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The New Recom RxxP2xxyy Series: DC/DC Converters for Next-gen SiC MOSFETs
15.12.2017 |Recom has recently introduced the new 2W DC/DC converter series RxxP2xxyy, specially designed to power the latest generation of SiC MOSFETs. Switching SiC MOSFETs requires unique turn-on and turn-off voltages atypical of other IGBT or MOSFET applications. The RxxP21503D series provides asymmetrical output voltages  continue

The New Mean Well 1W and 2W DC/DC Converters for Medical Applications
18.12.2017 |In response to the growing demands of the home care and medical market, Mean Well is presenting the medical DC/DC converters MDS01, MDD01, MDS02 and MDD02. These four brand new series have several features: all are designed to abide by SIP standard pin assignment, having ultra-wide range of working temperature -40 to +85°C  continue

DC/DC Converters of Recom's RP40-G and RP40-GW Series in Compact 2x2 inch Housing
13.12.2017 |The RP40-G and RP40-GW series DC/DC converters from Recom are certified to UL 60950-1 and to cUL 60950-1. This makes them ideal for all telecom and industrial applications where approved safety standards are required. The industry standard 2x2 inch package meets military standards for thermal shock and vibration tolerance.  continue

DC/DC Converters in 1x1 inch DIP-Package: SKM and DKM Series from Mean Well with 10 to 30W Output
11.12.2017 |After the successful launch of 15W series SKM15, Mean Well has introduced six additional converters of the SKM/DKM family: SKM10, DKM10, SKMW20, DKMW20, SKMW30 and DKMW30. With the new releases Mean Well is able to offer converters with high density in an 1x1 inch miniature package with output power of 10W to 30W and single or dual output  continue

Powerful and Slim: HDR-100 DIN Rail Power Supplies from Mean Well for Building Automation
07.12.2017 |Mean Well has expan-
ded its HDR series DIN rail power supplies to include the 100W types HDR-100. The power supplies HDR-15, HDR-30 and HDR-60 - in a plastic enclosure, all with isolation class II rating, and providing 15W, 30W and 60W respectively - have been especially designed for use in building automation and home control systems  continue

Mean Well SMD DC/DC Converter SBTN01: Wider Operating Temperature Range and Higher Efficiency
05.12.2017 |In order to enhance DC/DC converter competitiveness, Mean Well launches new SMD single output 1W unregulated DC/DC converters SBTN01. Compared to SBT01, the last generation, the new SBTN01 series features a wider operating temperature range from -40 to +90°C, higher I/O isolation of 1.5KVDC and efficiency up to 84%  continue

HEP-480 Series from Mean Well: Extra-tough Industrial Power Supplies for Use in Harsh Environments
30.11.2017 |With the addition of the HEP-480 series Mean Well has expanded their high-quality, low-noise HEP series AC/DC power supplies, delivering power ratings from 100W to 600W. Enclosed in aluminium cases and fully potted with heat-conducting silicone, the HEP power supplies are suitable for use in particularly harsh environ-
ments: in high-humidity  continue

Mean Well DC/DC Converters RSD-30 and RSD-60 Series: DC Enclosed Type Converter for Railway Application
28.11.2017 |For completing product line of enclosed type DC-DC converter, Mean Well is unveiling RSD-30 and RSD-60 series to satisfy the various needs of vehicle applications. Featuring with 4:1 wide input range and 4000VDC input/
output isolation, RSD-30 and RSD-60 series are well-characterized by 5G anti-vibration ability  continue

Prices Cut for Products from Susumu! Thin Film Precision Chip Resistors Now at a Reduced Rate
23.11.2017 |By up to 15 percent, we have reduced the prices of thin film precision resistors from Susumu. Choose from more than 200 items at even lower prices! Outstanding quality coupled with accuracy to within 0.01%: these were pivotal reasons for film resistors from Japanese manufacturer Susumu.

