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Portfolio Addition: The Halogen-free Activated No-clean Flux EF350 from Stannol

14.05.2021 | At Schukat, we have now added the EF350 no-clean flux from Stan­nol to our prod­uct port­fo­lio. The halo­gen-free, acti­vat­ed no-clean EF350 flux guar­an­tees out­stand­ing wet­ting on dif­fer­ent sur­faces (e.g. OSP, Ni/Au, HAL, chem. Sn and chem. Ag) with both lead-free and lead-con­tain­ing sol­der alloys. To meet the sol­der­ing behav­ior require­ments of the flux and   continue

Passive PFC Chokes from Hahn Feature High Electrical Safety and Long Service-life

12.05.2021 | With a pow­er range up to 6 A as well as a wide range of induc­tance val­ues, BVDEI30, BVDEI38 and BVDEI48 series cov­er com­plete­ly the range of com­mon house­hold appli­ances using their typ­i­cal plug con­nect­ed load. They fea­ture high elec­tri­cal safe­ty and long ser­vice-life and are avail­able in pot­ted and open-mount ver­sions   continue

Recom RACM1200-V 1200W Power Supplies with Fan-free Cooling, Certified for Medical and Industrial Applications

11.05.2021 | Recom’s new RACM1200-V series AC/DC pow­er sup­plies are now expand­ing the Schukat pow­er-sup­ply range. The units offer peak pow­er of up to 1200W for 10 sec­onds as well as sup­ply­ing pow­er con­tin­u­ous­ly at 1000W. Mea­sur­ing just 228 x 96.2 x 40mm, they are set­ting new bench­marks in their pow­er class   continue

SMD Quartz Crystals QC16 and QC20 Series from QANTEK: Compact Dimensions and Low Weight

10.05.2021 | Schukat has opened its prod­uct range to include the SMD quartz crys­tals pro­duced by Qan­tek Tech­nol­o­gy Cor­po­ra­tion. The SMD quartz crys­tals in the QC16 and QC20 series, with their com­pact dimen­sions and low weight, are ide­al for such appli­ca­tions as PDAs, GPS, PC cards, auto­mo­tive, WLAN and hand­held devices   continue

250 High Quality Plastic Housings with Excellent Price/Performance Ratio from Supertronic

07.05.2021 | We have added 250 new ABS and poly­car­bon­ate enclo­sures to our port­fo­lio of Supertron­ic enclo­sures. The new addi­tions include small ABS hand-held enclo­sures with a bat­tery com­part­ment to hold a trans­mit­ter for remote con­trols. They are avail­able as a 3-piece ergonom­ic small enclo­sure con­sist­ing of a low­er and upper part with a red cen­tre part   continue

Sustainability and Savings with Self-adjusting Knipex Insulation Strippers KNIP1240-200

06.05.2021 | The self-adjust­ing Knipex insu­la­tion strip­per KNIP1240-200 has been designed for sin­gle, mul­ti­ple and fine strand­ed con­duc­tors with plas­tic or rub­ber insu­la­tion, and adapts auto­mat­i­cal­ly to the var­i­ous con­duc­tor cross sec­tions with­out dam­ag­ing the con­duc­tor. New are the spare clamp­ing jaws and length stop for these pli­ers.   continue

New from Wago: 221-2411 Inline Splicing Connector for Universal Conductor Connection in Through Direction

05.05.2021 | The Wago 221 series feed-through con­nec­tor with lever enables sim­ple, fast and safe con­nec­tion of all types of con­duc­tors from 0.2 to 4mm² in feed-through direc­tion with­out tools. It com­bines all the well-known advan­tages of the 221 con­nec­tion ter­mi­nal series in a slim design: a uni­ver­sal con­duc­tor con­nec­tion that is com­plete­ly tool-free   continue

Modified Electronic Housings at Schukat - Your help for my Bachelor Thesis

04.05.2021 | I am Lisa Gelb­haar, 26 years old and Junior Prod­uct Man­ag­er PEM­CO at Schukat and I am cur­rent­ly work­ing on my Bach­e­lor's the­sis on the top­ic of "Cus­tomised hous­ings in whole­sale". By tak­ing part in the short sur­vey (2 min.) you would help me to gain impor­tant insights for my the­sis.   continue

Pro2 Switching Power Supplies from Wago with Future-oriented Communication Technology

03.05.2021 | With the Pro 2 series from Wago, Schukat is expand­ing its pow­er-sup­ply port­fo­lio with com­mu­ni­ca­tion-capa­ble switch­ing pow­er sup­plies in closed design for TS-35 DIN rail mount­ing. Offer­ing effi­cien­cy up to 96.3%, the Pro 2 series is par­tic­u­lar­ly effi­cient and cost-sav­ing. Con­tin­u­ous field­bus com­mu­ni­ca­tion is ensured with snap-on com­mu­ni­ca­tion mod­ules   continue

Range Extension: Universal Clip-on Heatsinks from Fischer Elektronik for TO220, TO247 and Similar Designs

30.04.2021 | For you, we have includ­ed 63 new plug-on heatsinks from the man­u­fac­tur­er Fischer Elektronik in our pro­gramme. The heatsinks made of 0.6mm thick cop­per offer very good heat dis­si­pa­tion and have a sur­face suit­able for sol­der­ing. An inte­grat­ed clamp geom­e­try serves to secure­ly fix the com­po­nent in place   continue

