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UHU Repair All Powerkitt: A True All-rounder for Repairs, Bonding, Sealing, Mending, Filling and Modelling

07.10.2022 | UHU Repair All Pow­erkitt is a true all-rounder for repairs, bond­ing, seal­ing, mend­ing, fill­ing and mod­el­ling, and is com­pat­i­ble with a wide range of mate­ri­als. A fast-cur­ing, two-com­po­nent epoxy put­ty, UHU Repair All Pow­erkitt is extreme­ly hard after cur­ing and can be drilled, sawn, sand­ed, sand­blast­ed and paint­ed. The put­ty is easy to han­dle and is notable   continue

MEAN WELL Series UHP-1500-HV: 1500W High-voltage Switching Power Supplies, for Industrial Applications

06.10.2022 | For indus­tri­al, high-volt­age DC appli­ca­tions - e.g. for elec­trol­y­sis, ener­gy-stor­age charg­ing, UV and laser appli­ca­tions – we have now intro­duced the 1500W high-volt­age switch­ing pow­er sup­plies UHP-1500-HV series to our range. These DC pow­er sup­plies can be inte­grat­ed direct­ly into the end prod­ucts, improv­ing their per­for­mance with high out­put volt­age   continue

0.9-inch IPS Displays from Display Vision With and Without Capacitive Touch (PCAP)

05.10.2022 | Schukat is once again expand­ing its range with the addi­tion of com­pact 0.9'' IPS TFT dis­plays with adapter board for the Rasp­ber­ry Pi Pico from man­u­fac­tur­er Display Vision. Despite their small diag­o­nal, the colour dis­plays offer res­o­lu­tion of 180 x 60 pix­els. The AACS (All Angle Colour Display) gives the screen a wide view­ing angle   continue

15-0004 Series from CONEC: D-sub Plugs and Sockets with IP67 Protection

04.10.2022 | Schukat is expand­ing its prod­uct range with the D-sub plugs and sock­ets in CONEC’s 15-0004 series, which offer IP67 pro­tec­tion. Both sol­id-body series are avail­able in 9, 15, 25, and 37-pole ver­sions. With attach­ment bolts and PCB clips, the con­nec­tors are sur­face mount­able and have a UNC-4-40 inte­ri­or thread on the con­nec­tion side   continue

Fuse Links 5x20mm According to UL Standard: Series UL520.600, UL521.000 and UL522.200 from ESKA

30.09.2022 | With the device pro­tec­tion fus­es of the UL520.600, UL521.000 and UL522.200 series from ESKA, Schukat has var­i­ous micro­fus­es in the 5x20mm dimen­sion in its range, which are approved in accor­dance with the UL 248-14 safe­ty stan­dard. All three series sup­ply rat­ed volt­ages from 125 to 250V and have a break­ing capac­i­ty of 35 to 10,000 A (at 120VAC)   continue

Recom RACM1200-V 1200W Power Supplies with Fan-free Cooling, Certified for Medical and Industrial Applications

29.09.2022 | Recom’s new RACM1200-V series AC/DC pow­er sup­plies are now expand­ing the Schukat pow­er-sup­ply range. The units offer peak pow­er of up to 1200W for 10 sec­onds as well as sup­ply­ing pow­er con­tin­u­ous­ly at 1000W. Mea­sur­ing just 228 x 96.2 x 40mm, they are set­ting new bench­marks in their pow­er class   continue

Ferrite Rings and Ferrite Snap Beads from Essentra with Good Price/Performance Ratio for Round Cables

28.09.2022 | Essen­tra's cost-effec­tive fer­rites for sup­pres­sion of con­duct­ed inter­fer­ence in round cables are avail­able as snap-on fer­rite for easy retro­fitting or as a closed fer­rite ring. They are made of the fer­rite mate­ri­als K5B or A5. Essen­tra's fold­ing fer­rites are suit­able for cable diam­e­ters from 3.5 to 13mm   continue

Battery Chargers for Interchangeable DC Plugs 2440 LI Series by Mascot for 1 to 16 Lithium-ion Battery Cells

27.09.2022 | With the 2440 LI series, Mas­cot offers switch-mode con­stant cur­rent con­stant volt­age (CCCV) charg­ers with a max­i­mum charg­ing cur­rent of 4A or less if required. The charg­ing cur­rent is con­trolled by an intel­li­gent 3-step charg­ing cir­cuit with cur­rent lev­el detec­tion as charge ter­mi­na­tion, which ful­fils all require­ments for a safe and com­plete charge   continue

Compact SMD Thermal Fuses RTS Series from Schurter, for Automotive, Medical and Industrial Applications

26.09.2022 | To pro­tect high­ly inte­grat­ed pow­er electronics from over­heat­ing, Schukat offers the par­tic­u­lar­ly com­pact ther­mal fus­es in Schurter’s RTS (reflow­able ther­mal switch) series in SMD for­mat. The fus­es are used in the auto­mo­tive and med­ical seg­ments and oth­er indus­tri­al sec­tors, and, thanks to com­plete gal­van­ic iso­la­tion, reli­ably pro­tect pow­er semi­con­duc­tors   continue

electronica 2022: From A to Z – Schukat Fills the Electronics Industry’s Needs - Hall B4, Stand B4-379

