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32-bit ARM Controller Portfolio Expanded with Numerous ARM Cortex-M0 and ARM Cortex-M0+ Versions from STM
24.11.2017 |Our newly added ARM Cortex-M0 and ARM Cortex-M0+ from ST Microelectronics deliver full 32-bit computing power with minimal power consumption. The ARM Cortex-M0 and M0+ cores have been specially optimized to reduce power consumption. Controllers that use these cores are therefore an ideal choice for processor-intensive applications that rely on minimal power consumption, e.g. IoT applications and battery-powered devices.  continue

Schukat on Growth Course with TSC – 10+ Years of Successful Distribution Partnership
24.08.2017 |As one of global manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor’s (TSC) largest contract distributors in Europe, Schukat can look back on a partnership with the producer lasting more than 10 years. As a result of this cooperation, Schukat was able to achieve an outstanding 40% increase in turnover of TSC's high-quality products in 2016. Through the trusted cooperation between the two companies, TSC has found a loyal partner able to supply not only their entire existing range but also new products from their MOSFET, Trench-Schottky diode, enclosure and bridge rectifier portfolios.  continue

ATMEL Becomes MICROCHIP: The Producer's Name is Changing, The Components are Staying The Same!
29.06.2017 |Now that the effects of MICROCHIP's takeover of world-famous US IC manufacturer ATMEL are becoming increasingly visible to users of ATMEL components, we have - like many other distributors - decided that the ICs formerly available under the ATMEL name will in future only be offered under as MICROCHIP products. For you as a user of ATMEL products, practically nothing will change.  continue

All New Taiwan Semiconductor High-voltage MOSFETs Now Available Direct from Stock in TO251, TO220 and ITO220 Packages
28.04.2017 |Taiwan Semiconductor has established a new range of high-voltage MOSFETs which we at Schukat naturally now supply in its entirety direct from stock. The new TSC N-channel MOSFETs are designed for high drain-source voltages from 500 to 900V and allow drain currents of up to 18A (TSM60NB190CI/CZ). The components are available in the standard TO251, TO220 and ITO220 MOSFET packages (fully insulated).  continue

Fagor Triacs As Economical Replacements for All Popular Standard Triacs
13.03.2017 |With the triacs offered by our distribution partner Fagor, Schukat customers now have access to low-cost, high-quality alternatives for the most popular standard triacs from Bourns, Liteon, NXP, ONS and STM. Fagor FT_ series triacs are available in the TO92, TO220AB and TOP3 through-hole packages, the most frequently used triac enclosures, as well as the SOT223 and D²Pak SMD packages  continue

High Quality TO18 and TO39 Transistors in the Metal Can Package, Still Available at Schukat, from Continental Device India (CDIL)
28.02.2017 |All well-known transistor manufacturers, including ST Microelectronics, Fairchild and ON Semiconductor, have now completely discontinued production of transistors in metal can packages, e.g. TO18 and TO39. Likewise, other older through-hole transistor models like the TO92 and TO126 are on the verge of being discontinued by the major transistor makers or have already been axed. At Schukat, however, aiming to spare our customers an expensive redesign of existing applications as a result of these discontinuations, we went in search of a suitable, reliable alternative manufacturer. And we found it in Continental Device India Limited (CDIL)  continue

The Latest Generation of Extremely Efficient IGBTs from Infineon
22.02.2017 |We have expanded our range of IGBTs with the addition of the newest models from German manufacturer Infineon, one of the global leaders in the field of discrete power semiconductors. Our focus has been exclusively on Infineon's latest Highspeed 3 IGBTs, designed for either 600V or 1200V, and their 650V TrenchstopTM 5 with 650V breakthrough voltage. Both series offer minimal switching losses and therefore guarantee the highest levels of efficiency in all applications  continue

