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Sunon Fans
Fan Accessories

Sunon Fans

AC Fans, DC Fans and Cooling Modules from Sunon

All with comprehensive technical information, fair prices and current in-stock inventory

As Europe’s No. 1 distributor for Sunon AC fans, DC fans, cooling modules and system solutions, Schukat maintains Europe's biggest warehouse for the products of the Taiwanese fan specialists.
Sunon produces axial DC fans from the 9x3mm Mighty Mini models, ultra-flat 3mm radial blowers, cooling modules for 5000lm LED units, and axial AC fans up to 254mm. As a B2B distributor, Schukat offers a broad range of Sunon fans, from robust, high-performance, long-life models, to compact, economical, low-noise variants and innovative, super-small fan solutions or IP68 fans for harsh environments.
Our Sunon sales team develops customer-specific applications to series production readiness, and offers such logistics solutions as kanban, consignment warehousing and returnable packaging.


''A fan is a product that needs to be explained'' - Terence Chu, new general manager of Sunon Europe, and managing director Bert Schukat talk about 35 years of business collaboration
16.08.2018 |For 35 years, Schukat has been working reliably with fan and motor manufacturer Sunon and is the biggest distributor of Sunon fans in Europe. What has changed in the fan business in that time, what advantages do customers gain from the collaboration, and what is changing at Sunon Europa under the new general manager?  continue

''We're working towards a strong position in the electric motor market'' - Elektronik Praxis 15, 2.8.2018
16.08.2018 |''For 35 years, Sunon has been distributing its cooling fans through Schukat. Bert Schukat and the new General Manager of Sunon Europe, Terence Chu, give some insight into the business with little fans (...) Terence Chu: Many well-known technical firms had always maintained their R&D centres in Germany, but it is still complicated for a foreign company to open a subsidiary here  continue

New in the product groups from Catalogue Sunon Fans
SUNON DC Axial Fans 80x80x25mm Series: ME, EE
SUNON DC Axial Fans 40x40x10mm Series: ME, MB, EE, EB
SUNON DC Axial Fans 40x40x6mm Series: MF
SUNON DC Axial Fans 35x35x10mm Series: MC, MF