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Recom's DC/DC Supplies RP-xx06S and RxxP06S Designed for Fast-switching GaN Drivers
23.10.2017 |High slew-rate GaN transistor drivers require isolated +6V supplies with high isolation voltage and low isolation capacitance. The RP-xx06S and RxxP06S series offer an output voltage of +6V which is sufficient to efficiently switch GaN HEMTs without causing a gate dielectric breakdown. Typically, a safe DC/DC isolation voltage should be  continue

SLT3-ISC Extra-compact IP66 Constant-current Power Supplies from Self Electronics
19.10.2017 |In the past, systems for controlling the technical equipment in buildings were extremely complicated. Every device required its own physical control cable and components, and a lot of effort and expense went into planning and installation. In the operational phase, too, maintenance issues were a problem.

Be CIO – Schukat electronic as Digital Explorer –
Fit For The Digital Age

17.10.2017 |Today, confronting the challenge of digital transformation is a crucial success factor for compa-
nies. For Schukat, digitalisation means the increasingly far-reaching integration of software in all compa-
ny processes and operations, both internally and externally. The monitoring and, most importantly, the permanent optimisation of business processes  continue

DC/DC Converters of Recom's RP40-G and RP40-GW Series in Compact 2x2 inch Housing
13.10.2017 |The RP40-G and RP40-GW series DC/DC converters from Recom are certified to UL 60950-1 and to cUL 60950-1. This makes them ideal for all telecom and industrial applications where approved safety standards are required. The industry standard 2x2 inch package meets military standards for thermal shock and vibration tolerance.  continue

SGA Series from Mean Well: Ultra Slim Plug-in Power Supplies with 12W, 18W and 25W Output
11.10.2017 |We have added the compact SGA series class 2 plug-in power supplies from Mean Well to our range. The power supplies have a wide input range from 90V AC to 264V AC and outputs of 12W (SGA12E), 18W (SGA18E) and 25W (SGA25E). With their efficiency of up to 88% and low no-load power consumption below 0,075W they are compliant with  continue

High Efficiency: RPA50S-W Series 50W DC/DC Converter from Recom, Now Available at Schukat
09.10.2017 |Among the latest additions to the Schukat range are these new, low-cost DC/DC converters from Recom. The modules in Recom’s RPA50S-W series feature 91% efficiency, permitting operation from -40° to +54°C using natural convection cooling only, or up to +85°C with derating. With a broad 4:1 input range  continue

HBG-P Series from Mean Well: Round Open-frame Switching Power Supplies with 60 to 240W Output
05.10.2017 |With their HBG-P series Mean Well offers round open-frame switching power supplies, which are able to be directly installed in bay lighting luminaires, that contact with the LED heat sinks of the lighting system design. They are suitable for dry, damp and wet locations and offer system designers a very high level of flexibility when designing illumination systems  continue

Recom's 8W DC/DC Converters of the RP08-AW Series: Ideal for All Telecom and Industrial Applications
03.10.2017 |Recom's RP08-AW series DC/DC converters are certified to UL 60950-1 and this makes them ideal for all telecom and industrial applications where approved safety standards are required. The 24V and 110VDC input versions have been especially designed for railway applications. Recom's RP08-WA series in the DIP24 package  continue

Building Site Logistics Centre: Follow our Progress with our Construction-Cam
29.09.2017 |On 7 August, 2017,
we began construction of our new logistics center and automated small parts warehouse. In the middle of 2018 we will not only have 10,000 sqm storage space, but additionally modern logistics technology to be able to carry out our customer orders even more efficient and flexible.

