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''Quadro-Stripper No. 16'' - A True All-rounder Among
the Multifunctional Tools from Weicon Tools

06.04.2020 | The ''Quadro-Strip­per No. 16'' WEI52000016 is part of Weicon's mul­ti-func­tion tool fam­i­ly and is a true all-rounder. With func­tions includ­ing cir­cu­lar and lon­gi­tu­di­nal cut­ting, strip­ping, and gen­er­al cut­ting, the tool is ide­al for strip­ping and dis­man­tling of all com­mon round cables from 8-13mm in diam­e­ter.   continue

Currently Improved Supply Situation for MEAN WELL, SELF, SUNON

03.04.2020 | From today's per­spec­tive, the sup­ply sit­u­a­tion for MEAN WELL is pos­i­tive in the com­ing weeks. We have just received sev­er­al uncer­tain con­tain­er deliv­er­ies with delays of 4 to 6 weeks. The delays were char­ac­terised by sig­nif­i­cant­ly longer pro­duc­tion, ship­ping and han­dling times.   continue

Schaffner Portfolio of RFI Suppression Filters Expanded: 250 New Models for Standard and Medical Applications

02.04.2020 | We have opened up our range of RFI sup­pres­sion fil­ters from pro­duc­er Schaffn­er with the addi­tion of around 250 new prod­ucts. The new stan­dard series are suit­ed to a wide spec­trum of appli­ca­tions, includ­ing elec­tri­cal and electronic equip­ment, house­hold appli­ances, pow­er sup­plies, office automa­tion equip­ment, data com­mu­ni­ca­tion equip­ment   continue

Mascot Battery Chargers New in the Schukat Range – Blueline Series with Intelligent Charging Logic

01.04.2020 | With the expan­sion of the haz­ardous mate­ri­als areas for lithi­um-ion tech­nol­o­gy and the asso­ci­at­ed increase in our range of lithi­um-ion bat­ter­ies, Schukat is now also expand­ing its range of bat­tery charg­ers to include Nor­we­gian charg­ing-tech­nol­o­gy man­u­fac­tur­er Mas­cot AS. Mas­cot has been pri­mar­i­ly active in the field of table-top and plug-in charg­ers   continue

COVID-19 – Supply Situation and Internal Measures at Schukat

23.03.2020 | Every day new infor­ma­tion about the Coro­na virus is pub­lished and appeals to the pop­u­la­tion to act respon­si­bly and to imple­ment the rec­om­mend­ed mea­sures of the experts are made, in the inter­est of all. Of course, we take the issue very seri­ous­ly and want to make our con­tri­bu­tion to slow­ing down the spread of the virus   continue

N-channel SiC Power MOSFETs in ROHM Semiconductor's SCT Series

31.03.2020 | The N-chan­nel SiC pow­er MOSFETs from ROHM Semi­con­duc­tor's SCT series fea­ture low on-resis­tance and fast recov­ery times, and make high switch­ing speeds pos­si­ble. In addi­tion, they allow straight­for­ward par­al­lel con­nec­tion and are easy to dri­ve. The pow­er MOSFETs have lead-free con­tact plat­ing   continue

As Reliable as a Swiss Watch: Quartz Crystal and Oscillator Manufacturer Micro Crystal New at Schukat

27.03.2020 | Schukat has added Swiss man­u­fac­tur­er Micro Crys­tal AG to its port­fo­lio. Found­ed in Grenchen in 1978, the com­pa­ny has devel­oped into a lead­ing glob­al sup­pli­er of quartz prod­ucts for a wide range of appli­ca­tions. In future, we will car­ry both the SMD clock crys­tals in their CM7V, CM8V and CM9V series as well as their low-frequency SMD crys­tal oscil­la­tors   continue

Now Available from Schukat: Weicon Hand Protection Foam for Industrial Safety

30.03.2020 | Fre­quent hand wash­ing, using deter­gents and dis­in­fec­tants, and wear­ing gloves all put enor­mous demands on the skin. Rough, dry hands are the result. This spe­cial hand pro­tec­tion foam WEI11850200 from Weicon cre­ates an invis­i­ble, grease-free and water­proof pro­tec­tive film that pre­vents a very wide range of con­t­a­m­i­nants from pen­e­trat­ing   continue

More Stripping Tools from Weicon Tools New in Our Portfolio

26.03.2020 | The ''No. 2 Cat'' WEI52002002 and ''No. 10 Cat'' WEI52000010 strip­pers from Weicon ensure the safe and con­ve­nient strip­ping of all insu­lat­ed PVC data cables with a diam­e­ter of 4.5-10 mm. There is no need to set the cut­ting depth man­u­al­ly, and the pre­cise blade adjust­ment enables opti­mal removal of the out­er sheath.   continue

Recom's Econoline 0,5W and 1W DC/DC Converter in SMD Housing with Internal Linear Regulator

