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WTHA1 from Weller: New-generation 900W Hot Air Station
11.09.2018 |Weller's new WTHA1 hot air station delivers up to 100 litres of hot air per minute with its built-in turbine, and the new tandem control with dual sensor system delivers excellent performance. The WTHA1 has a LC display and self-explanatory user interface. Five pushbuttons allow quick and easy access to all functions and straightforward navigation in the menu structure.  continue

Discover the Next Generation of Weller: The New High-performance WT Soldering Stations
04.09.2018 |The powerful soldering station set of the new Weller WT line impresses not only with its very good operability, but above all with its ecological and economic aspects. Innovative is the space-saving stackability of the soldering stations as well as the ergonomic front tilt of the display. The display has a clearly arranged graphic, where you can capture setting parameters at a glance.  continue

Time is Money: Clean Electrical Equipment Fast with the KONTAKT LS PCB Cleaning Spray from Kontakt Chemie
17.08.2018 |Kontakt LS (KLS-500) from Kontakt Chemie is ideal for maintaining and repairing electrical systems and equipment. Are you always cleaning dust, oil, soot and industrial deposits from electronic components, circuit boards and sensors? Make quick work of it with Kontakt LS (KLS-500) PCB cleaner from Kontakt Chemie, with the special pistol spray head  continue

Knipex-Cobra® Water Pump Pliers and the Smallest Cobra® for Highest Requirements
06.08.2018 |The Knipex Cobra® water pump pliers pack tightly and safely without slipping, even when things get tough. The special jaw design with opposing off-set teeth ensures maximum grip and perfect alignment. In addition the Knipex Water Pump Pliers Cobra® KNIP8701 offers a unique adjustment mechanism: at the push of a button the tool adjusts fast and easily to the workpiece.  continue

Knipex Plier Wrench: Fastening, Gripping, Holding and Bending with a Single Tool
26.07.2018 |The Knipex's KNIP8603 plier wrench combines the jobs of a gripping plier and a wrench in a single tool. Screws, nuts and fittings of capacities up to a maximum of 35 mm (KNIP8603-180) and 46mm (KNIP8603-250) can be tightened and released easily and smoothly. The Knipex's KNIP8603 plier wrench can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button on the workpiece.  continue

Hanlong's 5-in-1 Multi-functional Tool for Soft Cables
20.07.2018 |For nearly 40 years, hand tool manufacturer Hanlong is renowned for the innovative design and unique features of his products. From now on, three more high-quality pliers - HT-5021, HT-5021R and HT-5021S - will complete our range. The 5-in-1 multifunctional tool serves as a wire stripper, (steel) wire cutter, pliers, and for twisting wire.  continue

Schukat Now Offers Weller's New Digital 70W Soldering Station WE1010
10.07.2018 |The new Weller soldering station WE1010 consists of a 1-channel supply unit, with a digital LC display, soldering iron WEP70 and security tray PH70. Built with the operator in mind, the 70 Watt soldering iron is comfortable to use due to its' ergonomical design. The soldering iron is equipped for tool-free tip replacement using all Weller ET soldering tips.  continue

Range Expansion: High-Precision Electronics Pliers and Cutters from Knipex
11.06.2018 |We have expanded our range with additional precision electronics pliers, cutters and crimping pliers from Knipex, the world's leading manufacturer of pliers for trade and industry. These new additions deliver everything users need to work easily, effectively and safely. Optimised, consistently high quality is assured by both the precision dies employed in the crimping pliers and the cutting blades of the precision electronics pliers and cutters, some with extra induction hardening.  continue

''At Ekulit, every customer gets the motor they really need'' - Ingo Mauz and Annette Landschoof in an interview
17.05.2018 |In the past, Ekulit has generated most of its revenues with its electroacoustic range. Now, however, the family company is once again focusing on geared motors and vibration motors – and selling them across Europe with Schukat's help - Interview with Ingo Mauz, Managing Director of Ekulit, and Annette Landschoof, Product Manager at Schukat.  continue

Drilling and Milling Stand from Gie-Tec for Precise Drilling and Milling of Boards and Panels
03.05.2018 |Gie-Tec's drilling and milling stand is a universal mounting frame for mechanical devices and apparatures such as drilling machines or dispenser units. It consists of a solid profile frame with powder coated aluminum side panels and has T-groove slots for square nuts (M4 to M6) in the base plate and mounting plate.  continue

Gie-Tec Spray Etching Systems: Develop, Rinse and Etch Boards in One Device
17.04.2018 |The spray etching devices EA141070K and EA141071K from GieTec are suitable for laboratory and small batch production of printed circuit boards (PCB), as well as for etching metal foils used in model making. There are two different types of devices available for etching one-sided (EA141070K) or two-sided (EA141071K) boards.  continue

Halogen and Halide-free Solder Wire from Alpha – SAC 305 and SACX Plus 0307 from the Telecore HF-850 Series
29.03.2018 |The SAC305 and SACXPlus0307 wires with 2.2% flux from Alpha’s Telecore HF-850 series are available in 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1.0mm diameters. These halogen and halide-free wires demonstrate outstanding wetting characteristics with very low flux spatter. They therefore represent an environmentally sustainable product and an excellent alternative to halogen and halide-containing solder wires available on the market.  continue

New High Quality Universal Crimping Tools HT4362, by Hanlong
26.02.2018 |Now two further universal crimping pliers, HT4362C and HT4362H, enlarge our pliers range from Hanlong. For almost 40 years the manufacturer Hanlong has been convincing with innovative design and unique features and expands its international presence. The series HT4362 pliers are well suited for crimping non-insulated, insulated and open barrel terminals.  continue