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SLD-IL-ES Series from Self Electronics: Triac-dimmable LED Power Supplies for Indoor Use

15.11.2019 | The tri­ac-dim­ma­ble LED pow­er sup­plies in Self Electronics' SLD15-IL-ES, SLD20-IL-ES, SLD30-IL-ES and SLD40-IL-ES series are now in stock at Schukat. These pow­er sup­ply units deliv­er out­put cur­rent from 300 to 1050mA and have pro­tec­tion class IP20, and are spe­cial­ly made with mod­ern indoor LED light­ing appli­ca­tions in mind   continue

Failsafe, AEC-200-compliant MKP Interference Suppression Capacitors in Panasonic's Ecqua Series

14.11.2019 | With the new­ly added Ecqua series, Schukat now sup­plies the AEC-Q200-cer­ti­fied met­al­lized polypropy­lene film capac­i­tors from Panasonic Indus­try Europe. Thanks to its own met­al­liza­tion process and safe­ty mech­a­nism, the man­u­fac­tur­er offers sta­ble capac­i­ty over the entire prod­uct life­time, thus guar­an­tee­ing high appli­ca­tion reli­a­bil­i­ty.   continue

SMD and Ultraminiature Quarz Crystals from Mercury: Series M49, X21, X22 and X32 Now at Schukat

13.11.2019 | Schukat has expand­ed its port­fo­lio of Mer­cury quartz crys­tals to include the M49, X21, X22 and X32 series, with fre­quen­cies from 3.579545 to 40MHz. The M49 series are low-cost, low-pro­file SMD crys­tals in met­al hous­ings for mass mar­ket appli­ca­tions. The X21, X22 and X32 series ultra­minia­ture crys­tals in ceram­ic SMD pack­ages are suit­able for use in PDAs   continue

Schukat Expands its Product Portfolio with Stannol Fairtin Solder Wires

12.11.2019 | With its Fairtin prod­uct range, Stan­nol pro­vides electronics man­u­fac­tur­ers with sol­ders that make their prod­ucts fair­er in terms of envi­ron­men­tal and social sus­tain­abil­i­ty. The Kristall 600 can be used for man­u­al and machine sol­der­ing in the area of elec­tri­cal engi­neer­ing and electronics. The mod­ern acti­va­tor sys­tem of the flux ensures, despite the fact that   continue

New Non-isolated 4A Buck/Boost Controller Module RBB10-2.0 from Recom

11.11.2019 | Recom's RBB10-2.0 series switch­ing reg­u­la­tor is a 4A non-iso­lat­ed buck/boost reg­u­la­tor pow­er mod­ule where the input volt­age can be high­er, low­er or same as out­put volt­age. Tran­si­tion from buck to boost mode is smooth with­out any inter­rup­tion to the out­put. The com­pact DOSA-com­pat­i­ble foot­print mod­ule has a low pro­file of only 3.9mm   continue

New at Schukat: 5mm Slim APF Power PCB Relays from Panasonic

08.11.2019 | With the intro­duc­tion of a new vari­ant of their APF relay, Panasonic Elec­tric Works has pushed ahead even fur­ther with the tech­nol­o­gy con­tained in their slim PCB relays. The APF series is now avail­able in two dif­fer­ent designs – either with straight or angled pins – as well as a choice of con­tact mate­ri­als: AgSnO2 or AgNi. Schukat offers   continue

IHK "Best" Award for Schukat for "Outstanding Performance in Vocational Training" 2019!

07.11.2019 | Schukat electronic was again hon­oured by the Düs­sel­dorf Cham­ber of Indus­try and Com­merce (IHK) for excel­lence in voca­tion­al train­ing. This year, one Schukat trainee has fin­ished his exam­i­na­tion with a grade of "Very Good". Since 2010, a total of eight Schukat trainees have thus cut off the top mark.   continue

New: Application Spefic Products from Edding

06.11.2019 | In par­tic­u­lar, we have includ­ed a selec­tion of appli­ca­tion-spe­cif­ic pens from Edding for you. Edding 8407 cable mark­er is expe­cial­ly made for mark­ing cables. Cables run across near­ly every build­ing. It’s impor­tant that they don’t run wild, so a clear labelling of the cables is essen­tial for elec­tri­cians and work­ers alike. Edding 8011 clean­room mark­er   continue

Shoulder to Shoulder on the European Market - Schukat and TSC Celebrate 15 Years of Distribution Partnership

05.11.2019 | From heat­ing to on-board electronics in cars to light­ing con­trol sys­tems - there are hard­ly any electronic prod­ucts in which Taiwan Semi­con­duc­tor com­po­nents are not used. For more than 15 years, Schukat has been con­tribut­ing to the semiconductor man­u­fac­tur­er's suc­cess as one of its largest con­tract dis­trib­u­tors in Europe   continue

Combination Circuit Breaker 3120-N from E-T-A with Unique Bellows-type Seal (IP65)

