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The RPM Power Module Series from Recom: Low Profile and High Efficiency

17.10.2019 | At Schukat, we have now added Recom's inno­v­a­tive RPM mod­ules for DC-DC con­vert­ers, with DOSA-com­pat­i­ble foot­print, to our prod­uct range. The DC/DC switch­ing reg­u­la­tors from Recom are ide­al for appli­ca­tions where space is at a pre­mi­um. With a pro­file of just 3.75mm, the units offer up to 99% effi­cien­cy and fea­ture pow­er den­si­ties among   continue

Anniversary Year for Schukat and Fischer Elektronik: Forty-year Partnership

16.10.2019 | Eleven years after their foun­da­tion in 1968, Fischer Elektronik – as a pro­duc­er of heat sinks, ther­mal man­age­ment tech­nol­o­gy, con­nec­tors and enclo­sures – began their col­lab­o­ra­tion with Schukat, also found­ed in the 60s. In the last twen­ty-five years, the dis­trib­u­tor's turnover with Fischer prod­ucts has grown sev­en­fold. Now, after forty years   continue

Universal 8-channel KNX Actuator from MEAN WELL: KAA-8R for Building Automation

15.10.2019 | MEAN WELL's new KAA-8R uni­ver­sal 8-chan­nel KNX actu­a­tor, designed for build­ing automa­tion, offers reli­a­bil­i­ty and mul­ti­func­tion­al­i­ty when it comes to ful­fill­ing the wide range of demands in mod­ern build­ings. In the KNX sys­tem, the actu­a­tor is respon­si­ble for reli­ably switch­ing var­i­ous elec­tri­cal loads, e.g. capac­i­tive and induc­tive, and is suit­able   continue

Three-phase RFI Suppression Filters: The FMAC NEO Series from Schurter, with very High Attenuation

14.10.2019 | The sin­gle-stage line fil­ters for 3-phase sys­tems in Schurter's FMAC NEO series offer pro­tec­tion against inter­fer­ence volt­ages from the mains net­work. These line fil­ters are avail­able in both indus­tri­al and low-leak­age-cur­rent ver­sions with rat­ed volt­age of 520 VAC for glob­al accep­tance.   continue

Knipex Plier Wrench: Fastening, Gripping, Holding and Bending with a Single Tool

11.10.2019 | The Knipex pli­er wrench com­bines the jobs of a grip­ping pli­er and a wrench in a sin­gle tool. Screws, nuts and fit­tings of capac­i­ties up to a max­i­mum of 35mm (KNIP8603-180) and 46mm (KNIP8603-250) can be tight­ened and released eas­i­ly and smooth­ly. The Knipex pli­er wrench can be eas­i­ly adjust­ed at the touch of a but­ton on the work­piece.   continue

Compact Surge Protection Devices MLPX1 and MLPX2 for LED Lighting and Industrial Applications from CITEL Electronics

10.10.2019 | With the active over­volt­age pro­tec­tion devices in CITEL Electronics' MLPX1 and MLPX2 series, we have now added excep­tion­al­ly com­pact surge pro­tec­tion devices (SPDs) to our range. These SPDs have been spe­cial­ly designed for LED light­ing appli­ca­tions, but with their com­pact build and sim­ple mount­ing they can also be used in oth­er elec­tri­cal   continue

Schukat has Added 200 High-quality and Robust Hammond Enclosures to the Program

09.10.2019 | Schukat has expand­ed its range with the addi­tion of some 200 high-qual­i­ty, robust Hammond enclo­sures. On top of the plas­tic hous­ings in ABS and poly­car­bon­ate, the RL-F series has now been added as well as addi­tions in the ergonom­i­cal­ly formed 1553 series with con­trast­ing soft grips. Among our alu­mini­um enclo­sures, we now offer the 1590W series   continue

TDR-240 from MEAN WELL: Slim 240W 3-phase Switching Power Supplies for DIN-rail Mounting

08.10.2019 | The new gen­er­a­tion of slim 3-phase switch­ing pow­er sup­plies in MEAN WELL's TDR-240 series is now part of the Schukat range. The units have a 340 to 550VA 3-phase input (2-phase oper­a­tion is also pos­si­ble with der­at­ing), utilise free air con­vec­tion in a fan-free design, and are built for DIN-rail mount­ing on TS-35/7.5 and TS-35/15   continue

Load-dump TVS Diodes from Taiwan Semiconductor - for Automotive Industry Applications, AEC-Q101 Qualified

07.10.2019 | With the uni­di­rec­tion­al load-dump TVS diodes from Taiwan Semi­con­duc­tor (TSC), we now offer our cus­tomers high­ly reli­able com­po­nents in the DO-218AB pack­age, avail­able with 3600, 4600 and 6600W. The TLD5S/6S/8S series are ful­ly com­pli­ant with the ISO7637-2 and ISO16750-2 stan­dards and guar­an­tee reli­able ther­mal per­for­mance   continue

REC15E-Z Series from Recom: DC/DC Converter with
4:1 Input in Compact 1x1 Inch Case

04.10.2019 | The new Recom REC15E-Z 15W series iso­lat­ed DC/DC con­vert­er pro­vides large input ranges at low costs in the pop­u­lar 1''x1'' case size. This saves a sig­nif­i­cant amount of PCB space, while the wide input ranges increase flex­i­bil­i­ty by accept­ing sev­er­al stan­dard bus volt­ages. The REC15E-Z DC/DC con­vert­ers are ful­ly-spec­i­fied devices with 15W   continue

Low Cost SMD Thick Film Resistors of Series RC0402, RC0603, RC0805 and RC1206 from Yageo

