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High-quality Operational Amplifier Alternatives from SGMicro, for All Applications

03.11.2023 | With the oper­a­tional ampli­fiers from SGMi­cro, we now offer a series of inter­est­ing, high-qual­i­ty and attrac­tive­ly priced alter­na­tives to the oper­a­tional ampli­fiers from oth­er well-known op-amp man­u­fac­tur­ers, for all appli­ca­tions. Whether you are look­ing for high pre­ci­sion, low noise, high speed, micro-pow­er or nano-pow­er oper­a­tional ampli­fiers: the Chi­nese pro­duc­ers deliv­ers a wide-rang­ing selec­tion of op-amps in all these cat­e­gories, …  continue

Espressif Systems: Uncomplicated, Secure Connection of Applications and Devices to the IoT

12.09.2023 | The WiFi/Blue­tooth mod­ules from Chi­nese man­u­fac­tur­er Espres­sif Sys­tems, a recent addi­tion to our range, will allow you, in future, to con­nect your appli­ca­tions and devices to the Inter­net of Things (IoT) sim­ply and secure­ly. The Espres­sif WiFi mod­ules are based on the WiFi SoC IC series ESP8266 (ESP mod­ules), ESP32 (ESP32 mod­ules) or ESP32-S2 (ESP32-S2 mod­ules), all devel­oped by Espres­sif itself.  continue

''Programmable Logic'' from Cologne Chip: FPGA CCGM1A1-BGA324 from the GateMate™ Series and Corresponding Cevelopment Board Available

31.08.2023 | Schukat has now added the CCGM1A1-BGA324 FPGAs from Cologne Chip’s Gate­M­ate™ series to its prod­uct range. Gate­M­ate™’s match­ing CCGM1A1-E-31B FPGA eval­u­a­tion board is now also avail­able from the dis­trib­u­tor. The rich­ly fea­tured devel­op­ment board is ready for imme­di­ate use and serves as a ref­er­ence design for direct entry into appli­ca­tion devel­op­ment, with Cologne Chip facil­i­tat­ing entry into devel­op­ment by offer­ing the com­plete tool­chain …  continue

DC/DC Step-down Switching Regulators from Manufacturer SG MICRO, Now in Stock

17.07.2023 | We have extend­ed our prod­uct range to include the step-down switch­ing reg­u­la­tors in the SG MICRO’s SGM series (SGM61030, SGM61230, SGM61410, SGM61430 and SGM61220). The reg­u­la­tors offer a broad input volt­age range from 2.5V to 42V, while out­put cur­rent ranges from 0.6A to 3A with very high-effi­cien­cy.  continue

High Processing Power and Reduced Power Consumption: ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit Flash Microcontrollers GD32F103 Series from GIGADEVICE

24.04.2023 | The 32-bit flash micro­con­trollers in GIGADE­VICE’s GD32F103 series, based on the ARM® Cor­tex™-M3 RISC core, deliv­er high com­put­ing per­for­mance com­bined with low pow­er con­sump­tion. They are now in stock at Schukat. For max­i­mum effi­cien­cy, the ARM® Cor­tex™-M3 32-bit proces­sor core oper­ates at a frequency of 108 MHz.  continue

Ultra-reliable Monitoring ICs and Watchdogs from Chinese Manufacturer SGMicro

19.09.2022 | Our new Chi­nese dis­tri­b­u­tion part­ner SGMi­cro offers a wide vari­ety of extreme­ly reli­able mon­i­tor­ing ICs and watch­dogs for micro­con­trollers, and we now have a start­ing selec­tion of these prod­ucts avail­able. Ini­tial­ly, we are sup­ply­ing the pro­duc­er's stan­dard 706, 708, 803, 809, 810, 811 and 812 ICs, with the com­mon­ly used thresh­old volt­ages of 2.63 to 4.63V in the usu­al SO8, SOT23 and SOT143 SMD pack­ages.  continue

Expanding Our Catalogue with New, Ultra-fast SMD Rectifier Diodes from Taiwan Semiconductor

01.09.2022 | At Schukat, we have expand­ed our prod­uct port­fo­lio to include the new ultra fast SMD rec­ti­fi­er diodes in the PU1, PU2, PU3, PU4 and PU6 series from Taiwan Semi­con­duc­tor. From SMA to SOD-123W, the diodes are now in stock in up to 10 dif­fer­ent pack­ages. They are AEC-Q101 com­pli­ant, mak­ing them an ide­al choice for auto­mo­tive use as well as for oth­er appli­ca­tions, and are RoHS com­pli­ant and halo­gen-free in accor­dance with IEC 61249-2-21.  continue

Fast-Recovery SMD Bridge Rectifiers from TSC Featuring 2A to 4A in Thin SMD Package

12.05.2022 | The new SMD bridge rec­ti­fiers RABS20M, RYBS30M and RTBS40M from Taiwan Semi­con­duc­tor have now been added to the Schukat range. Despite their small dimen­sions, which allows mod­ule height to be reduced, they have high rec­ti­fi­er cur­rents of 2A, 3A and 4A as well as 1000V Max. Peak Recur­rent Reverse Volt­age  continue

LDO Voltage Regulators from SG Micro now at Schukat: Extensive SGM Series in SOT23 Housing

18.03.2022 | Schukat has added over 40 types of LDO volt­age reg­u­la­tors from SG Micro's SGM series to its range. The char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­tures of all con­trollers include their low out­put noise, a low dropout volt­age of no more than 1.3V and their high out­put cur­rent of no more than 500mA depend­ing on the type  continue

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