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Power Supplies Mean Well

MEAN WELL MPM-90 Series Miniature Switching Power Supplies for Medical Applications

23.10.2020 | With the AC/DC switch­ing pow­er sup­plies in the MPM-90 series from MEAN WELL, Schukat now offers minia­ture 90W pow­er sup­plies designed for med­ical appli­ca­tions. The units meet the require­ments of the lat­est med­ical safe­ty stan­dards IEC/EN60335-1 and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 and also the 2 x MOPP iso­la­tion lev­el  continue

Individually Configurable: MEAN WELL NMP Series Modular Power Supplies for Industrial and Medical Applications

16.10.2020 | MEAN WELL's com­pact, low-pro­file (1U) NMP650 (650W) and NMP1K2 (1200W) pow­er sup­plies fea­ture intel­li­gent con­trol func­tions such as volt­age and cur­rent con­trol, remote pow­er on/off for indi­vid­ual mod­ules or the com­plete sys­tem, over-tem­per­a­ture warn­ing and DC OK sig­nal, enabling remote con­trol and mon­i­tor­ing appli­ca­tions  continue

The Time Has Come: MEAN WELL's Latest Print Catalogues Are Now Available

02.10.2020 | The print edi­tions of MEAN WELL's lat­est indus­try and LED pow­er sup­ply cat­a­logues are now avail­able. We will be hap­py to send these to you on request. Please get in touch with your per­son­al cus­tomer advis­er. Addi­tion­al­ly the cat­a­logues can be down­loaded as PDFs direct­ly from our web­site.  continue

UHP Series from MEAN WELL: Low Profile, Fanless and High-efficient Power Supplies Now from 200 up to 2500W Output

22.09.2020 | With their new­ly added con­duc­tion-cooled and fan­less UHP-2500 series MEAN WELL extends the out­put wattage of its UHP fam­i­ly up to 2500W. The U-brack­et type pow­er sup­plies of the UHP series have a low pro­file of just 26mm to max. 60mm. In addi­tion to the high effi­cien­cy up to 96% the UHP series oper­ates from up to -30 to +70°C  continue

HEP-1000 Series from MEAN WELL: Intelligent Fanless Industrial Power Supplies for Use in Harsh Environments

10.09.2020 | The smart pow­er sup­ply units in MEAN WELL's HEP-1000 series for harsh envi­ron­ments, with effi­cien­cy of 96%, are now part of the Schukat range. While the 24V and 48V ver­sions are suit­able for many indus­tri­al appli­ca­tions, the 100V mod­el is designed to meet the demands of high volt­age appli­ca­tions such as laser equip­ment and charg­ers, and built for use in dusty and humid envi­ron­ments  continue

The Current MEAN WELL Industrial Power Supply Catalogue is Online: Download now as PDF!

01.09.2020 | In their new cat­a­logue, MEAN WELL, the world's lead­ing pro­duc­er of stan­dard switch­ing pow­er sup­plies, once again presents a wealth of new prod­uct devel­op­ments. New AC/DC pow­er sup­plies include the HRP-150N, HRP-300N and HRP-600N series, which, for exam­ple, deliv­er a peak cur­rent of 200% for 5 sec­onds for loads with high start­ing cur­rents  continue

IRM-90 Series from MEAN WELL: New AC/DC Industrial Power Supplies Delivering 90W for PCB Installation

19.08.2020 | To meet the increas­ing pow­er require­ments of the mar­ket, Schukat has added the new indus­tri­al switch­ing pow­er sup­plies in MEAN WELL's IRM-90 series to its range; the units extend the IRM series to 90W. The closed-design switch­ing pow­er sup­plies can be mount­ed and sol­dered direct­ly onto the PCB, while an alter­na­tive instal­la­tion util­is­ing screw ter­mi­nals is also avail­able (IRM-90-xST)  continue

New at Schukat: MEAN WELL Series PHP-3500 Digital Water-cooled Power Supplies from MEAN WELL with 3500W Output Power for Optional Parallel Connection

03.08.2020 | For the first time, Schukat has added water-cooled pow­er sup­plies with 3500W out­put pow­er to its range: the PHP-3500 series from MEAN WELL. Thanks to their dig­i­tal cir­cuit design, the pow­er sup­plies offer a high 96% effi­cien­cy along­side excel­lent reli­a­bil­i­ty. Appli­ca­tions include indus­tri­al laser pro­cess­ing equip­ment and RF and microwave telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions, mechan­i­cal engi­neer­ing and bat­tery charg­ing tech­nol­o­gy.  continue

Intelligent Lighting: The LCM-40/60BLE Bluetooth Mesh LED Driver from MEAN WELL

16.07.2020 | For intel­li­gent LED light­ing, Schukat has now intro­duced the LCM-40/60BLE LED dri­vers from MEAN WELL to its range. The dri­vers offer a Blue­tooth mesh net­work solu­tion that enables indoor and com­mer­cial light­ing to be con­trolled using the Blue­tooth Low Ener­gy 4.0 mesh pro­to­col. The inte­grat­ed Casam­bi Blue­tooth mesh net­work solu­tion auto­mat­i­cal­ly con­nects to wire­less mesh net­works, allow­ing a large num­ber of lamps to be con­trolled from a …  continue

The New MEAN WELL LED Power Supply Catalogue is Now Available for Download as a PDF File

29.06.2020 | In their new cat­a­logue, MEAN WELL, the world's lead­ing pro­duc­er of stan­dard switch­ing pow­er sup­plies, once again presents a wealth of new prod­uct devel­op­ments. New prod­ucts in the cat­a­logue, which lists all of MEAN WELL's switch­ing pow­er sup­plies and DC/DC con­vert­ers for LED light­ing, include the PWM-60KN and PWM-120KN con­stant volt­age LED pow­er sup­plies (CV)  continue

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