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COVID-19: Current information
- 15.12.2021 • The continuing COVID-19 situation
- 25.02.2021 • Delivery situation and outlook 2021 at Schukat
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- 06.03.2020 • Coronavirus and its effects on the supply situation
- 21.02.2020 • Strongly increasing delivery times due to coronavirus (COVID-19)
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15.12.2021 • The continuing COVID-19 situation

Situation in the company
The ongoing spread of the coronavirus continues to affect various aspects of our supply chain and our day-to-day business operations: the majority of our administrative employees can once again be reached in their home offices, while our logistics colleagues continue to be very active on site.
Ninety-five percent of our workforce have now been vaccinated, and we are also offering all employees a booster shot in December. So far, we have been fortunate in recording very few coronavirus infections within the company.

Business visits
As has previously been the case, no face-to-face appointments will take place at our company site in December. We ask for your understanding with this, and we will reassess the situation in the New Year. Appointments from mid-January may be able to take place on site, depending on the situation.

General supply situation
Many areas of our product range were marked in the second half of 2021 by extreme delivery delays, postponements, shortages, and in some cases drastic price increases, and this continues to be the case. We are doing everything we can to maintain product availability at the best possible levels.
Global logistics are presenting an additional challenge. Transport times have again increased, not only from Asia to Europe, but also within the EU. So far, there is no sign of the transport situation improving.

Looking ahead
We believe that the current situation will continue into 2022. Any relief in the year ahead will depend in particular on how the production and transport situation develops in Asia, as well as on the situation surrounding the new COVID-19 mutation, Omicron.

Our recommendation
We continue to advise that you plan both your short-term and long-term requirements well in advance. For all single-source products, we recommend that you build up your own stock: in spite of placed orders, the supply situation can change at very short notice. Please contact your personal customer advisor now to discuss your needs.

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