23.09.2022 | At elec­tron­i­ca 2022, Schukat electronic will be pre­sent­ing new and in-focus prod­ucts from its com­pre­hen­sive range of pow­er sup­plies, pas­sive and electro­mechan­i­cal com­po­nents, semi­con­duc­tors, and cool­ing solu­tions. Pow­er sup­plies being pre­sent­ed include the new DC/AC invert­ers in the NTS series from MEAN WELL   continue

Compact, Industrial Ethernet Connectors IX Series from Hirose for Industrial Applications

22.09.2022 | Schukat has now added the IX eth­er­net con­nec­tors from Hirose, designed for indus­tri­al appli­ca­tions, to its prod­uct port­fo­lio. Com­pared to reg­u­lar mod­u­lar RJ-45 solu­tions, the IX series offers a 75% size reduc­tion, pre­sent­ing an ide­al choice when instal­la­tion space is lim­it­ed. Par­al­lel mount­ing is pos­si­ble at P=10mm.   continue

RAC20E-K/277 Series AC/DC Converter Modules from RECOM, for Industrial and Domestic Applications

21.09.2022 | Recom’s new RAC20E-K/277 series of encap­su­lat­ed 20W AC/DC mod­ules for PCB mount­ing are among the newest addi­tions to our prod­uct range. With a foot­print mea­sur­ing just 52.7 x 27.6mm, the new con­vert­ers have the same dimen­sions as the exist­ing K series 20W mod­ules. A new pin assign­ment, how­ev­er, makes it com­pat­i­ble with addi­tion­al indus­try   continue

Cleaning Sprays and Wipes from CRC Industries and Kontakt Chemie

20.09.2022 | Wipes Ind from CRC Kon­takt Chemie are ver­sa­tile clean­ing wipes with high dirt dis­solv­ing pow­er. The durable, lint-free wipes are impreg­nat­ed with a clean­ing solu­tion and remove oil, grease, paint and adhe­sive residues from many dif­fer­ent sur­faces. They are ide­al­ly suit­ed for gen­tle clean­ing of glass, wood, met­al and plas­tic sur­faces   continue

Ultra-reliable Monitoring ICs and Watchdogs from Chinese Manufacturer SGMicro

19.09.2022 | Our new Chi­nese dis­tri­b­u­tion part­ner SGMi­cro offers a wide vari­ety of extreme­ly reli­able mon­i­tor­ing ICs and watch­dogs for micro­con­trollers, and we now have a start­ing selec­tion of these prod­ucts avail­able. Ini­tial­ly, we are sup­ply­ing the pro­duc­er's stan­dard 706, 708, 803, 809, 810, 811 and 812 ICs, with 2.63 to 4.63V thresh­old volt­ages   continue

Program Extension: New B4MASK Series Waterproof Rocker Switch from Molveno with 3 Switching Positions

16.09.2022 | B4MASK series rock­er switch­es with IP65 from Mol­veno are the ide­al solu­tion for all out­door appli­ca­tions that require robust­ness, resis­tance and high pro­tec­tion against dust, humid­i­ty and splash­ing water. The new B4MASK19C112A switch has three switch posi­tions and is typ­i­cal­ly used, for exam­ple, in indus­tri­al vac­u­um clean­ers that have two pow­er lev­els   continue

Dimmable Constant-current Power Supplies from Self Electronics with Adjustable DC Output

15.09.2022 | We are now offer­ing the flex­i­bly adjustable con­stant cur­rent pow­er sup­plies SLD20-IBD-UN, SLD20-ILA-UN1, SLD23-IBD-UN, SLD35-ILA-UN1, SLD35-IBD-UN and SLD45-IBD-UN from Self Electronics with 20, 35 and 45W. The LED pow­er sup­plies have been spe­cial­ly devel­oped for mod­ern indoor light­ing appli­ca­tions accord­ing to IP20 and are suit­able for   continue

Small Watertight Polycarbonate Enclosures 1551 Series from Hammond with IP68 Rating

14.09.2022 | With the 1551W series from Hammond Electronics, Schukat has now added water­tight, IP68-rat­ed, minia­ture enclo­sures to its range. These robust enclo­sures are ide­al­ly suit­ed for mount­ing small print­ed cir­cuit boards and, with their pre­formed sil­i­cone gas­ket, pro­vide excel­lent pro­tec­tion against the ingress of dust and liq­uids. In case of fire   continue

Aluminium Small Enclosures and Special Design Enclosures from the Manufacturer Fischer Elektronik

12.09.2022 | We have expand­ed our port­fo­lio of alu­mini­um enclo­sures to include uni­ver­sal alu­mini­um small enclo­sures and spe­cial design enclo­sures from the man­u­fac­tur­er Fischer Elektronik. The FR5525100ME alu­mini­um pro­file enclo­sure offers a mod­ern design in com­bi­na­tion with a shock-resis­tant, yel­low plas­tic design frame and seal for use as a desk­top enclo­sure   continue

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