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Halogen and Halide-free Solder Wire from Alpha – SAC 305 and SACX Plus 0307 from the Telecore HF-850 Series

29.03.2018 | The SAC305 and SACXPlus0307 wires with 2.2% flux from Alpha’s Telecore HF-850 series are avail­able in 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1.0mm diam­e­ters. These halo­gen and halide-free wires demon­strate out­stand­ing wet­ting char­ac­ter­is­tics with very low flux spat­ter. They there­fore rep­re­sent an envi­ron­men­tal­ly sus­tain­able prod­uct and an excel­lent alter­na­tive to halo­gen and halide-con­tain­ing sol­der wires avail­able on the mar­ket.  continue

The New Recom RxxP2xxyy Series: DC/DC Converters for Next-gen SiC MOSFETs

28.03.2018 | Recom has recent­ly intro­duced the new 2W DC/DC con­vert­er series RxxP2xxyy, spe­cial­ly designed to pow­er the lat­est gen­er­a­tion of SiC MOSFETs. Switch­ing SiC MOSFETs requires unique turn-on and turn-off volt­ages atyp­i­cal of oth­er IGBT or MOSFET appli­ca­tions. The RxxP21503D series pro­vides asym­met­ri­cal out­put volt­ages of +15 and -3V, which are need­ed to effi­cient­ly switch sec­ond gen­er­a­tion SiC MOSFETs.  continue

FMW-52 Two-stage Suppression Filters from Schurter for Increased Noise Suppression

23.03.2018 | Schurter's two-stage stan­dard-ver­sion sup­pres­sion fil­ters offer pro­tec­tion against mains inter­fer­ence volt­ages. The fil­ters, built into a met­al hous­ing with 6.3 by 0.8mm quick-con­nect ter­mi­nals, are designed for increased noise-sup­pres­sion require­ments. Inter­fer­ence volt­ages gen­er­at­ed in equip­ment are great­ly atten­u­at­ed. These Schurter line fil­ters with their increased damp­ing are suit­able for use for both indus­tri­al and stan­dard …  continue

Schukat Presents GQ Series Miniature Power Relays from Goodsky

20.03.2018 | At Schukat, we have now added Good­sky's new GQ series of pow­er PCB relays as the suc­ces­sor to the well-known RY series. These minia­ture relays have a wide range of appli­ca­tion areas, includ­ing heat­ing and motor con­trols, build­ing ser­vices, smart home and smart ener­gy appli­ca­tions, test­ing and con­trol equip­ment, light­ing con­trols and in time-delay and con­trol relays.  continue

Red Magnetics – Strong Partner with Know-how

16.03.2018 | Red Magnetics is a well-known spe­cial­ist with more than 15 years’ expe­ri­ence in the field of elec­tro­mag­nets. Schukat dis­trib­utes the com­pa­ny's elec­tro­mag­nets (ful­ly encap­su­lat­ed retain­ing mag­nets, framed sole­noids, cylin­dri­cal sole­noids) and per­ma­nent elec­tro­mag­nets (ful­ly encap­su­lat­ed retain­ing mag­nets). Red Magnetics is an Intertec Com­po­nents GmbH brand, and brings togeth­er the entire mag­net­ic exper­tise of its long-estab­lished par­ent …  continue

Recom's New High Power Density 3W DC/DC Converter RKZ3 in SIP7 Case

15.03.2018 | The RKZ3 series of 3W high-iso­la­tion DC/DC con­vert­ers are suit­able for demand­ing indus­tri­al appli­ca­tions to iso­late sup­plies, break ground loops or sep­a­rate mul­ti-chan­nel inputs which require more pow­er than cur­rent­ly avail­able in stan­dard SIP7 iso­lat­ed DC/DC con­vert­ers. These effi­cient con­vert­ers have input volt­ages of 5, 12 and 24VDC  continue

MEAN WELL SMD DC/DC Converter Modules of the SFTN01 and DETN01 Series with 1W Power

09.03.2018 | In order to raise DC/DC con­vert­er com­pet­i­tive­ness, MEAN WELL is releas­ing SMD 1W unreg­u­lat­ed DC/DC con­vert­ers, sin­gle out­put SFTN01 and dual out­put DETN01. Com­pared to the last gen­er­a­tion SFT01/DET01, the new SFTN01/DETN01 series have wider oper­at­ing tem­per­a­ture (-40 to +90℃), high­er effi­cien­cy (max. 83%) and longer war­ran­ty (3 years). In addi­tion,  continue

New from Schurter: FMLB-09 Series, One-stage RFI Line Filters for Industrial Applications

08.03.2018 | We have now added Schurter's one-stage line fil­ters in their FMLB-09 series to our range. In a met­al case with 6.3x0.8mm quick-con­nect ter­mi­nals, these line fil­ters have high atten­u­a­tion at max­i­mum/asym­met­ric load, inde­pen­dent of the line imped­ance. Spe­cial­ly designed for indus­tri­al appli­ca­tions, these com­pact fil­ters are suit­able for use in IEC/UL60950-com­pli­ant equip­ment, for exam­ple frequency con­vert­ers, step­per motor dri­ves, UPS …  continue

Super-flat SLT96-VLC-UN LED Power Supplies from Self Electronics Available from Stock

07.03.2018 | The LED pow­er sup­plies in the Self Electronics SLT96-VLC-UN series have been spe­cial­ly devel­oped for mod­ern IP67 out­door LED light­ing appli­ca­tions and fea­ture a par­tic­u­lar­ly com­pact case. They fea­ture a wide input volt­age range and can be oper­at­ed on both 230VAC and 110VAC. With a pro­file just 23mm high, instal­la­tion in e.g. tight spaces or behind cup­boards is a breeze  continue

MEDengineering 1/2018 ''Know-how for medical power supplies''

05.03.2018 | When it comes to select­ing a pow­er sup­ply for a med­ical device, qual­i­ty and safe­ty have the high­est pri­or­i­ty. The strin­gent require­ments con­tained in cur­rent stan­dards demand a great deal of know-how on the part of the devel­op­ers. Schukat pro­vides tips regard­ing the best choice of cer­ti­fied DC/DC con­vert­ers and AC/DC pow­er units for med­ical appli­ca­tions.  continue

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