Stannol AK-1 No-clean, Resin-free Flux, New in Our Product Range

29.04.2021 | Now new­ly added to our prod­uct port­fo­lio is the AK-1 flux from man­u­fac­tur­er Stan­nol: a halo­gen-free acti­vat­ed flux con­tain­ing no resin, spe­cial­ly devel­oped for cable tin­ning, tin­ning at com­po­nent con­nec­tions, and sol­der­ing on cop­per and on cop­per-pas­si­vat­ed sur­faces. Stan­nol's AK-1 no-clean flux leaves almost no residue, usu­al­ly so lit­tle as to be invis­i­ble   continue

High-quality Connection Lead by Lian Dung for Sunon AC Fans with Plug Connector

28.04.2021 | The black ther­mo­plas­tic (PVC) con­nec­tion lead is com­posed of two-core, plas­tic sheathed twin braid wires. Its‘ mould­ed 2-pole flat con­nec­tor sock­et is avail­able as a straight (LT-G053), a 45° angled (LT-G067) or a 60° angled (LT-G069) ver­sion. Its‘ nom­i­nal volt­age is 300V. The oper­at­ing tem­per­a­ture range is between -60 and +105°C   continue

1''x1'' DC/DC Converter Series SKMW15 and DKMW15 from MEAN WELL now at Schukat

27.04.2021 | In its pow­er sup­ply port­fo­lio, Schukat pro­vides two ver­sions of minia­tur­ized DC/DC con­vert­ers from MEAN WELL in 1''x1'' pack­ages for pow­er require­ments up to 15W: the SKMW15 series with sin­gle out­put and the DKMW15 series with dou­ble out­put. Both series deliv­er 15W of pow­er and fea­ture a 4:1 input volt­age ratio, 3000VDC input-out­put iso­la­tion   continue

USB-C Connector from MPE Garry: Series 719 with USB 3.1 Type C, SMD Design

26.04.2021 | With the 719 series from MPE Garry, we are expand­ing our port­fo­lio to include USB 3.1 Type C con­nec­tors in SMD design. These cop­per alloy com­po­nents, with their par­tial­ly gold-plat­ed con­tact sur­face (24 con­tacts), have enlarged SMD sol­der­ing sur­faces that allow high­er mechan­i­cal load­ing. In addi­tion, the SuperSpeed+ stan­dard   continue

Unpack and go! The Electronic Assembly EADEMOPACK-CLIMA lets you monitor air quality ''out-of-the-box''

23.04.2021 | Mon­i­tor air qual­i­ty ''out-of-the-box'' with the EADE­MOPACK-CLI­MA from Electronic Assembly. The 2.8 inch touch display makes chang­ing texts and images easy with the EA uniTFT­De­sign­er. The display pro­vides clear con­trasts for mea­sured val­ues and as sta­tus display as well as bril­liant colours thanks to IPS tech­nol­o­gy, touch func­tion and extreme­ly   continue

Ideal for All Surfaces and Series Production: SP2200 Solder Paste from Stannol

22.04.2021 | Anoth­er new addi­tion to our range is the SP2200 sol­der paste from Stan­nol. SP2200 sol­der paste was devel­oped for lead-free SMD electronics man­u­fac­tur­ing using sten­cil print­ing. It can be used in all stan­dard open and closed print­ing sys­tems and is suit­able for fine pitch print­ing as low as 0.4mm. Stan­nol's No-Clean SP2200 sol­der paste is acti­vat­ed as type L0   continue

PROCELL Lithium Button Cells from DURACELL for Industrial Use

21.04.2021 | Among the lat­est addi­tions to the Schukat range are PRO­CELL but­ton cells from the man­u­fac­tur­er DURA­CELL, designed for indus­tri­al use. The cells have a nom­i­nal volt­age of 3V and are avail­able in three sizes: CR2016 , CR2025 and CR2032. They fea­ture high capac­i­ty and high ener­gy den­si­ty of 255mWh, 495mWh and 735mWh respec­tive­ly   continue

Compact Plug-in Power Supplies from EDAC POWER Delivering 6, 12 and 24W Power

19.04.2021 | With the EA1005 (6W), EA1012 (12W) and EA1119 (24W) series from EDAC POW­ER, Schukat is expand­ing its pow­er-sup­ply port­fo­lio to include more exter­nal plug-in pow­er sup­plies. At just 55 x 25 x 55mm (6 and 12W) and 66 x 26 x 64mm (24W), the pow­er sup­plies are ide­al for use in appli­ca­tions offer­ing only lim­it­ed space   continue

Reliable and Failsafe: WIMA Film Capacitors for Medical Applications

20.04.2021 | With the high-qual­i­ty, made-in-Ger­many film capac­i­tors from WIMA, Schukat offers an exten­sive range of dif­fer­ent types for a broad vari­ety of appli­ca­tion areas in the med­ical tech­nol­o­gy field. All WIMA capac­i­tors are excep­tion­al­ly reli­able, with field fail­ure rates approach­ing 0, thus ensur­ing the high­est lev­els of safe­ty. With their excel­lent elec­tri­cal   continue

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