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Silent Blades: Sunon HA Fan Series – With Under 20 Phon - Now Available from Schukat

With the HA series from fan maker Sunon, the Schukat range now includes exceptionally quiet fans with volume of less than 20 phon: that is, the fans have such a low level of generated noise that, in a normal working environment such as an office or laboratory, they are no longer perceived acoustically when running in a device.
To achieve this, Sunon has adapted the components responsible for generating aerodynamic noise. This includes improvements and innovations in large components such as the impeller and housing, as well as significant optimisation of such details as the connectors between the motor and housing. This is crucial for applications in noise-sensitive environments, such as medical engineering, IT telecommunications systems, power supplies, printers, and a wide range of devices, including machines, amusement machines and household appliances.
Fans in the HA series feature low-noise and maintenance-free magnetic Vapo bearings and offer air-flow rates between 9.2 and 93.4m/h.
They are available with housing dimensions in classic design from 40x40mm to 120x120mm with the base-level model available in a 12VDC. In addition, for some models, round housings are available direct from Schukat stock.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product groups:
K1157 - SUNON 12V DC Axial Fans; 120x120x25mm; 29,6dBA; Airflow: 93,42m/h
K1257 - SUNON 12V DC Axial Fans; 92x92x25mm; 17,7dBA; Airflow: 48,24m/h
K1327 - SUNON 12V DC Axial Fans; 80x80x25mm; 20,4dBA; Airflow: 40,59m/h
K1546 - SUNON 12V DC Axial Fans; 60x60x25mm; 10,7dBA; Airflow: 23,44m/h
K1566 - SUNON 12V DC Axial Fans; 60x60x15mm; 14,5dBA; Airflow: 21,57m/h
K1836 - SUNON 12V DC Axial Fans; 50x50x15mm; 15,4dBA; Airflow: 13,07m/h
K2256 - SUNON 12V DC Axial Fans; 40x40x20mm; 12,3dBA; Airflow: 9,34m/h
K2276 - SUNON 12V DC Axial Fans; 40x40x10mm; 15,7dBA; Airflow: 9,17m/h
K2456 - SUNON 12V DC Axial Fans; 30x30x10mm; 15,1dBA; Airflow: 5,94m/h
K3227 - SUNON 5/12V DC Axial Fans; Diameter: 39,8...84,9mm; 10,5...16,1dBA; Airflow: 3,22...22,42m/h

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