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NEW: Overvoltage protection devices SPD from CITEL


Compact Surge Protection Devices MLPX1 and MLPX2 for LED Lighting and Industrial Applications from CITEL Electronics
21.09.2018 |With the active overvoltage protection devices in CITEL Electronics' MLPX1 and MLPX2 series, we have now added exceptionally compact surge protection devices (SPDs) to our range. These SPDs have been specially designed for LED lighting applications, but with their compact build and simple mounting they can also be used in other electrical equipment.  continue

Power-over-Ethernet Power Supplies from Phihong - High-power Single-port and Multiport Solutions
19.09.2018 |With the market for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications growing, Schukat is expanding its portfolio of PoE power supplies from Phihong. We now offer the producer's most popular single-port and multiport solutions direct from stock. The single-port midspans from Phihong are available with output power of 15.4W to 75W as either an adapter or as a desktop power supply. Our range of multiport power supplies provides from four to 24 ports in both desktop and 19'' rack models  continue

2W Low Cost DC/DC Converters Offer High Isolation: RKZE Series from Recom
05.09.2018 |We have added Recom's RKZE series to our range, a cost-sensitive solution for applications requiring high insulation and operating at a wide temperature range. The PCB mount DC/DC modules in SIP7-housing are pin-compatible to Recom’s RK and RH converter series, offering a simple way to upgrade a 1W high isolation supply up to 2W  continue

New Series RFB, RFM and RFMM from Recom: Low Cost 1W DC/DC Converters
29.08.2018 |Recom offers its DC/DC converters RFB, RFM and RFMM for cost sensitive applications at unmatched low prices. The RFB, RFM and RFMM are SIP4 and SIP7 case DC/DC converters that are typically used in power isolation and voltage matching applications in board interfaces, which have become high volume commodity applications.  continue

From the Global Market Leader: V80H Rechargeable NiMH Button Cells from VARTA
13.08.2018 |Focused on the market requirements of modern electronic devices, VARTA Microbattery offers high-tech V80H rechargeable NiMH button cells. These outstanding button cells feature high capacities, no memory effect, long life and excellent charging and discharging characteristics. Free of lead, mercury and cadmium, they are safe and reliable (with UL approval).  continue

Portfolio Expansion: Overvoltage Protection Equipment for LED Lighting and Industrial Applications of the Manufacturer CITEL Electronics
01.08.2018 |Schukat is expanding its range with the addition of CITEL Electronics, manufacturers of overvoltage protection equipment (surge protection devices, or SPDs). The French company's focus in on protecting devices and networks from the effects of transient overvoltages. SPDs provide effective protection of power supplies, thus protecting systems and facilities in demanding, sensitive applications from breakdown. Subsequent costs for repairs and maintenance of electrical installations are also kept to a minimum.  continue

18W and 30W AC/DCs for Medical Applications: Series RACM18-ER and RACM30-ER from Recom
18.07.2018 |Recom's RACM18 and RACM30 AC/DC converters were developed for medical PCB designs, which are in need of full certifications and energy efficient AC/DC modules. For that reason they are certified to the latest IEC/EN60601 medical standards, as well as the EN60335 household and the IEC/EN60950 ITE standards. The robust electronic circuitry and IP68 waterproof encapsulation withstands harsh operating conditions and makes them highly reliable.  continue

New Constant-current Power Supplies from Self Electronics with Adjustable DC Output
12.07.2018 |Effective immediately, Schukat now carries Self Electronics' SLT20-500IL-UN, SLT35-1000IL-UN and SLT45-1050IL-E adjustable constant-current power supplies in 20, 35 and 45W versions. These LED power supplies have been specially developed for modern, IP20-compliant indoor lighting applications. With their compact dimensions, they make an excellent choice for use in confined spaces. They are freely adjustable and have a flicker-free output  continue

DC/DC Converters of Recom's RP40-G and RP40-GW Series in Compact 2x2 inch Housing
28.06.2018 |The DC/DC converters from Recom's RP40-G and RP40-GW series are certified to UL 60950-1 and to cUL 60950-1. This makes them ideal for all telecom and industrial applications where approved safety standards are required. The industry standard 2x2 inch package meets military standards for thermal shock and vibration tolerance.  continue

New at Schukat: Triac-dimmable 120W CV LED Power Supply from Self Electronics, Especially Useful for LED Retrofit and Upgrade Projects
22.06.2018 |Specially designed for dimming LED applications in constant voltage operation without a separate control cable, Self Electronics' triac-dimmable 120W SLD120-24VL-E power supply is among the newest additions to the Schukat range. The power supply presents an ideal solution when no separate dimming cable is available, in particular for retrofits and upgrades, e.g. upgrading to LED strips  continue

Self Electronics LED-Switching Power Supplies, Reorganised and Clearly Structured
20.06.2018 |To make it easier for our customers to navigate some 100 Self Electronics products, we have now restructured our Self range. All Self Electronics series are now divided into ten main areas and the products are clearly sorted according to power rating and series. You will find constant current and constant voltage power supplies, dimmable and Triac dimmable versions, metal and plastic housings and ultra-flat models.  continue

New at Schukat, GP Charge AnyWay X411 from GP Batteries: 2-in-1 USB Charger and Portable Powerbank
18.06.2018 |Schukat has recently added the GP Charge AnyWay X411 2-in-1 battery charger from GP Batteries to its product range. The charger can be used in two different ways, whether at home, in the office or when travelling. On the one hand, it functions as a USB battery charger, On the other hand, it serves as a portable powerbank for charging mobile devices.  continue

New in the product groups from Catalogue Recom, Self, HN-Power, Ansmann, Yuasa and more
RECOM DC/DC Converter Modules Series RFB Output: 1W Case: SIP/SIL7 Single Output
RECOM DC/DC Converter Modules Series RFM Output: 1W Case: SIP/SIL4 Single Output
RECOM DC/DC Converter Modules Series RFMM Output: 1W Case: SIP/SIL7 Single Output
RECOM DC/DC Converter Modules Series RKZE Output: 2W Case: SIP/SIL7 Single & Dual Output
RECOM AC/DC Converter Modules Series RAC3.5-K/277 Output: 3,5W Plastic Case Single Output Input: 85 to 305VAC
RECOM AC/DC Converter Modules Series RAC05-K/277 Output: 5W Plastic Case Single Output Input: 85 to 305VAC