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CITEL Electronics GmbH was founded in 1937 and is active in the production, development and sales of overvoltage protection components and solutions for electrotechnical, communications and IT-related applications and systems. From research and development of components – including, for example, gas-filled spark gaps and gas arresters – to the production of complete overvoltage protection solutions, CITEL works continuously to meet and exceed its customers' expectations. CITEL has production sites in France and China and boasts a global sales network.
Subsidiaries are located in:
• Citel Inc. - Miramar (USA)
• Citel Electronics - Shanghai (China)
• Citel India - New Delhi (India)
• Citel Russia - Moscow (Russia)

Production takes place in Reims, an historical town in the northeast of France, and at their Chinese production facilities in Shanghai.

CITEL focuses on protecting devices and networks from the effects of transient overvoltages, in particular from those caused by lightning strikes and electromagnetic influences. CITEL has a number of product lines:
• overvoltage protection equipment (SPD/ÜSE)
overvoltage protection equipment can consist of various components that are optimally matched to one another (GSG/GDT, MOV, diodes) CITEL offers a wide range of overvoltage protection devices for many applications.
• Gas-filled spark gaps (GSG)
Gas-filled spark gaps are high-performance, passive components specially designed to protect energy networks and applications from lightning-induced currents and other surges.
• Gas discharge tubes (GDT)
Gas discharge tubes are the most important passive components for protecting data and communications systems as well as applications in the measuring, switching and control engineering field from lightning-induced currents, and are used in modules and in electrical equipment.

Fields of application include:
• LED lighting solutions
• AC energy supply systems and networks
• DC energy supply and photovoltaic systems
• Telecommunications
• Information and data processing technology
• Measuring, switching and control engineering
• HF technology

To test CITEL products for compatibility with applicable standards and to continuously improve their reliability, CITEL maintains several testing laboratory sites (France, USA, China).
Laboratory equipment:
• Wave generators for currents up to 100kA - 8/20μs
• Current waveform generators for currents up to 100kA - 10/350μs
• 1.2/50-8/20 μs hybrid wave generators for voltages and currents up to 20kV/10kA
• Testing and measurement equipment for telecommunications applications in accordance with ITU-T K
• 400VAC three-phase low-voltage network – Icc 1.5 kA/phase for coupling with pulsed currents
• Various high voltage measuring instruments
• Equipment for testing under a range of environmental conditions (humidity, heat, cold, shock)
• High-resolution, high-speed and thermal cameras.
• The G100K test generator in Reims (France) can produce extraordinarily high impulse currents up to 100kA and is used to test structural lightning protection systems and Type 1 lightning conductors in accordance with IEC 61643-11.

* * *
CITEL products can be found in the following area:

Surge Protection SPD

Series DS98Sfor DIN Rail Mounting, IP20, for Protection Class II, SPD Type 2+3
Series DSLPfor DIN Rail Mounting, IP20, for Protection Class I and II, SPD Type 2+3
Series MLPHardwired, IP20 and IP65, for Protection Class I and II, SPD Type 2+3, DALI, DMX/1-10V
Series MLPCHardwired, IP20, for Protection Class I and II, SPD Type 2+3, with Spring Terminal
Series MLPCA1Hardwired, IP65, for Protection Class I and II, SPD Type 2+3, with Rubber Cable
Series MLPXHardwired, IP20 and IP67, Protection Class I and II, SPD Type 2+3, with Wite
Series MSB6Hardwired, IP20, for Protection Class I, SPD Type 3, with Wire

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