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2.000 important and in-demand LEDs & Displays together
with the most interesting innovations

All with comprehensive technical information, fair prices and current in-stock inventory


New Addition to the Schukat Semiconductor Range: Panasonic PhotoMOS® Photovoltaic Relays with MOSFET Output
13.09.2018 |With Panasonic's AQ series photovoltaic relays with MOSFET output, we have now added a brand new producer in the semiconductor field to our range. The 6-pin models in Panasonic's AQV series and the 4-pin models in the AQY and AQZ series feature extremely low closed-circuit offset voltage, allowing control of low-level analogue signals without distortion, and making these semiconductor relays a good choice for controlling various kinds of loads  continue

More Powerful Than Ever: OSRAM's OSLON® SSL150 Series SMD LEDs, Now Available at Schukat
30.08.2018 |The new, high-power SMD LEDs in OSRAM's OSLON® SSL150 series have now been added to Schukat's range. These LEDs have been specially developed for applications demanding high efficiency and long life. They are particularly robust and reliable, with low thermal resistance. The series consists of five models with different colours and areas of application  continue

Colour LED Backlights from Display Elektronik for their Transflective 7 and 14 Segment LCD Displays
15.08.2018 |For display elektronik's in-demand DExxxT_ 7 and 14 segment LCD displays, we offer the manufacturer's matching new LED backlights. The backlights are available in red, amber, yellow-green, blue, white and RGB (colour selectable), and allow the transflective LCD displays to be read in complete darkness. The backlighting option gives the transflective displays a major advantage over purely reflective displays  continue

High Contrast, Energy-saving E-paper Displays from display elektronik, also for Industrial Use
16.07.2018 |At Schukat, we have now added eight different models of German producer display elektronik's new monochrome e-paper displays. E-paper technology and its advantages are already familiar from such consumer applications as e-book readers: they are available in ultraflat formats, have excellent contrast and an extremely wide viewing angle, and they deliver the most neutral representation of black-and-white text and graphics currently available  continue

Compact OLED Graphics Displays from Electronic Assembly Break New Ground in Application Potential
06.07.2018 |With a wide range of exceptionally compact OLED graphics displays, Electronic Assembly is opening up new territory for OLED displays. The company’s new, low-power monochrome displays are now available from Schukat in a wide range of configurations with different sizes, resolutions and form factors, and in white, yellow and blue  continue

''Our Displays are Market-oriented and Guaranteed Available in the Long-term''
21.06.2018 |Interview with Michael Hußmann, managing director of Display Elektronik, and Thomas Biller, product manager for semiconductors and optoelectronics at Schukat. For customer-specific modifications, Schukat acts as an intermediary between the customer and the supplier. We are also available to deal with any questions concerning displays.  continue

OSRAM SOLERIQ® S Series: Schukat Presents Diffuse White High-power COB-LEDs for Professional Lighting Solutions
06.06.2018 |With the SOLERIQ® S high-power LED modules from Osram, we now offer a modern, user-friendly, chip-on-board (COB) range in five different series. These diffuse white LEDs have been developed by Osram especially for applications that require high luminous flux from a single source. This includes professional illumination solutions for commercial premises and museums, high-end home lighting with spotlights or downlights, and exterior lighting  continue

25.05.2018 |Semiconductors manufacturer Avago has been taken over by Broadcom. Broadcom is one of the global leaders in analog and digital semiconductor connectivity solutions that serve the wired infrastructure, wireless communications and industrial markets. Effective immediately, we now supply all Avago products under the new brand name of Broadcom. For you as a user of Avago products, practically nothing will change  continue

Sensata Technologies Takes Over Crydom
09.05.2018 |Solid state relay manufacturer Crydom has been taken over by Sensata Technologies. Sensata Technologies is one of the global leaders in sensor, electrical protection, control and energy-management solutions. Effective immediately, we now supply all Crydom products under the new brand name and logo of Sensata/Crydom. For you as a user of Crydom products, practically nothing will change.  continue

New at Schukat: Photovoltaic and Solid-state Relays from IXYS, Series CPC_ and PS_
31.10.2017 |To replace the discontinued solid state relays in Sharp's S20/21_ and PR26/36/39_ series, Schukat now offers a partial replacement in two series from manufacturer IXYS. These newly added photovoltaic relays and solid state relays can serve as replacements at least for lower load voltages up to 240V AC and load currents of up to 5A  continue

New in the product groups from Catalogue Optoelectronics
OSRAM Light-Emitting Diode Modules Diffuse White High Power 10,4W Series: "SOLERIQ® S9" GWKAFHB3._ Case: 13,5x13,5mm
OSRAM Light-Emitting Diode Modules Diffuse White High Power 10,4W Series: "SOLERIQ® S13" GWKAGHB3._ Case: 19x19mm
OSRAM Light-Emitting Diode Modules Diffuse White High Power 24,3W Series: "SOLERIQ® S13" GWKAGMB3._ Case: 19x19mm
OSRAM Light-Emitting Diode Modules Diffuse White High Power 24,4W Series: "SOLERIQ® S19" GWKAHLB2._ Case: 24x24mm
OSRAM Light-Emitting Diode Modules Diffuse White High Power 54W Series: "SOLERIQ® S19" GWKAHQB2._ Case: 24x24mm
OSRAM SMD Light-Emitting Diodes Diffuse Ultrabright Dome Lens Series: L_T64F-_, L_T64G-_ Case: PLCC