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Supporting Intelligent Power Supply: 3200 Watt High-efficiency Digital Power Supplies from MEAN WELL

The high-performance, parallel-connectable power supplies in MEAN WELL's 3200W DBU, DBR, DRP and DPU series are completing our program. The units are based on a single, digital platform, resulting in power supplies and battery chargers both for equipment installation and rack mounting. The slim (1U) digital devices feature high power density of 37W/in³ and optimised efficiency dependent on load, resulting in a maximum efficiency of up to 94.5%. Equipped with active PFC, the power supplies accept input voltages from 90-264VAC, and deliver the most sought-after industrial DC output voltages. The series offers a wide range of integrated, analogue and digitally controllable functions – e.g. programmable charging curves, parameterisation of output characteristics and overload protection, and a remote function – enabling the devices to be incorporated individually into applications and allowing for outstanding design flexibility. Integrated Oring-FETs ensure hot-swapability in the rack versions, while a thermostatically controlled fan provides the necessary cooling.

The digital design improves both performance and reliability. With fewer analogue components like power management ICs, devices can be built considerably more compactly and with increased power density. Moreover, the electrical parameters as well as the internal controls and human-machine interface (HMI) can be programmed. The digital interface establishes the devices for use in Industry 4.0 and opens them to the advantages of predictive maintenance. The digital controllers and PMBus or CANBus communications protocols facilitate systematic energy management for synchronous monitoring of input and output parameters. In addition to use in Industry 4.0 applications and industrial automation, the series is also suitable for telecommunications equipment, battery chargers and EV charging stations that demand a high-output power source, up to 25.6kW. The units offer protection against short circuit, overload, overvoltage and overheating, and have UL, TÜV, EAC, CE and CB approvals. MEAN WELL's DBU, DBR, DRP and DPU-3200 series are available at Schukat with a five-year warranty.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product groups:
L2620 - MEANWELL Rack Power System Series DRP-3200; Enclosed, 1HE; Single Output; Output: 3200W; Programmable
L2630 - MEANWELL Switching Power Supplies Series DPU-3200; Enclosed; Single Output; Output: 3200W; Programmable
L7900 - MEANWELL Chargers Series DBU-3200; for Lead-Acid and Li-ion Batteries; Single Output; Output: 3200W
L7920 - MEANWELL Chargers Series DBR-3200; for Lead-Acid and Li-ion Batteries; Single Output; Output: 3200W; Rack Mountable

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