24.03.2020 | The new reg­u­lat­ed, iso­lat­ed 0,5 and 1W R0.5ZX and R1ZX series SMD DC/DC con­vert­ers with sin­gle out­put from Recom include an inter­nal lin­ear reg­u­la­tor to give a pre­cise, load inde­pen­dent and low noise out­put. The out­put is also con­tin­u­ous­ly short cir­cuit pro­tect­ed. In the event of a con­tin­u­ous over­load or over-tem­per­a­ture con­di­tion, the out­put   continue

The World's Smallest Relays in the CRF Series from Standex Electronics Now Available at Schukat

20.03.2020 | We have expand­ed our port­fo­lio to include CRF series relays, the world's small­est relays. The CRF reed relays from Standex Electronics for SMD mount­ing fea­ture high insu­la­tion resis­tance and come in a very flat ceram­ic hous­ing. CRF reed relays from Standex Electronics are used in med­ical devices, telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions and test and mea­sure­ment   continue

Schukat Offers New 40V and 60V N-Channel Power MOSFETs from Taiwan Semiconductor

19.03.2020 | Effec­tive imme­di­ate­ly, Schukat now sup­plies new 40V and 60V N-Chan­nel Pow­er MOSFETs from Taiwan Semi­con­duc­tor. Demon­strat­ing very low on-state resis­tance, these MOSFETs keep line loss­es to a min­i­mum and also fea­ture log­ic-lev­el input. Low gate charge allows for fast pow­er switch­ing, and max­i­mum junc­tion tem­per­a­ture is 175°C   continue

Zettler Series AZSR131 Relays for Use in Wall Boxes

18.03.2020 | For use in, for exam­ple, wall­box­es, a relay that com­plies with IEC 61851-1 is required. The relays in Zettler's AZSR131 series have a make con­tact (1 form A) and are approved by UL and TÜV for 35A/277VAC and 30,000 switch­ing cycles, and by TÜV for 33A/277VAC and 50,000 switch­ing cycles.   continue

IP67 LED Power Supplies from Self Electronics for Modern LED Outdoor Lighting, Now up to 100W

17.03.2020 | With Self Electronics' SLT100-24VFC-UN pow­er sup­ply, we are intro­duc­ing an expan­sion of our range of IP67 LED pow­er sup­plies up to 100W. The 24V mod­el has been spe­cial­ly devel­oped for mod­ern LED light­ing appli­ca­tions in out­door areas. The unit fea­tures excep­tion­al­ly com­pact con­struc­tion and a low pro­file: at just 16.5mm high   continue

SMD Electrolytic Capacitor HT Series from KJ as a Substitute for the Discontinued SS Series

16.03.2020 | The suc­cess­ful alu­mini­um elec­trolyt­ic capac­i­tor of the SS series by KJ is being replaced by the already released HT series. With a wider oper­at­ing tem­per­a­ture range of -55 C to 105 C the HT series is avail­able from stock with the same capac­i­tance and volt­age as the SS series. Because of equal cup size and price, the HT series is a great alter­na­tive   continue

CSP-3000 Series from MEAN WELL: 3000 Watt High Output Voltage Power Supply

13.03.2020 | As a response to the increas­ing demands for high volt­age appli­ca­tions, MEAN WELL is expand­ing his high-pow­er enclosed types from Low Volt­age DC (Selv) to High Volt­age DC Out­put. Releas­ing the brand new 3000W CSP-3000 series pow­er sup­ply, this is MEAN WELL's first high volt­age out­put prod­uct   continue

Portfolio Expansion: New Stripping Tools from Weicon

12.03.2020 | For you we have expand­ed our range of strip­ping with new tools from the man­u­fac­tur­er Weicon Tools. Weicon cable dis­man­tling tools allow all com­mon round cables to be dis­man­tled quick­ly and safe­ly. The prod­uct fam­i­ly of cable dis­man­tling tools includes var­i­ous types, all of which are easy to use and pro­duce accu­rate results.   continue

Power PCB Relays from the Manufacturer Relpol at Schukat

11.03.2020 | Schukat is expand­ing its prod­uct range with the addi­tion of eight new pow­er PCB relays from pro­duc­er Relpol. Euro­pean man­u­fac­tur­er Relpol S. A. was found­ed in 1958 as the relay depart­ment of REFA Świebodz­ice in Poland, and boasts more than 60 years of expe­ri­ence in the pro­duc­tion of high-qual­i­ty relays.   continue

SMD TVS Diodes from TSC: Schukat Expands Range with two New Diode Series Offering 400 and 1500W

10.03.2020 | Schukat is expand­ing its prod­uct port­fo­lio with 26 new SMD TVS diodes in each of two series: Taiwan Semi­con­duc­tor's SMAJ series (peak pow­er 400W) and SMCJ series (peak pow­er 1500W). Both series offer reli­able pro­tec­tion against over­volt­ages for sen­si­tive cir­cuits and have a glass-pas­si­vat­ed junc­tion in both uni- and bidi­rec­tion­al ver­sions   continue

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