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XP Power


Schukat electronic now sells the entire product range of global power-supply manufacturer XP Power. The company produces a wide range of power supplies and related products, including AC/DC supplies, DC/DC converters, high voltage power supplies and RF power systems. The British manufacturer's products are used in industrial electronics, the semiconductor industry, medical technology and domestic applications, and feature extremely compact construction, positive derating behaviour, and a low airflow requirement for actively cooled solutions. Wherever challenging operating conditions call for high reliability and failsafe protection, XP Power offers a solution that will get the job done.
If their standard products don't meet the requirements of the customer's target application, XP Engineering Services offers additional services: their standard product portfolio, based on a wide range of performance platforms, allows modified solutions to be developed quickly. Customised output voltage combinations can be provided to meet customer requirements, for example, as can special control/status signals and mechanical types for optimal power/performance and system integration.
Headquartered in Pangbourne in the UK, XP Power has been developing and manufacturing high quality power supplies since 1988. The company is stock-market listed with a current market value of almost 1bn euros, with more than 2000 employees at its global sales, development and production sites. From in-house design in Asia, Europe and North America to major manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam, XP Power is committed to outstanding quality and excellent technical support for its customers.

For any questions about the new products and beyond, Schukat's technical sales team is here to help you.
YouTube-Video XP Power Overview

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You will find products from XP Power in the following areas:
AC/DC Switching Power Supplies / Open Frame / Enclosed
AC/DC Switching Power Supplies / Print
AC/DC Plug Switching Power Supplies
AC/DC Table Switching Power Supplies

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