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Zettler electronics



Zettler electronics is a well-known manufacturer of electronic components, from relays to transformers and LCD modules. Schukat supplies the company's high-quality PCB relays direct from stock. Other Zettler products are now also available on request.

For more than 100 years, the name Zettler has stood for innovation, quality and reliability in development, production and trade in the electrical engineering field. This reputation and their technical expertise form the basis for the company's global success. From relays to transformers and LCD modules – with Zettler electronics, you have access to a multifaceted spectrum of high-quality components for modern industrial and consumer electronics. Zettler electronics is now one of the longest established brands in this product area.

With the addition of Zettler relays to the Schukat electronic range, our customers are now able to order products from this well-known manufacturer, even in small quantities or as samples. Initially, our focus will be on Zettler's main product line. As necessary, our standard range will be extended to include additional products such as transformers and displays.

As a distributor, Schukat aims to establish a centralised interface for Zettler electronics customers, and to increasingly serve the market outside Germany.

ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees a high quality level for all Zettler electronics products and services.

* * *

You will find Zettler electronics products in the following areas:

Signal PCB Relays

Series AZ957Rated Current: 1A, Contact: SPDT, Housing: 12,8x7,8x10,3mm
Series AZ956Rated Current: 1A, Contact: SPDT, Housing: 13x7,62x6,9mm
Series AZ822Rated Current: 2A, Contact: DPST, Housing: 20x9,8x12mm
Series AZ8521Rated Current: 2A, Contact: DPDT, Housing: 10x76,5x5,4/5,65mm
Series AZ832(P)Rated Current: 3A, Contact: DPDT, Housing: 20,2x10x10,65mm

Power PCB Relays
Series AZ7709Rated Current: 5A, Contact: SPST, Housing: 18,4x15,2x10,2mm
Series AZ6991Rated Current: 6A, Contact: SPSTor SPDT, Housing: 20,2x10x10,65mm
Series AZ6960Rated Current: 8A, Contact: SPSTor SPDT, Housing: 28,5x10,1x12,5mm
Series AZ742Rated Current: 8A, Contact: DPDT, Housung: 29x12,7x15,7mm
Series AZ943Rated Current: 10A, Contact: SPDT, Housing: 19,25x15,95x15,49mm
Series AZ9405Rated Current: 10A, Contact: SPDT, Housung: 19,8x15,2x9,9mm
Series AZ940Rated Current: 10A, Contact: SPST, Housing: 20,5x10,2x15,7mm
Series AZ696Rated Current: 10A, Contact: SPDT, Housing: 30x15,7x10mm
Series AZ763Rated Current: 12A, Contact: SPDT, Housing: 29x12,7x15,7mm
Series AZ764Rated Current: 16A, Contact: SPDT, Housing: 29x12,7x15,7mm

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