03.10.2019 | We have expand­ed our port­fo­lio of SMD resis­tors with the addi­tion of SMD thick-film resis­tors from man­u­fac­tur­er Yageo. From stock we now offer the RC series, made of halo­gen-free epoxy, in stan­dard hous­ing sizes 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 with 1% tol­er­ance and with pow­er of 0.063W, 0.1W, 0.125W and 0.25W.   continue

EPSON’S RX8804CE DTCXO RTC: Precise Time Keeping, Higher Accuracy Over Temperature and Low Power

02.10.2019 | Schukat presents the RX8804CE DTCXO RTC from Epson Europe Electronics GmbH with pre­cise time keep­ing, high­er accu­ra­cy over tem­per­a­ture and low pow­er. Designed for pre­ci­sion time keep­ing, Epson’s RX8804CE uses Dig­i­tal­ly Tem­per­a­ture-Com­pen­sat­ed Crys­tal Oscil­la­tor tech­nol­o­gy to achieve ±3.4 or ±8ppm accu­ra­cy over tem­per­a­ture of -40 to   continue

Supporting Intelligent Power Supply: 3200 Watt High-efficiency Digital Power Supplies from MEAN WELL

01.10.2019 | We are expand­ing our range to include the high-per­for­mance, par­al­lel-con­nectable pow­er sup­plies in MEAN WELL's new 3200W series (DBU, DBR, DRP and DPU). The units are based on a sin­gle, dig­i­tal plat­form, result­ing in pow­er sup­plies and bat­tery charg­ers both for equip­ment instal­la­tion and rack mount­ing. The slim (1U) dig­i­tal devices fea­ture   continue

High-performance Series ZE Hybrid Capacitors from Panasonic with Minimal Leakage Current and Low ESR

30.09.2019 | With Panasonic's ZE series, Schukat is expand­ing its range to include high-tem­per­a­ture-capa­ble hybrid alu­mini­um elec­trolyt­ic capac­i­tors: at a tem­per­a­ture of 145°C or, as applic­a­ble, 85°C with humid­i­ty up to 90%, these SMD capac­i­tors achieve a ser­vice life of 2000 hours. With their con­duc­tive poly­mer hybrid mate­r­i­al, they com­bine the advan­tages   continue

High-quality Connection Lead by Lian Dung for Sunon AC Fans with Plug Connector

27.09.2019 | The black ther­mo­plas­tic (PVC) con­nec­tion lead is com­posed of two-core, plas­tic sheathed twin braid wires. Its‘ mould­ed 2-pole flat con­nec­tor sock­et is avail­able as a straight (LT-G053), a 45° angled (LT-G067) or a 60° angled (LT-G069) ver­sion. Its‘ nom­i­nal volt­age is 300V. The oper­at­ing tem­per­a­ture range is between -60 and +105°C   continue

New Compressed Gas Cleaner with JET Spray Nozzle from Kontakt Chemie

26.09.2019 | With DUST OFF 67 JET, Schukat is expand­ing its range of non-flam­ma­ble com­pressed gas clean­ers from Kon­takt Chemie for blow­ing out dust and dirt. The spe­cial fea­ture: the spray can has a screw con­nec­tion on which the spe­cial JET spray head can be screwed. This means that only the base can needs to be replaced after the can has been emp­tied.   continue

Schukat Expands Range with Ultra-miniature Reed Relays in Standex-Meder's UMS Series

25.09.2019 | The ultra­minia­ture sin­gle in-line relays in Standex-Meder's UMS series reduce required space by fifty per­cent com­pared to the stan­dard series. Enclosed in a hous­ing mea­sur­ing just 6.85 x 9.5 x 3.6mm, they offer the same char­ac­ter­is­tics as the stan­dard SIL series. With their excep­tion­al­ly flat, ver­ti­cal, encap­su­lat­ed hous­ing and inter­nal mag­net­ic shield­ing   continue

Readers' Choice Awards "Distributor of the Year 2019": Schukat with Seven Podium Finishes

24.09.2019 | Read­ers of Elektronik mag­a­zine have cast their votes for Dis­trib­u­tor of the Year 2019 - and hand­ed Schukat an out­stand­ing sev­en podi­um places. We were par­tic­u­lar­ly thrilled to earn one 1st and one 2nd place in the Electro­mechan­i­cal Cat­e­go­ry: Schukat was num­ber 1 for ''Prod­uct Avail­abil­i­ty - Sam­ples'' and won 2nd place for ''Deliv­ery Ser­vice - Sam­ples''.   continue

Bourns 4600X Series Thick-film Resistor Networks Now in Our Product Range

23.09.2019 | At Schukat, we’ve expand­ed our port­fo­lio of resis­tance net­works to include prod­ucts from man­u­fac­tur­er Bourns. Bourns' new 4600X resis­tor net­works have a wide resis­tance range from 100 Ohm to 10 MOhm and are suit­able for a wide vari­ety of appli­ca­tions. Man­u­fac­tured from a high­ly flame-retar­dant epoxy-coat­ed enclo­sure   continue

HANLONG Crimping Pliers for Telephone Modular Plugs: Cut, Strip and Crimp with One Tool

20.09.2019 | At Schukat, we have now added two new Han­long crimp­ing pli­ers to our range: the HT-N5684P1 and HT-N5684R mod­els. The pli­ers are designed for use with mod­u­lar plugs of types 8P8C/RJ45, 6P6C/RJ12, 6P4C/RJ11, 4P4C and 4P2C. Besides crimp­ing, the pli­ers can also be used for cut­ting and strip­ping   continue

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