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''Programmable Logic'' from Cologne Chip: FPGA CCGM1A1-BGA324 from the GateMate™ Series and Corresponding Cevelopment Board Available

Schukat has now added the CCGM1A1-BGA324 FPGAs from Cologne Chip’s GateMate™ series to its product range. GateMate™’s matching CCGM1A1-E-31B FPGA evaluation board is now also available from the distributor. The richly featured development board is ready for immediate use and serves as a reference design for direct entry into application development, with Cologne Chip facilitating entry into development by offering the complete toolchain as open source.
The FPGA can be used for applications from low power to high speed, and thus in a wide range of application areas: industry, automation, communications, security, automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and many more. Performance, power consumption, package size, and printed circuit board (PCB) compatibility are best in class.
In developing the FPGA, great attention was paid to keeping integration simple, saving both time and money.
The devices are well suited to everything from university projects to large-scale production, and are based on a novel FPGA architecture called Cologne Programmable Elements (CPE), which utilises an intelligent routing engine and enables the efficient construction of modules of any size. Memory-conscious applications can use block RAMs with bit widths from 1 to 80 bits, while the built-in general purpose IOs (GPIOs) operate on a voltage range of 1.2 to 2.5 volts. All GPIOs are configurable as single-ended or LVDS differential pairs. A high-speed SerDes interface is also on hand. Further FPGAs offering higher performance are planned for release in early 2023.
The units are manufactured using GlobalfoundriesTM 28nm Super Low Power (SLP) process in Dresden. With its design and manufacturing location in Germany, Cologne Chip presents a unique “Made in Germany” selling proposition among the globally competitive FPGAs on the market. With a stable supply chain already established, Cologne Chip can deliver at short notice, offering an alternative to existing FPGAs.

Comprehensive technical specifications, current prices and inventory, and downloadable datasheets can be found in product groups:
Y1711 - COLOGNE CHIP FPGA Development Board

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