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CE Conformity Marking

Since 1.1.1996 only equipment bearing a CE conformity mark is allowed on the market. Directives in the law are set to monitor safety regulations of products and to protect and control the CE marking. (Product security law - ProdSG).

This law should ensure that manufacturers and consumer traders only deliver secure products for private use and that the CE marking is only available for legally authorised use.

The ProdSG individually regulates who is a manufacturer and trader, which responsibilities manufacturers and traders have, as well as the prerequisite under which a product with a "CE" logo can be proven.

We would like to point out that under certain circumstances the ProdSG can apply to you.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that even if all unit equipment carry a CE marking they may not conform to the CE marking law if combined differently. The proof of conform must be shown by whoever carried out the changes.

The same is applicable when several CE marked assembly units are put together in one piece of equipment.

Declarations of CE conformity on products we sell can be found on a leaflet enclosed with our products.

Please be aware of our explanations concerning product liability law, which also apply to observing the CE guidelines.

You can get more information about the CE marking from the Federal Network Agency.

January 2013

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