series: PP; Colours: Black, White, Grey
G4150 - SUPERTRONIC ABS Handheld Enclosures; Series: PP; Colours: Black, White, Grey
G4312 - SUPERTRONIC ABS Universal Enclosures; Series: PP; Colours: Black, White, Grey
G4518 - SUPERTRONIC ABS Wall Mounting Enclosures with Flanged Lid; Series: PP; Colours: Black, White, Grey
G4540 - SUPERTRONIC ABS Wall and Desktop Enclosures; Series: PP; Colours: Black, White, Grey
G4550 - SUPERTRONIC ABS Desktop Enclosures; Series: PP; Colours: Black, White, Grey
G4728 - SUPERTRONIC Noryl Enclosure For Panel Mounting of Measurement and Control Instruments; Series: PP10, PP11, PP15, PP16
G4812 - SUPERTRONIC ABS/Noryl Plug Enclosure; Series: PP17, PP50, PP53, PP54, PP55, PP59

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