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EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

What does EDI mean?

Electronic data interchange (EDI) stands for fast and accurate electronic transmission of documents as part of the procurement process.

The advantages of EDI:
- lower process costs
- fast turnaround times
- error-free and secure data transmission
- Input and read errors eliminated - no manual data transfer
- standardized procedures and formats support fast integration

Currently we support the following EDI standards

Message formats
- UN / EDIFACT (D.96A, D.97A)
- IDoc
- openTRANS

Standard messages
- ORDERS (order)
- ORDRSP (order confirmation)
- DESADV (delivery message)
- INVOIC (invoice)

Communication protocols
- AS2
- X400

If you have any questions about "EDI - electronic data exchange at Schukat", please contact your personal customer advisor. They will contact our EDI team promptly.

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