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Sunon and Schukat Celebrate 40th Anniversary: Vision of a Leading Brand Realised in Germany - New Plant in the Philippines

Reflecting on a marvellous success story Schukat and Sunon - both companies have grown considerably in the course of more than 40 years of cooperation: In the last few years alone since the introduction of SAP, Schukat has supplied customers with 50 million Sunon fans. Schukat's extremely successful partnership with the manufacturer Sunon began in 1983: the distributor liked the high innovation standards of the company, which was founded in 1980, and was in turn impressed by the market knowledge and the commercial and logistical know-how. A common vision quickly developed on how to build Sunon into a leading brand.

Today, Sunon is a leader in the production of extremely flat and compact fans with long service lives, with the self-developed MagLev bearing system with magnetic levitation as its flagship. Last year, Sunon generated a turnover of 460 million US dollars. Every month Sunon produces 19.4 million fans and 1.5 million cooling modules with about 9000 employees in five factories. The latest project is the expansion of the factory in the Philippines - there, production in the existing factory sections will be continuously ramped up to 3 million units per month. In addition, new production halls are being built at the same location with a monthly production of 15 million fans and about 8,500 jobs.

''It will be our most modern and sustainable plant with the smallest environmental footprint,'' emphasises Simon Wu, Sunon Vice President. ''It's important for us to have an energy-saving work environment and efficient, ecological air conditioning, in addition to a high level of automation.''

At the same time, the expansion of the Philippine plant underpins Sunon's strategic decision to secure greater independence and autonomy. It will be the main plant for the European market, and is also expected to produce for the US, while the factories in China will focus primarily on the Chinese market. The diversification of locations means additional security and opportunities for Sunon in a growing market.

The German market is the strongest in Europe. The distributor Schukat sells a large share of this market with approx. 4 million units per year. Schukat has constantly expanded its key role for Sunon over the years; it is not only involved in the production start-up, but also provides support in qualification.
Both manufacturers and customers benefit from Schukat's integration into the Sunon structure, with direct access to the development departments and involvement in the preparation of market launches. Thanks to expertise in compliance with European and German directives, Sunon can concentrate fully on its product development. In terms of sales, the distributor acts as an important partner by providing valuable feedback from the local markets - this is not to change in the future.

''Besides our network, our strength is our large warehouse and our function as an extended workbench. It enables us to assemble Sunon fans into assemblies that could not be produced economically in Asia,'' says Alexander Lange, Sunon Product Manager at Schukat. ''We are ready to introduce new exciting products - and look forward to promoting joint projects via our new webshop.''

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