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Bridge Rectifiers
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8,500 important and in-demand Semiconductors together
with the most interesting innovations

All with comprehensive technical information, fair prices and current in-stock inventory


New in the product groups from Catalogue Semiconductors
ST MICROELECTRONICS (STM) Smart Power Switches Series: TDE_, VN_ Case: DIP/DIL, PPak, PSO
ON SEMICONDUCTOR (ONS), ST MICROELECTRONICS (STM) SMD Fixed Output Voltage Regulators 0,1A Packing Style: Taped Series: 78L_, MC78L_ Case: SO
TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR (TSC) LDO Voltage Regulators Series: TS11_, TS29_, TS34_, TS42_, TS52_, TS90_, TS391_ Case: SO, TO92, TO220, TO252, D²Pak, SOT23_, SOT89, SOT223
TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR (TSC) Step-Down(Buck) Switching Regulators Series: TS25_, TS34_, TS35_ Case: SO, D²Pak-5, SOT23-5
TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR (TSC) Step-Up(Boost) Switching Regulators Series: TS19_ Case: SOT23-5
B5295 Switching Regulators Series: L_, LM25_, LM26_, LM50_, LM55_, LM78_, MC_, MIC_, TL_ Case: DIP/DIL, SO, TO220_, HEPTAWATT, MULTIWATT_, D²Pak_, TSSOP