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Cleaning Sprays and Wipes from CRC Industries and Kontakt Chemie

Wipes Ind from CRC Kontakt Chemie are versatile cleaning wipes with high dirt dissolving power. The durable, lint-free wipes are impregnated with a cleaning solution and remove oil, grease, paint and adhesive residues from many different surfaces. They are ideally suited for gentle cleaning of glass, wood, metal and plastic surfaces on fittings, housings, tools etc. The structured fabric side is used for gentle but thorough removal of dirt. The smooth, soft reverse side absorbs any remaining dirt. Wipes Ind 20246-AA and 12006-AA from CRC are available in a resealable box with 50 or 100 wipes.

Screen Wipes are the antistatic cleaning wipes for all types of screens. The wet wipes contain a mild cleaning agent for effective and gentle dirt removal and are supplied in a practical, resealable dosage box. The special fluid has an antistatic effect, which reduces future dust and dirt attraction. Screen Wipes 31980-AA from CRC are ideal for fast and gentle cleaning of LCD displays, TFT monitors, plasma screens and glass surfaces of all kinds.

Citro Cleaner is a powerful industrial cleaner based on natural orange terpenes. The Citrus Cleaner 32436-AA from Kontakt Chemie removes all kind of dirt such as oil, grease, wax and especially stubborn residues such as resin, tar, rubber abrasion, adhesive and paint residues. Its orange fragrance makes it pleasant to work with. After application, it dries without leaving any residue.

Inox Kleen is a special aqueous cleaning foam for stainless steel, aluminium and chrome. Dirt, fingerprints and water stains are quickly removed. After cleaning, an evenly shiny surface remains. A wafer-thin, water-repellent protective film produces a long-lasting shine. Inox Cleen 20720-AU from Kontakt Chemie is registered according to NSF A7,C1 for use in food technology.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product groups:
T7611 - CRC Cleaning Wipes, Wipes IND, Screen Wipes
R2261 - KONTAKT CHEMIE Electronic Sprays, Universal Cleaner

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