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Schukat Opens New Logistics Centre to Visitors for First Time, Participates in First Rhine-Wupper Technology Night

For the first time, Schukat has opened the doors of its state-of-the-art logistics centre to visitors: as part of the first Technology Night in the Rhine-Wupper district, participants in the event on 5 April 2019 could get to know the company and its processes, and gain some insight into one of the most modern warehousing systems for electronic components in the world.
During the guided tour through the halls of the logistics centre in Monheim am Rhein, in areas where even employees are not permitted during operation, visitors could observe how various kinds of electronic components were processed as incoming goods, fed into the new warehouse system and automatically distributed into empty container positions in the automated small parts warehouse (AKL).

Sixty-eight shuttles move within the narrow, 70 metre long aisles with the utmost precision to reach one of the 64,000 container positions. Lifts rapidly ascend to the top of the almost 20 metre high facility with 34 levels, transporting the components from the handover point of the AKL to the conveyor equipment and from there to the correct order-picking station, where consignments are prepared for shipping in the outgoing goods area. Every day, more than a thousand parcels leave the new logistics centre.
On the first Rhine-Wupper Technology Night - organized by VDI Köln and VDE Düsseldorf - more than a thousand technology enthusiasts took part. Thirty companies offered more than 4000 programmes, almost all of which were fully booked. With the success of the first event, the second Rhine-Wupper Technology Night is already set for 2 October, 2020. Also, on 28 June this year, the seventh Technology Night will be taking place in Cologne.

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