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R0.25S Series from Recom: Unregulated 2.5W Converter Modules in SMD Package for Direct PCB Mounting
22.06.2017 |The R0.25S series converters from Recom are un-
regulated converter modules in the SMD package for direct PCB moun-
ting. The efficiency is between 60 and 70% and insulation voltage is 1kV DC. The converters are typi-
cally used in general purpose and industrial low power isolation and voltage matching applications where a SMD converter  continue

Miniature Size EPS Series Open-frame Power Supplies from Mean Well with 45, 65 and 120 Watt Output
20.06.2017 |In order to meet the miniaturisation and energy saving demands for related end electronic products from the industrial and control market, Mean Well has unveiled the EPS-45S (45W) and EPS-65S (65W) series with merely 3x2” PCB board size. With the EPS-120 series Mean Well raises the output wattage of it's EPS family upward to 120W  continue

Efficient 7,5 and 8 Watt DC/DC Converters: Recoms Econoline Series REC7.5 and REC8
16.06.2017 |The new Econoline REC7.5 and REC8 DC/DC Converters with 7.5W and 8W output from Recom are low cost and high performance converters. They are now EN/UL60950-1 certified for use in applications world-wide. The regulated DIP24 converters are available with 2:1 and 4:1 input voltage ranges and with single or dual outputs  continue

Mean Well 2017 Catalogues Now Available

14.06.2017 |The latest Mean Well industry and LED power supply catalogues for 2017 have now been published and can be downloaded as PDFs directly from our website. In their full catalogue, you will find detailed information about all power supplies for industrial and automa-
tion applications, whereas the LED catalogue presents all of their SPS for LED lighting  continue

Recom's R1SE Series Drives Down the Cost of 1W
DC/DC SMD-Converters

12.06.2017 |With two newly established SMT lines in Taiwan, Recom has now refined the design and manufacturing process to produce even more cost effective versions of specially selected DC/DC converters. The R1SE Series, with 1W of power, 1,000V DC isolation and 5V input/output, is the first release in the new eco-
nomical ''E-class''  continue

New at Schukat: SLD75 Triac-dimmable Constant Voltage Power Supplies from Self Electronics
08.06.2017 |Self Electronics has developed these 75W triac-dimm-
able power supplies for Leading Edge or Trailing Edge Dimming especially for LED applications in constant voltage operation without a separate control cable for dimming. We have now introduced the SLD75-12VL-E and SLD75-24VL-E models to our range as a retrofit and upgrade solution  continue

New Series from Panasonic: OS-CON™ Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors, Now at Schukat
06.06.2017 |Panasonic’s OS-CON™ polymer aluminium solid capacitors utilise aluminium and a highly conductive polymer material for low ESR, outstanding noise suppression and excellent resilience. The OS-CON capacitors stand out with
a long service life and minimal ESR changes across the entire tempera-
ture range. The newly added SEPC, SEPF and SVPF series  continue

Recom's ROL Series Econoline DC/DC Converters with Efficiency of up to 87%
02.06.2017 |Recom's isolated ROL series DC/DC converters are typically used in general purpose low power isolation and voltage matching applications, and feature a full industrial operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C without derating. The fully encapsulated SIP4 Case with standard pinout, 1kVDC Isolation, UL94V-0 package material, and efficiency  continue

New at Schukat: SiT8008BI Series MEMS Oscillators
from SiTime

31.05.2017 |At Schukat, we now supply SiTime's silicon-based SiT8008BI series MEMS oscillators. These oscillators feature low power consumption and are pre-pro-
grammed to meet the specific requirements of various applica-
tions, based on blanks with operational voltages from 2.5 to 3.2V and frequency stability of ±25ppm  continue

Schukat on Growth Course with TSC – 10+ Years of Successful Distribution Partnership
29.05.2017 |As one of global manufacturer Taiwan Semi-
conductor’s (TSC) largest contract distributors in Europe, Schukat can look back on a partnership with the producer lasting more than 10 years. As a result of this coope-
ration, Schukat was able to achieve an outstanding 40% increase in turnover of TSC's high-quality products in 2016  continue

