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SGMicro is a Chinese semiconductor manufacturer specialising in the development of high-performance, high-quality analogue ICs. Schukat has been a contract distributor for SGMicro since 17 July, 2019, and sells a large number of their analogue ICs.

SGMicro was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. In 2017, the company went public, listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
SGMicro's products are widely used in mobile phones, televisions, DVD players, digital cameras, notebooks, consumer and automotive electronics, industrial automation, medical equipment, LCD displays, etc.

The company’s multinational design team consists of experts in analogue IC design with over 20 years experience in IC design, layout, process, assembly, testing and quality control. Thanks to years of intensive investment in R&D and outstanding design knowledge and capabilities, SGMicro has introduced more than 1000 analogue IC products (all lead-free and RoHS and green compliant), with high performance, high quality and excellent reliability – high-speed operational amplifiers, low-power comparators, microprocessor-monitoring ICs, video buffers, audio amplifiers, low-power LCD controllers, LED drivers, switching regulators, analogue switches, and power management ICs. SGMicro will continue to introduce new, more powerful analogue IC products for portable devices, communications and industrial and consumer electronics.

By consistently implementing its advanced, reliable and ever-improving QA system and policies, SGMicro ensures that each chip it produces is of outstanding quality and reliability. With advanced design, superior performance and outstanding quality, they are leaders in the analogue IC industry.

* * *

You will find Zettler electronics products in the following areas:

Operational Amplifiles

Series SGM_Case: DIP/DIL, SO, SOT23-5

Voltage Monitors
Series SGM_Case: SO, Supply Voltage 1,0...5,5V
Series SGM_Case: SOT23, SOT143, Supply Voltage 1,0...5,5V

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