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Sink Box Series from Hammond: Robust Extruded Aluminium Enclosures with Heat Sink Fins

30.11.2020 | We have expand­ed our Hammond port­fo­lio with the extrud­ed, black anodized alu­minum enclo­sures of the Sink Box series. These Hammond alu­mini­um enclo­sures are ide­al for hor­i­zon­tal mount­ing of small PCBs or chas­sis. The enclo­sure body is formed from a sin­gle, hol­low extrud­ed alu­mini­um pro­file. This gives the enclo­sure high strength and sim­pli­fies mount­ing   continue

Recom's RACM550-G Series 3''x5'' Power Supplies: 550W Peak Power with Heat Dissipation via Thermal Baseplate

27.11.2020 | Schukat has now added the AC/DC pow­er sup­plies in the RACM550-G series from Recom to its range. For indus­tri­al and med­ical engi­neer­ing appli­ca­tions with MOPP iso­la­tion sys­tem, as well as house­hold and ITE appli­ca­tions, these are extreme­ly com­pact units mea­sur­ing just 38mm high and with a foot­print of 76 x 127mm. The inno­v­a­tive base­plate   continue

Knipex Electricians’ Tools with VDE, Part 1:
Universal Stripping Tool ErgoStrip®

26.11.2020 | New among the uni­ver­sal strip­ping tools are the ErgoStrip® (KNIP1695-01SB) and ErgoStrip® L (KNIP1695-02SB) for the left hand. These tools are designed for the quick and pre­cise strip­ping of all com­mon round and mois­ture-proof cables with a diam­e­ter of 8 to 13mm and con­duc­tors from 0.2 to 4.0mm², as well as for coax­i­al cables with   continue

The New Rechargeable Batteries ReCyko Series NiMH Rechargeables from GP Batteries

25.11.2020 | At Schukat, you can now obtain the lat­est ReCyko series from GP Bat­tery’s R&D unit. What makes ReCyko bat­ter­ies spe­cial is the use of recy­cled mate­ri­als in the pro­duc­tion process. What's more, the pack­ag­ing has now been opti­mized to con­sist entire­ly of paper, thus ensur­ing more effi­cient use of raw mate­ri­als. The ReCyko bat­ter­ies can be recharged   continue

Schukat Offers Live Access to Prices and Inventory with BOM Solution For More Efficient Cooperation

24.11.2020 | Schukat is expand­ing its range of ser­vices and, since the first of Octo­ber, has been offer­ing exist­ing and new cus­tomers the abil­i­ty to take advan­tage of even faster real-time dig­i­tal access to Schukat's pric­ing and stock infor­ma­tion. To pro­vide this ser­vice, we are now work­ing with BOM soft­ware sup­pli­ers ETIT Sys­tems, Cir­cuit Byte and Bay-Soft   continue

New Conductive SMD Polymer Hybrid Capacitors from Panasonic: The AEC-Q200-compliant ZF(V) Series

23.11.2020 | With the new sur­face mount­able (SMD) mod­els in the ZF series from Panasonic Indus­try Europe, Schukat is expand­ing its range of con­duc­tive poly­mer hybrid alu­mini­um elec­trolyt­ic capac­i­tors. These capac­i­tors are suit­able for high-tem­per­a­ture use up to 150°C and have been designed for a ser­vice life of 1000 hours.   continue

IRM-90 Series from MEAN WELL: New AC/DC Industrial Power Supplies Delivering 90W for PCB Installation

20.11.2020 | To meet the increas­ing pow­er require­ments of the mar­ket, Schukat has added the new indus­tri­al switch­ing pow­er sup­plies in MEAN WELL's IRM-90 series to its range; the units extend the IRM series to 90W. The closed-design switch­ing pow­er sup­plies can be mount­ed and sol­dered direct­ly onto the PCB, while an alter­na­tive instal­la­tion util­is­ing screw ter­mi­nals   continue

Fast, Simple, Precise Stripping with the ''Reddot'' Award Winner 2020: The Precision Wire Stripper S from Weicon

19.11.2020 | Among the newest addi­tions to our prod­uct range is Weicon's pre­ci­sion wire strip­per S. This semi-auto­mat­ic wire strip­per enables fast and safe strip­ping of thin con­duc­tors and strand­ed and sol­id wires with small diam­e­ters from 0.12mm to 0.8mm (36 - 20 AWG). With the adjustable scaled length stop for a work­ing range from 5mm to 45mm   continue

New at Schukat: Compact Plug-in Power Supplies from EDAC POWER Delivering 6, 12 and 24W Power

18.11.2020 | With the EA1005 (6W), EA1012 (12W) and EA1119 (24W) series from EDAC POW­ER, Schukat is expand­ing its pow­er-sup­ply port­fo­lio to include more exter­nal plug-in pow­er sup­plies. At just 55 x 25 x 55mm (6 and 12W) and 66 x 26 x 64mm (24W), the pow­er sup­plies are ide­al for use in appli­ca­tions offer­ing only lim­it­ed space   continue

PCB Power Relays for Medium DC Loads: AZDC110 Series from Zettler

17.11.2020 | Switch­ing larg­er DC volt­ages caus­es elec­tric arcs to occur, con­sid­er­ably reduc­ing the life of the relay. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly prob­lem­at­ic when switch­ing off, because if enough ener­gy is avail­able the arc does not extin­guish but remains in place, which in some cir­cum­stances can cause the relay to burn. Spe­cial mea­sures must be tak­en to pre­vent this:   continue