Omron G5Q Series: 1-Pole Miniature Power Relay with 10A Switching Capacity
21.06.2017 |At Schukat, we now supply the Omron G5Q series compact 1-pole miniature power relays. Despite small dimensions of just 20.3x10.3x15.8mm, the series provides 8kV impulse voltage between coil and contact as well as 10A switching capacity. Low coil capacitance (SPDT: 400 mW) and the coil isolation system Class F (UL1446) characterise  continue

ATBIG Series Capacitors from FTCap for Hifi and Consumer Applications
19.06.2017 |At Schukat, we are extending the range of bipolar axial capacitors in FTCap's ATBI series with the addition of their ATBIG series. The additional ''G'' indicates the smooth film used in the caps, which results in a low ESR value. This special version plays an important role especially in hifi speaker crossovers, with the quality of the capacitors  continue

Visaton Miniature K50SQ Speaker, for Indoor and Outdoor Use in Temperatures from -40 to +80°C
15.06.2017 |The K50SQ/8 miniature loudspeaker from Visaton - with a 5cm (2 inch) diameter plastic dia-
phragm in a square metal basket with four mounting holes, a foam gasket (IP65) and 2.8x0.5mm flat-tab connectors - offers balanced frequency response and good voice reproduction. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the K50SQ/8 is suitable for voice and  continue

Schützinger - Strong Partner with Know-how

13.06.2017 |Schützinger is a German manufacturer of high quality electrical plug connectors
for measurement and testing technology. Since January 2014, Schukat has been a distributor of Schützinger test probes, measuring leads, quick-release terminals, lamella-basket plugs, couplers, threaded sockets, press-in sockets and crocodile clips  continue

For Signal Output in Machines and Other Equipment with Limited Space: Visaton K40/8 Mini-loudspeaker
09.06.2017 |The K40/8 mini-
loudspeaker from Visaton has
a case diameter of 4cm, a Mylar diaphragm and a metal basket.
At just 4.3mm thick, this speaker
is typically used for signal output
in machines and other equipment where space is at a premium.
It can be employed both indoors and outdoors in ambient air tempe-
ratures from -25°C to  continue

''Elektronik'' Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards: ''Distributor of the Year'': Choose Your Number One!
07.06.2017 |For the 11th time, specialist magazine ''Elektronik'' is once again asking its readers to vote: ''Who has the best range, and who delivers the best service? Rate your trade and logistics partner and win great prizes!'' Cast your ballot in ''Elektronik's'' Readers' Choice awards to earn your chance at an attractive prize

Low Cost SMD DC/DC Switching Regulator Module: Recoms New ROF-78E Series
05.06.2017 |Recom's new low cost SMD switching regulator module ROF-78E is a low profile, postage-stamp-sized SMD DC/DC power supply module designed to provide 5V or 3.3V at up to 0.5A continuous load (0.95A peak). The wide input voltage range of 5V to 36V has been chosen to accommodate standard fixed 12V or 24V bus supply voltages  continue

65W LED Power Supplies with Flicker-free Design: IDLC-65 and IDPC-65 from Mean Well
01.06.2017 |Mean Well recently unveils two more indoor LED drivers with flicker free design, the IDLC-65 with plastic case and the IDPC-65 which is PCB board type with 65W output. These two series both adopt active PFC function. The IDLC-65 and IDPC-65 series both accept 180-295VAC full range input, and the highest working efficiency is up to 89%.  continue

Recom's New RxxP2xx-Series: High-isolation DC/DC Converters for IGBT Systems
30.05.2017 |We present the new DC/DC converters of the RxxP2xx series from Recom for IGBT driver circuits. Their asymmetric outputs of +15V and -9V makes them ideal to power IGBT drivers, so now just one converter is needed where previously two were required. The modules are available with input voltages of 5VDC, 12VDC, and 24VDC and  continue

Recom Develops SMD Switching Regulators R-78T Series as TI Power Trends Substitute
26.05.2017 |The new R-78T series provides optional regulated 3.3V/1A, 5V/1A or 12V/1A in continuous operation, but can also handle peak currents up to 1.5A for 10s. Thanks to their high efficiency, the modules do not require fans or heat sinks. They can be operated reliably at temperatures between -40°C and +85°C without derating.  continue

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