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Tools and Measuring

Knipex-Cobra® Water Pump Pliers and the Smallest Cobra® for Highest Requirements

17.01.2020 | The Knipex Cobra® water pump pli­ers pack tight­ly and safe­ly with­out slip­ping, even when things get tough. The spe­cial jaw design with oppos­ing off-set teeth ensures max­i­mum grip and per­fect align­ment. In addi­tion the Knipex Water Pump Pli­ers Cobra® KNIP8701 offers a unique adjust­ment mech­a­nism: at the push of a but­ton the tool adjusts fast and eas­i­ly to the work­piece.  continue

Schukat Expands its Product Portfolio with Technical Sprays from WEICON

02.01.2020 | Schukat electronic has sig­nif­i­cant­ly expand­ed its Weicon's port­fo­lio of tech­ni­cal sprays. The prod­uct group R2287 includes oth­er tech­ni­cal sprays such as All-round Seal­ing Spray avail­able in white, black and grey, for seal­ing the finest cracks and seams indoors and out­doors, as well as a Smoke Detec­tor Test Spray for reli­able test­ing of the cor­rect func­tion­ing of opti­cal or pho­to­elec­tric smoke detec­tors and smoke switch­es.  continue

Schukat Expands its Product Portfolio with Stannol Fairtin Solder Wires

16.12.2019 | With its Fairtin prod­uct range, Stan­nol pro­vides electronics man­u­fac­tur­ers with sol­ders that make their prod­ucts fair­er in terms of envi­ron­men­tal and social sus­tain­abil­i­ty. The Kristall 600 can be used for man­u­al and machine sol­der­ing in the area of elec­tri­cal engi­neer­ing and electronics. The mod­ern acti­va­tor sys­tem of the flux ensures, despite the fact that it is low acti­vat­ed, a good, fast and safe wet­ting.  continue

More New Electronic Sprays from Weicon are Now in Our Portfolio

11.12.2019 | Weicon Sil­i­cone Flu­id and PTFE Flu­id expand the Schukat port­fo­lio in the field of lubri­cat­ing and func­tion­al oils. Weicon PTFE Flu­id is a spe­cial dry lubri­cant with a strong non-stick effect and is NSF reg­is­tered for the food indus­try. In the rust remover and release agent cat­e­go­ry a Con­tact Spray, the W44T® Mul­ti Spray and the W44T® Flu­id were includ­ed.  continue

Portfolio Supplement: New Cleaning Sprays and Technical Aerosols from Weicon

26.11.2019 | New in the range are Elec­tro Con­tact Clean­er, Fast Clean­er, Foam Clean­ers, Plas­tic Clean­ers, Cit­rus Clean­ers, Label Remover, Screen Clean­er and Com­pressed-Air Spray, Freeze Spray and Iso­la­tion Spray. The Weicon Elec­tro Con­tact Clean­er has been espe­cial­ly devel­oped for clean­ing electronic and mechan­i­cal com­po­nents.  continue

Schukat Expands its Product Portfolio with New Markers from Edding

19.11.2019 | Schukat has also added numer­ous oth­er mark­ers to its range of Edding prod­ucts: In addi­tion to var­i­ous per­ma­nent mark­ers, pre­ci­sion fine mark­ers, CD/DVD/BD mark­ers and prod­ucts from the eco­L­ine series, Schukat has also added new prod­ucts to its range. At least 90% of the plas­tic used in these pens comes from recy­cled mate­r­i­al, 83% of which is post-con­sumer plas­tic such as used yoghurt pots or water­ing cans.  continue

New: Application Spefic Products from Edding

06.11.2019 | In par­tic­u­lar, we have includ­ed a selec­tion of appli­ca­tion-spe­cif­ic pens from Edding for you. Edding 8407 cable mark­er is expe­cial­ly made for mark­ing cables. Cables run across near­ly every build­ing. It’s impor­tant that they don’t run wild, so a clear labelling of the cables is essen­tial for elec­tri­cians and work­ers alike. Edding 8011 clean­room mark­er is for clean room envi­ron­ment.  continue

Delivery Program Extension : Professional 50W Soldering Station from Antex

24.10.2019 | We have sup­ple­ment­ed our port­fo­lio with the new pro­fes­sion­al 50W sol­der­ing sta­tions U7835F0 and U8835F0 from the man­u­fac­tur­er Antex. These sol­der­ing sta­tion sets con­sist of ana­log 660A (for U7835F0) or dig­i­tal 690D (for U8835F0) pow­er sup­ply, 50W sol­der­ing iron TC50A and stor­age stand ST6A. They are tem­per­a­ture con­trolled for the tem­per­a­ture range from 200°C to 450°C.  continue

Knipex Plier Wrench: Fastening, Gripping, Holding and Bending with a Single Tool

11.10.2019 | The Knipex's KNIP8603 pli­er wrench com­bines the jobs of a grip­ping pli­er and a wrench in a sin­gle tool. Screws, nuts and fit­tings of capac­i­ties up to a max­i­mum of 35 mm (KNIP8603-180) and 46mm (KNIP8603-250) can be tight­ened and released eas­i­ly and smooth­ly. The Knipex's KNIP8603 pli­er wrench can be eas­i­ly adjust­ed at the touch of a but­ton on the work­piece.  continue

HANLONG Crimping Pliers for Telephone Modular Plugs: Cut, Strip and Crimp with One Tool

20.09.2019 | At Schukat, we have now added two new Han­long crimp­ing pli­ers to our range: the HT-N5684P1 and HT-N5684R mod­els. The pli­ers are designed for use with mod­u­lar plugs of types 8P8C/RJ45, 6P6C/RJ12, 6P4C/RJ11, 4P4C and 4P2C. Besides crimp­ing, the pli­ers can also be used for cut­ting and strip­ping  continue

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