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Power Supplies
Battery Chargers

Power Supplies MEAN WELL

4,000 Switching Power Supplies, Converters, Battery Chargers

As an authorised distributor, Schukat operates Europe's largest warehouse for MEAN WELL products. We have more than 4000 different items in stock, ready for immediate delivery.


Series IDLV-25 and IDPV-25 from MEAN WELL: 25W Constant Voltage Power Supplies with 1kHz PWM Output
17.09.2018 |With IDLV-25 and IDPV-25 we have added two more series of LED power supplies from MEAN WELL with 25W output power and PWM output. The constant voltage power supplies IDLV-25, IDLV-45, IDLV-65 and ODLV-45 series have plastic housings with class II design and protection class IP20 (IDLV) or IP67 (ODLV), while the IDPV-25, IDPV-45 and IDPV-65 series has a PCB type design  continue

Series UHP-500 from MEAN WELL: Slim and high-efficient Power Supplies Now with up to 500W Output
10.09.2018 |With their newly added UHP-500(R) series MEAN WELL extends the output wattage of its UHP family up to 500W. The slim type U-bracket power supplies of the UHP series have a low profile of just 26mm (UHP-200) and 31mm (UHP-350, UHP-500). In addition to the high efficiency up to 95% the UHP series from Mean Well operates from -30 to +70°C under air convection without fan  continue

New Additions to our Range: HGB-100P and HGB-160P Power Supplies from MEAN WELL with DALI Function
03.09.2018 |We have expanded our range of open-frame power supplies HGB-100P and HGB-160P series from MEAN WELL for high bay/low bay LED lighting to include versions with DALI dimming function. With their HBG-P series Mean Well offers round open-frame switching power supplies, which are able to be directly installed in bay lighting luminaires, that contact with the LED heat sinks of the lighting system design. They are suitable for dry, damp and wet locations and offer system designers a very high level of flexibility when designing illumination systems  continue

New at Schukat: HVGC-480 Constant-power LED Driver from MEAN WELL Designed for Horticultural Applications
27.08.2018 |MEAN WELL’s HVGC-480 is the first 480W constant-power power supply to enter Schukat electronic's extensive range. Responding to the growing demand for analogue and DALI dimming functionality, the unit also features smart timer dimming, as required by applications using special LED lamps. The constant-power output allows users to adjust the output current across the entire power range in accordance with the application conditions, thus allowing the areas of use to be maximised and optimised  continue

MEAN WELL's DC/DC LED Driver Series LDD-H-DA with DALI Dimming Function
22.08.2018 |MEAN WELLs LDD-H-DA series is a constant current step-down converter with 6 to 50VDC high input voltage and 3 to 45VDC output voltage. Its output current range covers 350 to 1400mA with DALI dimming function, which completely meets the needs of DALI intelligent control in lighting fixture system. Both pin style (LDD-H-DA) and wire style (LDD-H-WDA) are thoroughly potted, reaching IP65 waterproof and dustproof.  continue

MEAN WELL's Desktop Type Power Supplies ENP Series with 120W to 360W Output
09.08.2018 |In order to continuously offer products with better specifications complying with the latest international regulations MEAN WELL has developed the new desktop type power supplies ENP-180 (180W), ENP-240 (240W) and ENP-360 (360W) in addition to the already available ENP-120 series. The desktop power supplies comply with Energy Efficiency Level VI. The power supplies have a built-in active PFC function, standard 7'' width and complete safety regulations  continue

Smart Battery Charging Programmer SBP-001 from MEAN WELL for Programmable Battery Chargers
03.08.2018 |SBP-001 is a smart battery charging programmer, particularly for MEAN WELL various programmable battery charger models like series ENC and RPB-1600 as well as RCB-1600 series in connection with RHP-1U rack system. SBP-001 is suitable to program the parameters of charging curves, such as the boost voltage, float voltage, charging current and so on, to accommedate the diversified battery specification in industry  continue

IRM-01/02/03 Low-power AC/DC Converters from MEAN WELL with 1 to 3W, Ideal for IoT Applications
30.07.2018 |At Schukat, we have expanded our existing selection of MEAN WELL AC/DC power supplies in the 5 to 60W range to include the IRM-01, IRM-02 and IRM-03 low-power models, delivering 1, 2 and 3W respectively. In addition to the THT versions, the series is also available as SMD. These power supplies are particularly compact (just 33.7 x 22.2 x 15 or 16mm) and also feature extremely low power consumption of <0.075W. This will help system designers to solve terminal equipment layout problems when faced with limited space on the PCB  continue

''Transient Voltage Surges - Once zapped, always protected'' - M&T Trendguide 6, 18. July 2018
27.07.2018 |''Transient voltage surges cause power supplies to fail and can threaten the reliability of machines and systems. When choosing a power supply, it is therefore important to make sure that the solution chosen offers the right protection. Schukat explains what you need to keep in mind for applications in Overvoltage Category III ...''  continue

The Time Has Come: MEAN WELL's 2018 Print Catalogues Are Now Available
23.07.2018 |The print editions of MEAN WELL's latest industry and LED power supply catalogues for 2018 are now available. We will be happy to send these to you on request. Please get in touch with your personal customer adviser. Additionally the catalogues can be downloaded as PDFs directly from our website.  continue

MEAN WELL ELG Series: Wide Variety of LED Power Supplies from 75W to 240W
26.06.2018 |With MEAN WELL's ELG series, we are introducing a new range of LED power supplies characterised by a wide variety of available models. In addition to the well-known CV and CC (constant voltage and constant current) versions and CC in dimmable and non-dimmable analogue models, we also offer a DA version that can be digitally controlled via the DALI bus  continue

New in the product groups from Catalogue Power Supplies MEAN WELL
MEANWELL Switching Power Supplies Series LHP-200 Enclosed Single Output Output: 200W
MEANWELL Switching Power Supplies Series MSP-1000 Medical Enclosed Single Output Output: 1000W
MEANWELL Switching Power Supplies Series HRPG-1000 Enclosed Single Output Output: 1000W
MEANWELL Switching Power Supplies Series UHP-500, UHP-500R U-bracket Single Output Output: 500W
MEANWELL Switching Power Supplies Series PSPA-1000 Enclosed Single Output Output: 1000W Parallel Function
MEANWELL Rack Power System Series DRP-3200 Enclosed, 1HE Single Output Output: 3200W Programmable