Compact Size 5W to 30W Medical Power Supplies with High Density: Series MPM and MFM from Mean Well
21.11.2017 |Responding to the trend of miniature medical devices, Mean Well is unveiling two high density power supplies: Encapsu-
lated MPM series for PCB-mounting and on-board-type MFM series. Compared to the last generation, PM and NFM, the new MPM and MFM series have one third of the size, but wider operating temperature, higher efficiency  continue

Closed from 27.12.2017 to 01.01.2018

04.12.2017 |The year is drawing
to an end and Christmas is approaching.... We close our company on Friday, 22.12. at
16 o'clock. Our company remains closed from Wednesday 27.12.2017 until 01.01.2018. In the New Year, we will once again be open from Tuesday 02.01.2018 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.. We wish you a wonderful Christmas!  continue

Schukat Beats Million-dollar Mark for Annual Turnover
of TSC Products

14.12.2017 |At the 2. TSC European Distribution Meeting in November 2017, Schukat was recognised with two awards: the ''Million Dollar Club Member'' award, bestowed by the manufacturer on its distributors that have achieved more than one million dollars in revenues with TSC products, and the prize for ''Largest Number of New Product Lines Introduced''  continue

Visaton's New FRS5/8 5cm (2 inch) Fullrange Speakers, with Special Basket Design for Hifi Systems
12.12.2017 |The new FRS5/8 loudspeaker from Visaton is a 5cm (2 inch) fullrange speaker with a specially designed basket and two attachment lugs. It is well suited as a medium-range driver in speaker systems for hifi and sound reinforcement systems and for 100V PA systems. With its compact dimensions, it is also an excellent choice  continue

Now in Stock: Energy-saving EC Fan Series from Sunon, with 80% Energy Savings, IP68 and ATEX Certification
08.12.2017 |Sunon's EC fan series is now available direct from stock. Compared to conventional AC equipment fans, those in the EC series offer energy savings of up to 80% and require no DC power supply. The fans are available in a wide range of configurations: standard, with IP21, IP55 or IP68 certification, and also as IP55 with ATEX certification  continue

Schukat Debuts at Embedded World with Power Supplies, Electromechanical Components and Graphics Displays
06.12.2017 |Schukat electronic puts an extensive range on show on their debut appearance at the embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg. In Hall 4A, Stand 635, Schukat presents new products from their power supply, electromechanical component and graphics display ranges. Moreover, with the con-
struction of their new logistics centre, Schukat’s focus  continue

KZQ-5B from Self Electronics: Schukat Supplies Single-channel PWM Dimmer Direct from Stock
01.12.2017 |With Self Electronics' KZQ-5B PWM dimmer, we now offer our customers an economical way to dim one-colour, constant voltage lamps or LED strips up to 80W with pulse width modulation. Measuring a compact 78x40x16mm, the KZQ-5B is the perfect match for the ultraflat SLT75-VFG LED power supplies, which are a maximum of 16.5mm high  continue

IHK "Best" Award for Schukat for "Outstanding Performance in Vocational Training" 2017!
29.11.2017 |Schukat electronic
was again honoured by the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for excellence in vocational training. This year,
one Schukat trainee has finished his examination with a grade of "Very Good". Since 2010, a total of seven Schukat trainees have thus cut off the top mark.

32-bit ARM Controller Portfolio Expanded with Numerous ARM Cortex-M0 and ARM Cortex-M0+ Versions from STM
24.11.2017 |Our newly added ARM Cortex-M0 and ARM Cortex-M0+ from ST Microelectronics deliver full 32-bit computing power with mini-
mal power consumption. The ARM Cortex-M0 and M0+ cores have been specially optimized to reduce power consumption. Controllers that use these cores are therefore an ideal choice for processor-intensive applications  continue

Compact 100W LED Power Supplies from Self Electronics' SLT100-VL-E Series
22.11.2017 |At Schukat, we have expanded our range of LED power supplies with the addition of the SLT100-12VL-E unit from Self Electronics' 100W VL-E series. The SLT100-12VL-E power supply is particularly compact and has been specially developed for modern indoor LED lighting applications. It is connected using integrated terminal blocks  continue

New at Schukat from Yageo: SMD Thick Film Resistors Series AC0402, AC0603, AC0805 and AC1206
15.11.2017 |We have expanded our portfolio of SMD resistors with the addition of SMD thick-film resistors from manufacturer Yageo. From stock we now offer the AC series, made of halogen-free epoxy, in standard housing sizes 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 with 1% tolerance and with power of 0.063W, 0.1W, 0.125W and 0.25W. These Yageo resistors  continue

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