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Schukat Supports Cologne-based Association CAYA e.V. with 58,500 Euros as Part of a Fundraising Campaign with MEAN WELL

Schukat, Europe's leading MEAN WELL distributor, has joined forces with MEAN WELL to support the Cologne-based association CAYA e.V. as part of a large-scale fundraising campaign. With a generous donation of 58,500 euros, Schukat is supporting the important work of CAYA, which provides medical care for the homeless, refugees, drug addicts and those who are often overlooked by the healthcare system.

CAYA, which stands for "Come as you are", plays an essential role in Cologne by caring for 5 to 7 patients every day. Over the last 1.5 years, the association has recorded around 2000 care contacts, which underlines the increasing importance of its work. As the only practice of its kind in Cologne that is open 5 days a week, CAYA is an indispensable part of Cologne's healthcare landscape.
The association works in an environment in which the average life expectancy on the street in Germany is 47 years and the trust of those affected in the healthcare system is often low. The donation presented by Schukat ensures that the practice's existence is secured for the next nine months. In addition, plans for the future are in the works, including the establishment of a patient apartment to offer patients a more stable perspective after treatment.

Schukat electronic, an independent family business, was founded in 1964 by Hans-Georg Schukat in Monheim am Rhein. Under the management of siblings Georg, Bert and Edith Schukat in the second generation, the company employs around 170 people and 20 trainees. In 2022, the company generated gross sales of 184 million euros.
Both Schukat and MEAN WELL have been involved in supporting various charitable projects for many years. MEAN WELL, a leading provider of power supply solutions with over 40 years of experience, is known worldwide for its efficient and energy-saving technologies, high reliability, excellent price-performance ratios and high innovative strength.

The joint fundraising campaign between Schukat and MEAN WELL in favor of CAYA underlines the ongoing commitment of both companies to support and improve the living conditions of disadvantaged groups within society.


CAYA e. V. is looking for doctors who would like to volunteer.
They are particularly interested in colleagues who speak Polish, Romanian or Bulgarian. Many of those affected come from these countries and there are considerable communication difficulties that they would like to overcome.
The working hours are 12:45 to 16:00 on working days.

Bergischer Ring 40, 51063 Köln
Open Tuesday to Friday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm

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