Kinetis E and Kinetis L ARM Controller Families from Freescale, With ARM Cortex-M0+ for Ultra-low-power Applications
16.02.2017 |With microcontrollers from well-known manufacturer Freescale, we are now offering our customers more than just another microcontroller producer in addition to Atmel, NXP and STM. For the first time, with Freescale's new Kinetis E and Kinetis L controller families, we are offering 32-bit ARM controllers based on the exceptionally energy-efficient ARM Cortex-M0+ core. The economical new MKE (Kinetis E) and MKL_ (Kinetis L) ARM Cortex-M0+ controller series deliver full 32-bit computing power with especially low power consumption  continue

At Schukat, we are Expanding our Range of SiC Schottky Diodes from Wolfspeed - in a Range of Mounting Forms Including TO220AC-Fullpak, TO247 and D²Pak
08.02.2017 |We have boosted our SiC Schottky diode selection to include the latest models from Wolfspeed (formerly CREE), and now offer almost the producer's entire SiC Schottky diode range. For our customers, this means the opportunity to develop future high-performance applications already based on the new technology. These silicon carbide diodes are available in a range of packages, including TO220AC-Fullpak, TO247-2, TO247-3 and D²Pak for SMD mounting  continue

Taiwan Semiconductor LED Drivers Deliver Constant LED Currents up to 2A at up to 91% Efficiency
30.01.2017 |With its TS193_, TS194_, TS196_ and TS197_ series of constant-current LED drivers, Taiwan Semiconductor offers high-efficiency, buck/boost converter-based solutions for controlling white LEDs. In the 6-pole SOT223 package, the TS19371CX6 step-up converter/driver (boost) for white LEDs meets all the demands placed on a modern switching-regulator-based LED driver  continue

Cypress Pin-to-Pin Compatible Replacements for Sought-after FT232RL and FT232RQ FTDI Chips
26.01.2017 |With the Cypress CY7C65213-28PVXI(T) USB-to-UART bridges in the SSOP28 enclosure and the CY7C65213-32LTXI(T) in the QFN32 enclosure, we are at least able to offer our customers pin-to-pin compatible replacement models of the most in-demand FTDI components (FT232RL and FT232RQ) direct from stock  continue

Cypress FRAMs in TDFN8 Miniature SMD Package and in Tape-and-Reel Format for Large-scale Series Production
23.01.2017 |Compared to conventional EEPROMs or flash memory, Cypress ferroelectric RAMs offer up to 500 times the write speed as well as the possibility to write using standard supply voltages, 100 trillion write/read cycles and at least 38 years data retention at an ambient air temperature of 75°C. The most important new additions to our range of Cypress FRAMs are the serial SPI and I²C FRAMs in the TDFN8 miniature SMD package, and the supply of all SO8 and TDFN8 models in tape-and-reel format  continue

Infineon's New 650V Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 Hyperfast Diodes and ST Microelectronics' New Ultrafast 600V Tandem Diodes
19.01.2017 |Infineon's new 650V Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 hyperfast diodes (IDP_, IDV_ and IDW_ series) are the perfect partners for CoolMOS™ MOSFETs or such discrete IGBTs as Infineon's Trenchstop™ 5. ST Microelectronics, with three new 600V tandem diodes (STTH_T_), is already releasing the second generation of their ultrafast tandem diodes on the market. These diodes are available in 8A and 12A designs for switching frequencies up to 100kHz, and stand out from competing products with extremely low switching losses  continue

New in the product groups from Catalogue Semiconductors
INFINEON (INF) Hall Sensors Series: TLE49_ Case: PSSO3-2, PSSO3-15, TSOP, SOT23, SC59-3
TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR (TSC) Hall Sensors Series: TSH_ Case: TO92S, SOT23
ANALOG DEVICES (AD) Strom-/Spannungs-Transmitter-ICs gegurtet Serie: AD_ Gehäuse: SO
TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR (TSC) Audio Amplifier ICs Series: TS34_ Case: SO
ANALOG DEVICES (AD) Operational Amplifiers Series: AD_, OP_ Case: DIP/DIL, SO, SOT23-5
BURR-BROWN (BB) Operational Amplifiers Series: OPA_ Case: DIP/DIL, SO, SOT23_, TO220_, D²Pak-7, MULTIWATT11