Fast-Recovery SMD Bridge Rectifiers from TSC Featuring 2A to 4A in Thin SMD Package

16.11.2020 | The new SMD bridge rec­ti­fiers RABS20M, RYBS30M and RTBS40M from Taiwan Semi­con­duc­tor have now been added to the Schukat range. Despite their small dimen­sions, which allows mod­ule height to be reduced, they have high rec­ti­fi­er cur­rents of 2A, 3A and 4A as well as 1000V Max. Peak Recur­rent Reverse Volt­age   continue

CSP-3000 Series from MEAN WELL: 3000 Watt High Output Voltage Power Supply

13.11.2020 | As a response to the increas­ing demands for high volt­age appli­ca­tions, MEAN WELL is expand­ing his high-pow­er enclosed types from Low Volt­age DC (Selv) to High Volt­age DC Out­put. Releas­ing the brand new 3000W CSP-3000 series pow­er sup­ply, this is MEAN WELL's first high volt­age out­put prod­uct   continue

Now at Schukat: Loudspeakers from Ekulit with Very High Moisture Ingress Protection IPX7

12.11.2020 | With the new speak­ers in the LSF series, offer­ing IPX7 pro­tec­tion, Schukat now offers water­proof speak­ers from man­u­fac­tur­er Ekulit. With their rec­tan­gu­lar design and small size (start­ing at just 12x5mm), Ekulit’s IPX7 speak­ers are suit­able for a vari­ety of appli­ca­tions. Typ­i­cal uses include as speak­er units in tele­phone hand­sets and tablet com­put­ers.   continue

2 in 1: Cleaning and Disinfection with the Multi-Surface Citro COVKleen

11.11.2020 | The effec­tive­ness of Mul­ti-Sur­face Cit­ro COV­K­leen from CRC has been test­ed in accor­dance with EN 1276, EN 1650, and EN 14476. The puri­ty of the iso­propyl alco­hol (IPA) used exceeds 99.9%, in com­pli­ance with the Euro­pean Phar­ma­copoeia. After clean­ing, effec­tive reduc­tion of human coro­na virus­es and oth­er virus­es, bac­te­ria and fun­gi is achieved   continue

Compact, FN-series Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
with Low ESR from Panasonic

10.11.2020 | With the FN series from Panasonic Indus­try Europe, Schukat is expand­ing its port­fo­lio to include sur­face-mount­able alu­mini­um elec­trolyt­ic capac­i­tors with low ESR. As Panasonic's newest capac­i­tor series, the com­po­nents are avail­able in a broad rat­ed capac­i­tance range between 10µF and 1800µF, 20 to 80% high­er than the proven FK series   continue

Ansmann Innovative 18650 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery with Micro-USB Charging Socket

09.11.2020 | New from Ans­mann is the 3.6V lithi­um-ion bat­tery, with a micro-USB charg­ing sock­et. The built-in sock­et allows easy charg­ing of the cell with a stan­dard micro-USB charg­ing cable. The bat­tery can be charged from a lithi­um charg­er, but also from a PC, a pow­er bank or a 5V USB pow­er sup­ply. The Ans­mann 18650 lithi­um-ion bat­tery is avail­able with   continue

SMD Quartz Crystals QC16 and QC20 Series from QANTEK: Compact Dimensions and Low Weight

06.11.2020 | Schukat has opened its prod­uct range to include the SMD quartz crys­tals pro­duced by Qan­tek Tech­nol­o­gy Cor­po­ra­tion. The SMD quartz crys­tals in the QC16 and QC20 series, with their com­pact dimen­sions and low weight, are ide­al for such appli­ca­tions as PDAs, GPS, PC cards, auto­mo­tive, WLAN and hand­held devices   continue

Knipex Alligator® and Cobra® Water Pump Pliers, Now Also Available in Sets

05.11.2020 | The Knipex high-tech water pump pli­ers in the Cobra® series can be adjust­ed direct­ly on the work­piece at the push of a but­ton, allow­ing fine adjust­ments for opti­mum adap­ta­tion to work­pieces of dif­fer­ent sizes – no slip­ping on the work­piece, ener­gy-sav­ing work and high effi­cien­cy due to self-clamp­ing on tubes and nuts.   continue

G-Solar Fuses in Schurter's ASO Series Meet Photovoltaic Standards IEC 60269-6 and UL 2579

04.11.2020 | Schurter's ASO series solar fus­es, com­pli­ant with the IEC 60269-6 and UL 2579 stan­dards, are designed to pro­tect pho­to­volta­ic sys­tems. The volt­ages in such sys­tems are boost­ed to keep the pow­er dis­si­pa­tion in long cir­cuit paths to a min­i­mum. The fus­es ensure safe inter­rupt even at demand­ing volt­age lev­els, where­as stan­dard fus­es are not intend­ed for   continue

Now at Schukat: New, Ultra-slim 1A and 2A SMD Rectifier Diodes from TSC

03.11.2020 | Eight new series of SMD rec­ti­fi­er diodes from Taiwan Semi­con­duc­tor (TSC) have now been added to the Schukat range. These new diodes fea­ture ultra-low-pro­files: the Micro-SMA, Thin-SMA and SOD128 SMD pack­ages are just 0.73, 1.0 and 1.1mm high respec­tive­ly. Despite their small size, which allows mod­ule height to be reduced   continue

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