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Sunon Fans Power Supply
MeanWell Power Supplies,
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Resistors, Capacitors,Recom and other Manufacturers
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     Motors and Motor Controllers,
     Programmable Controllers


Electronic Sprays from Kontakt Chemie: Additional Multilingual Product Range
27.03.2017 |Today, more and more users of Kontakt Chemie products are active internationally. However, the company’s chemical-technical sprays can only be sold in countries where the warnings are printed on the spray cans in that country's language. Because of this, Kontakt Chemie now offers its top-selling sprays in an international version

New at Schukat: ATBIG Series Capacitors from FTCap
for Hifi and Consumer Applications

23.03.2017 |At Schukat, we are extending the range of bipolar axial capacitors in FTCap's ATBI series with the addition of their ATBIG series. The additional ''G'' indicates the smooth film used in the caps, which results in a low ESR value. This special version plays an important role especially in hifi speaker crossovers, with the quality of the capacitors  continue

Mean Well Medical Desktop Adaptors GSM_A and
GSM_B Series

21.03.2017 |To meet the demands for medical power supplies, Mean Well has expanded its GSM family of medical adaptors to include the GSM40B, GSM60B, GSM90A, GSM120A, GSM160A and GSM220A series. The power supplies are IEC60601-1 (third edition) certified and the series feature a 2xMOPP design. The GSM40B and GSM60B series  continue

Quality by Panasonic

17.03.2017 |With the brand-name Panasonic, we offer our customers electronic components of outstand-
ing quality at the fairest possible prices. Our Panasonic product range now covers a broad spectrum, including Rechargeable Batteries, SMD Inductance, Electrolytic and Tantalum Capacitors, Inductors, PCB Relays, Metal Oxide Varistors and SMD Resistors  continue

Oval fullrange Speakers SC_ND with Neodymium Magnet System from German Producer Visaton
15.03.2017 |Speakers are becoming increasingly popular in home-
cinema systems and with multi-
media computers, set up alongside the television or beside the monitors. At the same time, it must be noted that the magnetic field surrounding any dynamic speaker system interferes with the image on the television or monitor. Visaton now offers  continue

65W LED Power Supplies with Flicker-free Design: IDLC-65 and IDPC-65 from Mean Well
24.03.2017 |Mean Well recently unveils two more indoor LED drivers with flicker free design, the IDLC-65 with plastic case and the IDPC-65 which is PCB board type with 65W output. These two series both adopt active PFC function. The IDLC-65 and IDPC-65 series both accept 180-295VAC full range input, and the highest working efficiency is up to 89%.  continue

Recom's RTC2 Series: 2 Watt DC/DC Converters in Less than 1/3 Square Inches
22.03.2017 |The new 2W RTC2 series modules from Recom come in a six-pin SMD open-frame package with a footprint of less than 1/3 of a square inch. The 2:1 inputs with voltage ranges of 4.5 to 9V DC or 18 to 36V DC can handle up to 15V DC and 50V DC respectively for up to 100ms. The converters are insulated up to 3kVDC/1s and reach efficiencies over 80%.  continue

Visaton - New Strong Partner with Know-how

20.03.2017 |With more than 45 years of experience in the field of acoustics and loudspeaker technology and a future oriented engagement in research and development, plus the high quality standard of their production, are Visaton nowadays a specialised and world wide successfully operating German loudspeaker manufacturer. Schukat distributes  continue

Mean Well DIN-Rail Power Supplies DRA-40 and DRA-60 Series Feature a Current Adjustment Function
16.03.2017 |To meet the growing demand for DIN rail power supplies, Mean Well has introduced the DRA-40 (40W) and DRA-60 (60W) series. As well as conventional DIN power supply functions, such as output voltage adjustment, the series also features a current adjustment function. This allows users to adjust the output current, via 1-10VDC  continue

New in the Schukat Range: Mean Well Power Supplies RPS-400 for Medical Applications
14.03.2017 |To fulfill the growing trend of global medical industry in the medical standard power supply fields, we have extended our range of Mean Well power supplies to include the RPS-400 series. The RPS power supply units are in compliance with international medical safety regulations and are approved for BF-rated medical devices  continue

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