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API Interface Description

The pricing and availability API from Schukat is a SOAP-based web service interface. Using this service, external applications can call up pricing and stock information from Schukat in real time. All requests must be authenticated using individual access data.


The URL of the web service is:

The HTTP POST request of the SOAP request/message contains the authorization request header with user name and password, while the actual user data of the request must be contained in the body of the so-called Envelope element. Listed below are the necessary components of the body element of a SOAP message:

APIKEYThe API key from your registration.
REQUEST MPN;Quantity;Exact Match;Manufacturer|MPN;Quantity;
Exact Match;Manufacturer|...
Search key (MPN/SKU) with optional details such as quantity and manufacturer. Per requests, a maximum of 25 search keys, separated by the vertical bar ''|'', can be transmitted.
OUTPUTFORMAT XML/JSONOutput format for the search result.
LANGUAGE DE/ENLanguage (datasheet, article description)

Example of a SOAP request with multiple SKUs/MPNs:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:urn="urn:DefaultNamespace">
<urn:SEARCH soapenv:encodingStyle="">
<APIKEY xsi:type="xsd:string">123456789</APIKEY>
<REQUEST xsi:type="xsd:string">LCM-40KN-AUX|MAX3443ECSA+|RS-35|MPX2010DP|LTS546AP|RS-25-12|1N4148|HLG-600H-24|HLG-600h-24AB</REQUEST>
<OUTPUTFORMAT xsi:type="xsd:string">XML</OUTPUTFORMAT>
<LANGUAGE xsi:type="xsd:string">DE</LANGUAGE>


The Schukat Pricing and Availability API provides, for example, the following information in the response:

Article numberSKU
Short description of article DESC
Datasheet URL DS
Manufacturer part numberMPN
Mindestbestellmenge MOQ
In stockINST
Current stockSTOCK
Availability codeAVC
Availability informationAVM
Packaging unitPU
Price unitPRU
Replenishment time in weeksDYTM
Next goods receiptNGR
RoHS compliantROHS
Price gradePRBx

All data is contained in the body element of the SOAP structure.

HTTP status code

Please note: all valid responses in XML and JSON format have an HTTP status code of 200. This means that invalid, malformed or rate-restricted SOAP requests can still return an HTTP status code of 200. In JSON and XML responses, the ERRC, ERRM, SUCC and PERR fields show whether a request is well formed and valid.
The NORF element of the output structure additionally provides the number of results found for each material search submitted.

Testing the API interface via SOAP tool

For a straightforward test of the interface with your own access data, we recommend using the latest version of SoapUI or POSTMAN. With the aid of the web service tools and our WSDL file, you can make initial test requests on the interface without having to create your own program code. We are happy to supply you with the WSDL file on request.

For questions about the Web API, please contact our support team by e-mail (

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