04.11.2019 | With the new mod­el 3120-N com­bi­na­tion cir­cuit break­er from the Ger­man man­u­fac­tur­er ETA Elek­trotech­nis­che Appa­rate GmbH, Schukat has added to its range a 2-pole ther­mal cir­cuit break­er that also func­tions as an on/off switch for equip­ment and machin­ery. After trip­ping due to an over­cur­rent, the unit can be eas­i­ly, quick­ly and safe­ly reset   continue

Richco Fan Gaskets Series FGA for Sunon Equipment Fans

31.10.2019 | The series FGA fan gas­kets from man­u­fac­tur­er Rich­co are made from black sil­i­cone rub­ber and they meet both Shore A require­ments and RMS-101 spec­i­fi­ca­tions. The gas­kets allow flush mount­ing of the fan with the enclo­sure wall, simul­ta­ne­ous­ly reduc­ing fan vibra­tion. Avail­able in sev­en sizes from 40x40 to 120x120mm   continue

New to the Schukat Range: EMC Shielding Caps from
MPE Garry

30.10.2019 | At Schukat, we have now added EMC shield­ing caps from pro­duc­er MPE Garry to our range. These caps pro­tect your PCB-mount­ed com­po­nents and mod­ules from elec­tro­mag­net­ic radi­a­tion or elim­i­nate them as a source of inter­fer­ence. We offer these EMC caps in two dif­fer­ent types: 857-1 as one-piece caps that are sol­dered either direct­ly to the PCB   continue

UHP-1500 Series from MEAN WELL: Slim, Fanless and High-efficient Power Supplies Now with up to 1500W Output

29.10.2019 | With their new­ly added UHP-1500 series MEAN WELL extends the out­put wattage of its UHP fam­i­ly up to 1500W. The slim type U-brack­et pow­er sup­plies of the UHP series have a low pro­file of just 26mm to 41mm. In addi­tion to the high effi­cien­cy up to 96% the UHP series from MEAN WELL oper­ate from -30 to +70°C under air con­vec­tion with­out fan   continue

IP67 LED Power Supplies from Self Electronics for Modern LED Outdoor Lighting, Now up to 100W

28.10.2019 | With Self Electronics' SLT100-24VFC-UN pow­er sup­ply, we are intro­duc­ing an expan­sion of our range of IP67 LED pow­er sup­plies up to 100W. The 24V mod­el has been spe­cial­ly devel­oped for mod­ern LED light­ing appli­ca­tions in out­door areas. The unit fea­tures excep­tion­al­ly com­pact con­struc­tion and a low pro­file: at just 16.5mm high   continue

New at Schukat: CDIL Series 1N52_ Zener Diodes, from 2.7 to 27V

25.10.2019 | At Schukat, we've expand­ed our range to include the stan­dard Z-diodes in Indi­an pro­duc­er CDIL's 1N52_ series. These Zen­er diodes have a glass-pas­si­vat­ed junc­tion and are housed in a her­met­i­cal­ly sealed axi­al glass pack­age, com­bin­ing first-class sta­bil­i­ty and reli­a­bil­i­ty with low pow­er dis­si­pa­tion. Oper­at­ing and stor­age tem­per­a­ture   continue

Delivery Program Extension : Professional 50W Soldering Station from Antex

24.10.2019 | We have sup­ple­ment­ed our port­fo­lio with the new pro­fes­sion­al 50W sol­der­ing sta­tions U7835F0 and U8835F0 from the man­u­fac­tur­er Antex. These sol­der­ing sta­tion sets con­sist of ana­log 660A (for U7835F0) or dig­i­tal 690D (for U8835F0) pow­er sup­ply, 50W sol­der­ing iron TC50A and stor­age stand ST6A. They are tem­per­a­ture con­trolled for   continue

An Energy-saving Tip from Schukat: Save up to 80 Percent Energy with EC Fans from Sunon

23.10.2019 | With Schukat's range of Sunon's EC-series fans, up to 80% ener­gy sav­ings can be achieved com­pared to con­ven­tion­al AC equip­ment fans. What’s more, the fans require no DC pow­er sup­ply. The AC fans are avail­able as stan­dard ver­sions, with IP21, IP55 or IP68 cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, and also as an IP55 ver­sion with Atex cer­ti­fi­ca­tion (explo­sion-proof)   continue

RFI Suppression Filters with IEC Power Connector and Line Switch: DG12 Series from Schurter

22.10.2019 | These 2-pole line fil­ters from Schurter come in a met­al case with 6.3 x 0.8mm quick-con­nect ter­mi­nals, have a C14 IEC pow­er con­nec­tor with line fil­ter and a recessed TA35 rock­er switch (TA35 line switch), and are avail­able in both white and black. The fil­ters are installed from the front, either screw-on or snap-in   continue

MEAN WELL GSM18E and GSM25E Plug-in Power Supply
for Medical Engineering Applications

21.10.2019 | Extend­ing their low wattage series, the GSM18E and GSM25E series has been intro­duced by MEAN WELL. The GSM_E series is equipped with a 2-pin stan­dard Euro plug, adopt­ing the input range from 80V AC to 264V AC. The entire series sup­plies dif­fer­ent out­put volt­ages between 5V DC and 48V DC that can sat­is­fy the demands of var­i­ous   continue

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