Schukat and iMaXX, European Fuse Specialists, Continue Path to Success
27.09.2017 |Schukat electronic and iMaXX BV, component specialists in protecting electrical circuits based in Alblasserdam in the Netherlands, are approaching a milestone in their partnership: In September, Schukat will sell the two-millionth iMaXX component. ''This is without doubt a highlight of our business together, even though, unfortunately, we cannot say exactly...  continue

Insulated IDC Low-voltage Connectors from Vogt – Easy Connections with No Stripping, Soldering or Screwing
20.10.2017 |Among the latest additions to our product range are the series 3924 insulated IDC connectors from Vogt. Utilising insulation displacement connection technology, the connectors enable straightforward connections with no special tools, obviating the need for stripping, soldering or screwing the conductors in place. The cables are simply inserted  continue

The Right KNX Power Supply: Schukat Offers Tips for Trouble-free Operation
18.10.2017 |In the past, systems for controlling the technical equipment in buildings were extremely complicated. Every device required its own physical control cable and components, and a lot of effort and expense went into planning and installation. In the operational phase, too, maintenance issues were a problem.

All-round Talent: Compact, Fullrange FRS 8 Speakers from Visaton for a Wide Variety of Applications
16.10.2017 |At Schukat, we have expanded our Visaton range to include their versatile FRS 8 fullrange HiFi speaker. This speaker has a case diameter of 8cm and linear frequency response from 100 to 20,000Hz. With its small size, the FRS 8 is the right choice for a wide range of applications: as surround effect speakers or for mini sub/sat systems  continue

Omron G5Q Series: 1-Pole Miniature Power Relay with 10A Switching Capacity
12.10.2017 |At Schukat, we now supply the Omron G5Q series compact 1-pole miniature power relays. Despite small dimensions of just 20.3x10.3x15.8mm, the series provides 8kV impulse voltage between coil and contact as well as 10A switching capacity. Low coil capacitance (SPDT: 400 mW) and the coil isolation system Class F (UL1446) characterise  continue

Red Frequency - Strong Partner with Know-how

10.10.2017 |Red Frequency is a well-known specialist with more than 15 years’ experience in the field of quartz crystals. Schukat distributes the company's quartz crystals (wired and SMD), resona-
tors and crystal oscillators. Red Frequency is an Intertec Compo-
nents GmbH brand, and brings together the entire quartz crystal expertise  continue

PA-N Power Relays from Panasonic for Industrial Applications
06.10.2017 |Panasonic's slim PA-N series power relays are designed for industrial applications and demonstrate excellent insulating characteristics with long insulation distances: clearance of 5.29mm and creepage distance of 5.35mm, surge breakdown voltage of 6kV (1.2/50µs) and dielectric strength of 3kV (AC 1 minute) between contact and coil  continue

For Devices With Little Space: The 2x4cm Oval Miniature Loudspeaker K20.40 from Visaton
04.10.2017 |The oval and 2x4cm small speaker K20.40 from Visaton is universally applicable in all devices, where space is at a premium. The 7g lightweight loudspeaker is suitable for applications with voice and signal output in devices and systems for indoor and outdoor use. The K20.40 from Visaton features a nominal load capacity of 1W  continue

Flicker Effects in LED Applications

02.10.2017 |The desire and the need for flicker-free light is growing. Consequently, the associated selection of a high-quality LED power supply for lighting design is also gaining in importance. Schukat explains the advantages of making the right choice. Today, with the extremely fast reaction times of LED chips, flicker is becoming increa-
singly significant  continue

RP15-AW Series from Recom: Small DC/DC Converters with Wide 4:1 Input Voltage Range
28.09.2017 |Recom's small
RP15-AW series power converters are half the size of industry standard 15W converters and have a wide input voltage range. Despite their small size of just 9.9mm x 25.4mm, the RP15-AW DC/DC converters feature output currents up to 4A, no minimum load, 1600V DC isolation and low ripple and noise  continue

Recom's RP12-AW Series DC/DC Converters with 4:1 Input Voltage Ratio and 1.6kV Isolation Voltage
26.09.2017 |Recom's isolated
RP12-AW 12W DC/DC converters are certified according to UL 60950-1. This makes them ideal for all telecommunications and industrial applications where approved safety standards are required. The RP12-AW converters meet MIL-STD-810F for thermal shock and vibration

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